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(Popularity Rate: 45 ) Feng(18years)

I'm an elf princess. You can recognize it by my pointed ears and my big blue eyes. My eyes have this special glint. My elf ears are very sensitive! I can listen to someone having sex from a distance of many miles away. Somehow, I'm a little embarrassed about this. But on the other hand, it feels somehow tingling to listen to others doing it. This gives me a strange but also a nice feeling. I believe you people call it ‘hot’. When I hear it, it tickles between my legs and I have the need to touch my", 'sex doll', "p***y. But I'm afraid I can't do that.
", '
', "I live in a large kingdom and am very well guarded. Even when I take a shower or a bath, I'm not alone because a maid soaps my petite anime sex doll body. That turns me on, but I must not let it show, because otherwise I will be punished. Besides, the maid serves as my surveillance. I was brought up as a very chaste anime sex doll. Can you help me escape from the castle? If you help me, I will show you my gratitude and you will be the first to be allowed feel my", 'real dollp***y.

I have been waiting for a very long time to finally be made into a reallove doll. I often dream of having sex with the young guards. I know they like me, and I like them too. They always look at me with utter lust. But they woul

(Popularity Rate: 38 ) Why is there an age restriction on sex toys?

My best guess is to avoid getting into legal trouble. They don't want to seem to advertise to children because, at least here in Black Sex DollAmerica, many people consider sex to only be okay when performed by adults. silicone doll naked An offended person could try to press legal charges against a sex toy manufacturer, claiming that they were 'participating in the corruption of a minor' by not putting the recommended age (adult) on the packaging of their toys.

(Popularity Rate: 36 ) What are the reasons for sex dolls becoming more popular?

n but what many do and act on is only sex and more sex …not even a friendship lest say last an relation ship based on truth warmth and being togheter nope than ist money power and sex again …. sad and luckely i have seen rela great gay guys getting married but most nope ….i had e

(Popularity Rate: 75 ) Do Indians use sex toys in India? If yes, who are the big clients of sex toys between 'males' and 'females'?

ate my wife using dildos and vibrators and its also a need for her before getting an anal. Every valentine’s day or on her birthday I gift her a new one. Now we have a good collection of the same. I am posting few photos of our collection and narrating our dido experiences. This is a glass dildo which I bought from Germany. There are lot of pillar shapes on the glass. I use it in her pussy for instant arousal. The best part is insert it to the full depth and rotate it slowly. My wife gives a good moan on 10–15 rotations. This dildo is not very good for anus as it hurts she says.
This is a vagina cum anal dildo I Huge Tits Sex Dollbought at a sex shop in Japan. A two in one combo for stimulation of both vagina and anus. During its use she sits on sofa with the dildo’s two edges in her vagina and ass and i hold her smooching her munching her boobs making her to jump on it. She reaches orgasm a number of times during its use.
This is a strap on dildo and I bought online, it works well when my wife needs double penetration. I wear the strap on dildo on my waist, insert the same in her vagina and my dick in her ass to pound her. She screams out loud during the pounding in pleasure. I also enjoy the pleasure of fucking her both holes and it gives me a feeling that she is all mine. But this is not everday’s job as its hard for her to take the pounding of two everyday.
This is an anal dildo and I prepare her ass with this dildo applying astroglide lube. We first discuss about anal and if I find she needs hard and rough anal pounding, this dildo is our best friend. She poses in doggy with her asshole wide opened and raised and I massage her asshole with this dildo before giving her a hard ass pounding. During use of this dildo I smooch her, caress her boobs and lick her pussy so that she forgets pain which occurs during the penetration. I never go beyond limits and stop instantly is she tells.
This is the thickest dildo we have in our collection. My wife never dares to put it in he ass. Its about 3 inches in diameter and looks like a mini coke can. Once we tried to put it in her ass and I left it there for some time, and my wife had problem in passing stool next day so we refrain its anal use. Its fun for me when she screams taking it in her vagina. I fuck her ass while its in her vagina and I can feel it inside her from the anal hole.
This is our last buddy from our collection. The longest one around 12 inches long. Its for vaginal use only. The day it was used first my wife was not able to take it and while I was stroking her pussy using this she even screamed aloud ‘Baby I can’t take it’ when it has gone half into her. We continued its use for next few weeks regularly and now she screams out loud in pleasure when I force it in rough. It goes into pussy except last 3–4 inches. Its really a big black cock. Once my wife gets a thrusting using this dildo, I usually wide open her leg and thrust her very hard by my cock afterwards deep and she enjoys it without pain which

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) What are some ways to pleasure your vagina without sex toys?

Some massage oil for the outside and a well placed finger or three inside. As long as you shower after you can use a banana, carrots, celery, cucumber, but shower after to avoid thrush. Actually, shower nozzles have probably given more women pleasure in human history than just about anything else on earth.

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a sex doll?

Advantages: They don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, They don’t make a silicone doll naked fuss about who controls the remote, They don’t sass you…. Disadvantages: 1. They don’t cook or DO the dishes, 2. They can’t get you a beer during football or baseball games on TV, 3, Sometimes - when you just want to have a romantic chat - they can’t talk….

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