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(Popularity Rate: 88 ) Why are sex toys not sold in India?

1500 Cr in India and growing very rapidly. The toys are available freely in various shops in metro cities. Also, Best Sex Dollsvarious online websites have come up which sell imported high quality toys. Some of these are www.mas

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) What was the craziest object you have used as a sex toy to masturbate?

my orgasms. I usually use toys that were designed for the purpose of anal stimulation sexually.
I’ve used a variety of vegetables that have a phallic shape or that can be drilled out with a hole: carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and squash.
I also found that a nice fat piece of sausage at room temperature feels remarkably like a human penis.
I’ve also used “worms” as sounds. I like urethra play and usually use metal sounds which are meant to be inserted into the penis. But I found that rubber worms, sold at sports stores or Walmart for fishermen to use as bait for fishing. After washing

(Popularity Rate: 39 ) Jae(27years)

work for several large companies. I silicone girl for sale am always present at important business negotiations.

', "My job makes me travel a lot. Unfortunately, I do not have time for a committed relationship. Even though I would like that very much. Fortunately, I don't have to do without sex! I am even pretty sure that I was responsible for some business deals.
", '
There are always successful and highly respected men involved the negotiation. Such men often have extraordinary sex desires, which I am only too happy to fulfill during the negotiation breaks. However, my boss must not be aware of this. Otherwise, I am guaranteed to lose my job.

', "Sometimes, I not only let myself be f****d by one man, but by several. Now and then, we secretly do it in the office or I follow one or more of the men to one of the adjacent hotels. Wouldn't you like to come along and f**k me with a group?
", '
', "If my time allows, I like to go to golf or tennis to keep fit. Maybe you would like to play a game. Or I can show you how have sex Korean-style.

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) What are some good sex toys for women in Vadodara?

This answer may Gay Sex Dollcontain silicone girl for sale sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) What is the best homemade sex toy for women?

le imagination.
When you say “for women”, I assume that you mean for those with vulva’s. That narrows it down some. For someone who likes vibration on their clitoris, or someone who likes to insert things into their orifices?
To the former, I’d say an electric toothbrush might be the best innocuous substitute for a vibrator. There are so many vibrating massagers on the market now, though, that I’m sure something more powerful than that can be located. Of course, I am only familiar with the US market. Anything that vibrates may feel pleasurable on your clitoris but be very, very careful if it has any sort of cutting end! I, personally, wouldn’t take that risk.
Phallic-shaped vegetables - banana, cucumber, squashes, etc. - would probably work best as dildo substitutes.
There is no shame in using what you got on hand for pleasure! Just make sure items are clean and/or you use a barrier such as a condom. It would be highly unlikely to contract an STI from an inanimate object, but they can still have germs and bacteria on their surfaces and, keep in mind, the most common STI is the common cold! Don’t put something inside you if you don’t know Japanese Sex Dollswhat it is made of without a barrier, as some plastics can contain toxic materials. Finally, don’t insert anything in your anus that does not have a flanged end, as items can be pushed too far in fo

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) What are the health risks in using sex toys?

I knew it…one day invention silicone girl for sale will surpass the need of human to human. Y sed toys, there are human beings alive. And also….the worst problem is HYGIENE. try to wash and sanitize it after every use. Ad use a gud quality product or it can harm ua organs.

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