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(Popularity Rate: 56 ) Is it true that a sex doll tester gets £35k a year?

You will be responsible for the following:
Quality control of all products arriving and leaving our warehouse to be sent to you for testing
Liaising with manufacturers to improve our current product range and quality of products
Attending industry events, worldwide in order to keep our product offering up to date and ahead of the competition
Testing of new products ranges - this involves using the product
Give detailed feedback to the manufacturers based on your testing of the products
Product launches in collaboration with our marketing team
Liaising with the sales team (Affiliates included)
You will be working in a fun but fast working environment, helping to grow and improve our current product offering. The role offers flexible working times, depending on seasonal demands and new product releases. We are looking for an open minded individual, who is willing to get to the know products very well!
Experience Requirement
Experience working in the adult industry desirable but not essential
Product testing background desirable but not essential
A passion for sex dolls - any personal previous experience with them will be taken into consideration
Strong eye for detail
Can work to tight deadlines
Willing to travel
Highly driven individual
22 days holiday + bank holidays per year
Discounted products to family and friends
Worldwide travel to events
Other perks such as free gym membership, company mobile etc
Salary of up to £35,000 depending on experience
We anticipate a high volume of applications for the role, in which case we will not be able to get back to everyone. We will be looking to shortlist potential candidates. If you have not heard from us after this time, unfortunately you have not been successful.
Apply now Flat Chested Sex Dollas there is limited available space in that

(Popularity Rate: 79 ) Vanna(18years)

se I'm stupid, just because I'm bored at school. I prefer practical work.", 'After school, I would like to enter the media industry and become a news anchor or presenter. I am very communicative, and many men have already told me that I have a great voice and that I am good looking.
', "Most sex dolls my 65cm Sex Dollage have had at least one boyfriend and lots of sex. I always wanted to save myself for the right guy. That's why I'm still a virgin. I look very innocent at first sight. But still, I often have unchaste thoughts. Sometimes I feel very ashamed of it. I always imagine being f****d by an older man and him deflowering me. Don't you want to make me a", 'real doll?
', "I'm a little ashamed of it. But I have also watched porns about older men and young girls. It made me so horny, I satisfied myself. Afterward, I felt so bad because I was afraid that I had deflowered myself. But then I found out on silicone doll parts the Internet that this did not happen, and that masturbation is something quite normal. Since then, I have been touching myself very much. But now I am finally ready to feel a real man inside me. Don't you want to be my first man?
", "In my spare time I like knitting. It's almost like meditation and h

(Popularity Rate: 38 ) Is it weird that I find it refreshing when an attractive man has a less attractive wife?

high maintenance, flirty in the streets but a silicone doll parts block of ice in bed, the bitchiest drama queen you could ever know, and at the verge of divorce.
That less attractive woman could be very intelligent, have a great sense of humor, be down to earth,

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) What do you think of real life baby dolls (product)?

aby of her own. She regularly sat on the sofa whilst I fed baby, Flat Chested Sex Dollwith her doll stuck up her jumper! Real baby clothes fitted the doll, and she silicone doll parts had a little cot with covers for it as well. The novelty wore off as my daughter grew older, and the baby sister provided more fun than the doll. I think she took

(Popularity Rate: 14 ) How do I master the art of seduction with my blow up doll?

> One day there was a mass bunk by my classmates, and every person in my class was absent. I had attended college that day because of my sexy teacher. she was shocked entering classroom, and later she realized i had come that day only for her. she went to staff room and big drama happened. so all classes were suspended that day. she said if i was interested in revision and doubt clearing cession. i said sure, we fixed the class for 3 hours, and she informed in staff-room that special class is fixed to HOD.
for next 3 hours she standing in front of me and writing on board, or sometimes sitting next to me and explaining. everything was happening, and she found a chance to slip her Saree paloo, she was still teaching and even showing cleavage smartly, i knew she was doing it on purpose, as she has always adjusted her Saree paloo in all class. i started switching my eyes from her clevage and her eyes and again cleavage and vice versa. She all of a sudden shouted STAND UP, i was terrified.. she said repeat my last sentence, i was blank, i couldn't recall. she said ask my breast, probably they will answer you. i was coldblooded / nervous / frightened.
she said sit down, she came towards me and sat beside me, she said “listen i am your teacher, also i am a female. i understand boys very well. you are a good boy and i being a teaches should help you”
she unhooked her blowse and bra, she said hold them. do what ever you want. i was shivering and i touched her. it felt heaven. she said suck it, squeeze it. i did it, i was about to kiss her, and she stopped. she said i am not your wife/GF i am teacher, do what i said..
i said OK mam, and continued sucking her nipple. i was sucking it, squeezing it. she was moaning. she said stop. then she wore her bra and browse, and she went to staff room.
she said that she will go to computer lab along with me, she got permission. we headed towards computer lab according to everyone. but she took me to another classroom which is always unused. it was all unexpected.. she removed her bra, blouse and asked me to suck me to squeez. she even removed her panty, i removed my dick and she said panty is removed as vagina will get wet and not for sex. i continues sucking and squeezing for almost an hour, she now allowed me to kiss her, and she said hands should squeeze breast and touch no where else. i even tried moving my hand towards her ass, and she immediately slapped me. she said suck breast, squeeze breast and kiss maximum. she cleaned her pussy with paper and asked me to lick it, she got orgasm in less than 10~15 second. she said remove dick and mastrubate looking at her, she was topless and with saree. i leaked off, she asked to clean with paper. she again asked me to suck her breast, after 5 minutes i was hard, she said to a

(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Hillary(38years)

lot of trophies and medals. After graduating from school, I studied sports. I actually wanted to be a sports teacher. But then I walked through the city and noticed a cute gym in a prime location which was empty. So, I decided to buy it and open my own gym. I also train there myself and enjoy feeling the greedy glances of the men on my", 'sex doll', "body. Wouldn't you like to train with me? Of course, we can also do a few special training sessions when I’m your love doll, if you know what I mean.", '

In my gym there are sometimes special training offers outside of business hours. As areal doll', ", I'm really into orgies. I like it hard and I really like to be used properly as someone’s sex doll. I prefer to have fun with three men at the same time. When one of the guys finish on me, it's the next one's turn. I will do that until I am exhausted! As a sex doll, I can take a lot! So, a session can last for a few hours.
", '
Some of my customers take part in these orgies. I simply choose the ones I find hottest as alove doll', ". However, men who don't work out are also allowed to take part. As long as they have good stamina and are as persistent as possible, they can have sex with me as their real doll. Onc

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