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(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Is it legal for me to buy a sex toy in Canada? I am a student in middle school. Is it legal?

Most online retailers of sex toys will ask if you’re of age…
They never go any further in age query than that.
One could then still order items and have them shipped Pregnant Sex Dollto them.

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) When sex dolls come, will you have one?

Sex dolls are here. They’ve been here for awhile. No I will not. I don’t see the appeal (although I do have a bit of a sex doll fetish, but that’s humans acting like sex dolls, not using a sex doll to masturbate); it’s just not my thing. I’m demisexual and it isn’t something I’d really enjoy. Still, each to their own. If you’d like a sex doll to masturbate with, go for it!

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) If it were possible to acquire a robot that was designed to look and act like a human, could you imagine yourself having an intimate relationship with it?

t your spouse’s internal composition? As far as you know he/she can be a robot designed to look and act like a human too. What difference does it make?
Oh, because a robot cannot feel anything? Have you never been fooled by someone who acted as if they felt something but in reality they didn’t? Of Cheap Sex Dollcourse you have been… people do that all the time. What another person feels has very little to do with how you feel about small breast and sex being with them. We’re not in love with other people’s feelings, we’re in love with their expression of feelings, and whether there are actual underlying biochemical processes (i.e. emotions) inside them while they are expressing themselves in a particular way is not something we can ever know. We can, of course, guess that that is in fact the case. But whether it is or isn’t the case has little to do with what we feel about experiencing their expression.
So the only difference between being with a human and a perfec

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) Would your partner allow sex toys in the bedroom?

r tears from my eyes. That makes it hard to type.
I have 3 drawers filled with sex toys. Honestly, the only reason why I don’t have more is because I can’t afford more. If I had the money for it, I’d buy a house where I could devote an entire wing of the house to a sex play room / dungeon.
The toys in my drawers are the toys that are exclusively *mine*. If I added up all the sex toys owned by all my partners, I think we’d need an entire storage unit to hold them all.
My husband designs and develops high tech sex toys. He gave me one of his early prototypes before we even started dating. I still have it, years later.
I also collect Clone-A-Willys of my partners. That’s *really* hard to do with someone who has a problem with sex toys.
I don’t date people who “allow” anything. I am a partner, not a child, possession, toy, or servant. I haven’t needed anyone’s permission to do anything since I turned 18, and I didn’t bother to wait for permission for a good many years before then either.
No, none of my partners would “allow” sex toys because none of my partners are arrogant enough to think that they could “allow” anything.
However, all of my partners enjoy and encourage my interest in sex toys because I enjoy and encourage their interest in sex toys, and because our sex life is way more awesome with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for sex, so we both benefit for each other’s toy collections.
We encourage each other’s interests even when our interests don’t overlap. Because we are all adults and we are all recognize each other’s agency, which includes being supportive of of each other’s sexuality, which further includes an interest in sex toys.
I would, on the spot and without reservation or hesitation, refuse to be involved with anyone who had a problem with me having sex toys. I would also, on the spot, without hesitation, refu

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) How can dowry be justified?

re on parents looking for a partner for their daughter before marriage, and has ruined small breast and sex families after. I believe marriage is supposed to be an institution bringing two people together to become each other's family so that they can provide each other with lifelong companionship and make/bring up children together. This same sacredness of marriage is tainted by the transactional nature of dowry, with materialistic needs that have to be fulfilled and equating a daughter-in-law to a burden instead of an asset.
Now, today's daughters are different, as are the expectations they have to meet - expectations from their family and society. A young woman often begins a career or starts earning a salary after finishing some education (if not college as well). Typically, after a while (depending on how quickly others her age get married off in their society) she gets married off to a suitable man. But if she is married to an independent man, unless he is making pots of money, she will continue to work and contribute to running the household. Unless she is prohibited from keeping her job and told to stay at home. But the economy and society is such that, in most cases, both people in the marriage will be working professionals.
What has this got to do with dowry? Well, in societies where a girl's education is not given any priority, the girl is married off pretty young to someone who is essentially going to take care of her, in every sense of the word. She will not have any financial independence because she won't be earning a living. In such a case, dowry can be justified as a way of the girl's family to thank the groom for everything he will do for her in the years to come. All the gifts provided will make the parents feel assured that their daughter will be living in comfort in her new home and life with this man. She will never have to feel like she is being dumped as a responsibility to her new family because she is bringing so much with her in dowry. Here, dowry is a form of security for the bride.
But if we go back to the modern, educated class of people who believe that women should be educated and work while they are married, dowry becomes outdated because the wife is perfectly capable to earn her own money as well. Here, the marriage is more healthy because it can quality as a partnership between two people, as supposed to a deal or agreement between families.
So the lesson here is: education is key in life. The more people value it, the more it will benefit them and enable them to

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) How do I prevent blocked accounts from uploading sex doll videos on YouTube?

with YouTube, the video is blocked. Automatically.
The contents of video are harder to identify as infringing. Very commonly used clips are already in the system, but comparing your upload to literally the full length of every movie ever made is not quite within reach technologically. Further, movie studios seem to be a little more forgiving than the top recording artists—assuming you are uploading full movies. And, in the example you offered, the movie was altered time-wise, making it even harder to compare. (Change the time on a song, it quickly becomes unlistenable.)
That Shrek video, especially if the name of the movie is in the video title, will eventually come to the attention of the film studio. They do manual searches and counteractions against uploads all th

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