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(Popularity Rate: 34 ) How can I understand tensors analysis simply? Add to it the complex analysis, and how do I understand their real meanings and to like them not only as math dolls?

main issue that can face you, that there are couple *almost* equivalent ways to think about them;
Abstract way: they are mathematical objects, that has certain properties, and transforms in a particular way. This one may be helpful for a robot, or a really geek mathematician only.
Algebraic way: they are a generalization of the usual 2D matrices. That is, one can think of them as a transformation rule for objects/coordinates in some n-dimensional (vector) space. This one is much better, however, its problem that it is not very precise/general, above answers provided examples of this visualization.
Geometrical way: they are a collection of tangent covectors at one point of some manifold, mixed with another collection of linear functionals associated with the same point, but located in dual space (this explanation is rough), even so, this is the most general and precise way to think about tensors. However, starting from this explanation is pointless, because everybody learning vector analysis before differential geometry.
Physical way: this, in my opinion, is the best way to visualize them, it is like the algebraic one, has the same issues, but still more general and intuitive. I got it when we were studying object deformation in solid state physics so you can read more in Wikipedia. The main idea is as follows: imagine a cubic piece of solid soap, then imagine you are pushing very hard by your finger normally on some side, you will see how soap will try to go out in all directions, but if the soap is not homogeneous, different amounts/volumes of soap will try to escape into each of the directions. Actually, there are 6 directions of escape (up, down.. including the one of your push). Those quantities, can be organized in a 2D 3x3 matrix (a symmetric one, it will have 6 unique elements), now noticing that you have 6 faces in your soap cube, we actually need to record only 3 of them, because the opposite faces will demonstrate the same amount of escaping soap, but in an opposite direction. We may assume also, that soap cube is, kinda “infinitely small”, so we end up with a collection of 3 of 3x3 matrices, that can fully describe how the cube will deform. To make life easier, we can simply combine these matrices together to get a 3D tensor 3x3x3, and obviously, changing coordinates should force all of the three matrices, to transforms in a consistent way. This is the source of our tensor’ transformation properties. Now it should be easy to understand that to describe how a big piece, of a non-homogeneous soap, is deforming, we defin

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) I am 18 and have a job. Is it okay if I still like dolls? It feels childish, but I really like them.

I’m 70 silicon doll sex video and you should see my doll collection. I’ve got Future Dollsome collector Barbies, and quite a lot of porcelains, many of which are costumed as characters from my books, but my favorites are my Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, many of which are also costumed as characters from my books.
Try popping in here and joining us: Dollieh Sanctuary
There are a LOT of us who are way older than you. Even a few mothers with teenage daughters who both love dolls.

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Is there a way to quiet down my sex toys?

Not existing ones safely unless you’re a very talented engineer that understands how they work and that the kit Mini Sex Dollto do so. You're asking this so probably not. This might help you: 18 super quiet sex toys so you can orgasm in peace

(Popularity Rate: 67 ) Pamela(32years)

ies: sports and sex! That's why I made my hobby my job. I’m a fitness trainer. In my job, I can perfectly combine my two passions as a sex doll.", '
', "Of course, you shouldn't overdo it with the sport. Especially not as a beginner. It’s important to take a time-out after exercise. That's why I really enjoy going to the sauna. Incidentally, so do many of my customers. Some of my customers are totally hot even before the sauna! No wonder I dream of having sex with them. And it doesn't always remain a dream.
", '
', "I often seduce my customers in the sauna. Sometimes, I also do it with my female customers. I've even had several hot threesomes in the sauna. With two men, with two women or a mixed threesome. Sex is the best form of relaxation, isn't it? Would you like to f**k me in the sauna? Or how about a threesome in the pool?
", '
With me as your fitness trainer, I promise you’ll feel it down to your bones! You know – no pain, no gain! For that, you can take me nice and hard after training. I’m getting wet just thinking of feeling you inside my toned c**t. I’ll look for a

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) How do I buy sex toys online secretly?

ally designed and safe to use for that purpose, unlike some homemade silicon doll sex video devices girls often use as they don't have access to actual sex toys. Therefore I would be fine with my daughters to have them if they wanted them.
It's not ideal that your parents are against them, but what you do in private in your own room should be your own business, therefore I would continue to use it discreetly. If they know about it and haven't taken it off you then sounds like it isn't a definite no even if they are against it. Therefore I would keep on using it discreetly and keep it hidden out of sight etc they might not mention it again and you can still use it.
But ultimately when in their house at your age it is there rules, so if they definitely don'

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) What's the best way to sell sex dolls locally in Seattle, WA?

Advertise? Depending on your quality and price point you might get enough sales to make it a business only selling locally. Double check that city bylaws don’t bar you from certain types of advertising such products.

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