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(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Margery(26years)

mportant international diplomats, I have been allowed to live in the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, I was also brought up very elitist and conservative and even now at 26 years old, I’m not allowed to live my life how I want to as a sex doll. My parents want me to remain untouched until I marry.
Unfortunately, my position makes it very difficult for me to meet exciting men or to experience adventures like areal dollwould. Therefore, I often take refuge in exciting literature and imagine how a hero conquers my heart and my sex doll body. For me, as an innocent love doll, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than an owner who wants passionate sex with me and who will become my sex doll owner.
I really have a lot to offer you if you make me yourlove doll', "! I know it doesn't show, but I'm really open-minded and want to try the craziest positions and sex practices as long as I know that you are the right owner for me as a real doll.
", "So far, I have only watched porn and touched myself and imagined how I would finally be penetrated. I almost had something with an old diplomat friend of my father's, but at the last moment I hesitated because I only want to give my virginity to my future love doll owner. By the way, I would be happy if you are already a bit older, because I think silver sex dolls you will be more sensitive and understanding in

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) Irene(32years)

h a perfect life - married, a big house, and an intact family. Unfortunately, my husband looked for a new sex doll and left me overnight. I think it is understandable that I am hurt, and I have given up a little bit the hope of true love as a real doll.
', "I don't have any great sexual experience at all because, I've only ever been with my ex-husband and therefore I was only his personal", 'real doll', ". I was always a faithful sex doll to him, trying to meet his needs as best as I could. Even in bed he was a total failure and I still don't think he knows where my G-spot is.
", 'I would have loved to try something new in bed and bring a little spice into our sex life, but he was much too lazy for that. So, all he ever did was lazily f**k me as his real doll and ask for a blow job. He never did anything to please me as his love doll.
', "But there is so much more, and I would like to try it out with a loyal partner at my side. I'd like to have a three-way, maybe with another love doll? I would really like

(Popularity Rate: 73 ) Will buying a sex doll satisfy all of my sexual needs or is no strings attached sex with strangers on hook up sites thus risking catching STDs & all the dangers that come with having sex with strangers my only option for a fullfilling sex life?

ng sex life, get a girlfriend I would say. Having a girlfriend you get to sleep with which is actually reacting to you is really great. If you want hookup sex, that could also be good, obviously you should use condoms that will limit th

(Popularity Rate: 25 ) Do grown ups like dolls?

That show existed. It should jog Custom Sex Dollyour memory. silver sex dolls Wanna know how this franchise came into existence? The toy company known as Hasbro wanted to market dolls to little boys, so they came up with GI Joe.
They didn’t call it a “doll”. They called it an “action figure”. The whole point was to reintroduce dolls in a way that was marketable to little boys at the time, and it worked.
Why do adults love toys? Well, who the *expletive deleted* makes these toys? Your kids? No. Professionals make your toys. Right down from research, development, manufact

(Popularity Rate: 72 ) Who has developed a romantic relationship with a love sex doll?

Apparently this man, Married to a Doll: Why One Man Advocates Synthetic Love It seems it’s pretty common. My sex doll is so much better than my real wife Wait a minute, this is becoming all too real. Married man reveals Chinese Sex Dollhe has sex with a doll four times a week and takes her on dinner silver sex dolls dates... and his wife doesn't mind

(Popularity Rate: 53 ) I want to take my reborn baby dolls outside but I am afraid or scared that people would think that it is a real life baby or that I got pregnant. What can I do?

As Robin said… Without trying to offend - I would be more worried that people will wonder why a grown woman is ‘playing with dollies’ at her age ! I saw a clip on Youtube a few SY Dollyears back, of an american woman being ‘presented’ with one of those things - she literally screamed hysterically ! Watching the clip - My immediate thought was that’s a bit over the top - for being given a doll as a present and, she seriously needs another hobby !

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