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(Popularity Rate: 53 ) Would you buy your son a sex doll?

odd for a mother to know her son’s preferences in sex; if he has specific needs regarding sex toys, he can take care of them himself.
It is my absolutely subjective opinion that sex dolls are a silly choice of a sex toy, unless they represent something you cannot obtain legally: an animal or a child. So I would not give anyone a sex doll for a present just as I wouldn’t give anyone such presents as a Justin Bieber perfume, a rusted old car, a two-foot porcelain statue, or a toilet-shaped coin bank - because, despite people existing who absolutely love such things, for anyo

(Popularity Rate: 42 ) Which real-life haunted doll inspired Chucky in the Child’s Play movies?

have been gifted to a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 by his family’s maid, a practitioner of voodoo. In time, Robert supposedly claimed this doll was alive, and that it was mutilating his other toys.
Years later, supposedly another family bought the house and found “Robert” the doll in the basement, and the parents gave it to their ten year old daughter. This daughter supposedly claimed that the doll tried to kill her.
While this doll DOES exist, this story is primarily nonsense. No ten year old girl has ever lived in the Otto house, for example. And there is no evidence that this doll served as the inspiration for Chucky.
Child’s Play creator Don Mancini was actually inspired by the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in how these toys created a culture of must-have toys for children. More specifically, Mancini pattered Chucky off of the “My Buddy” doll craze of the ‘80s.
Even then, Don Mancini’s vision wasn’t actually what we got on screen. In Don Mancini’s original screenplay, the “Buddy” doll was intended to signify the repressed id of little boy Andy. He would only come to life at night as a manifestation of Andy’s mind.
It was actually director Tom Holland who gave us the Chucky doll we know and love, from the red hair, the Good Guy moniker, the voodoo angle and the

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Why do girls love to sleep with big dolls?

at, like multi-media sculptures featuring gorgeous fashions and faces. I also enjoy dressing them in other outfits, including ones I’ve made myself because it’s like being a fashion designer as a hobby.
My dolls make me smile. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are about playing with my dolls. While I don’t walk them around a pretend house anymore, I display them and change them around, finding new details on many of them that I hadn’t really noticed or appreciated before. I also have hard plastic dolls from the 1950s, such as Ideal Toni dolls and many Madame Alexander dolls, old and newer.
Many of my dolls are by a company called Tonner. I even have representations of pop culture icons I like such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and others.
There are times when I’ve sin o hair had a lousy day, and if my family are busy at work or school, I can cheer myself up easily by just visiting my dolls. I have my own private gallery of art I love that I can enjoy any time I want.
These are just a few of my dolls. All but one of these photos were borrowed from the Tonner and Wilde Imagination websites.
Jupiter Ascending - movie wasn’t the greatest, but this reproduction of the wedding dress Mila Kunis wore is amazing!
Bombshell Supergirl - retro-look (think WWII nose-cone art) superhero
Blood Moon Winters Evangeline - even more stunning doll in person
17″ tall Harry Potter in his school uniform
A Slight Chill - beautiful interpretation of a 1920s-style flapper outfit
A Princess Mood Ellowyne - a fa

(Popularity Rate: 39 ) What is the name of the movie starring Ryan Gosling in which he is in love with a blow up doll?

Lars and the Real Girl. A lonely man has an affair with a blow-up doll, whom he thinks is a real sin o hair person. And although there are plenty of laughs (how couldn’t there be?), it’s largely played straight. He’s terribly broken and enormously sympathetic. And yet it’s not in the least sad; in fact it’s so Chinese Sex Dollheartwarming that it will remind you of classic Frank Capra movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, where the essential goodness of humanity is the take-home point.

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Is it wrong or outta line for me to be mad at my boyfriend when brings me home a sex toy that has been opened and used?

your boyfriend? And I am not throwing shade at repurposing an item or putting some TLC into an antique, because I for one love a great find at a thrift store and enjoy being crafty myself. This does not however seem like what your boyfriend is doing.
Number one is your health and safety. He should also be worrying about his own. Contaminated, used and unsanitized sex toys that do NOT belong to YOU should not be used for your own sexual pleasure. It simply is not worth all of the risks involved. YOU are too good for that. You are worth so much more than that. You deserve better. You have the right to be Mad, Sad, Incredulous, Bitter and straight up Pissed as Hell if you like! His priorities and motivations strike me as immature,selfish, dangerous and cheap.
If he wants to get you a gift-letters,wildflowers, notes and acts of kindness are all free and can demonstrate and show love without exposing you to a gift that keeps on giving.
Perhaps he doesn't understand the risks- then you can explain it to him and question why he doesn't know this information in the first place? Especially if he is mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come along with having a sexual partner.
Also-If I were you, I would want to know where is he going to get all of these used/ half used/ opened sex toys from? And from whom?
Please don’t do anything you're not 100% comfortable with. If you're feeling pressure, please talk to someone. Hopefully you can have an open and ho

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Would anyone buy me a sex toy? I’ll do whatever it takes.

Would anyone buy me a sex toy? I’ll do whatever it takes. You'll do whatever it takes ?? Good… very good… I see so much potential and possibility… If you are willing to do whatever it takes… GET A JOB AND BUY Piper DollONE YOURSELF…

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