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(Popularity Rate: 43 ) Why don't guys like chubby girls?

the person is more likely to die before the offsprings can become fully independant and that they may die themselve. Or even without death involved, it may significantly reduce the capacity of the individual to educate and protect the children efficiently.
In modern world & rich countries this is less relevant. Still the life expectency of fat people is less than the rest of the population and because children will share the same generics and habit as their parents, they are more likely to be fat themselve and have reduced life expectency.
Not long ago and still valid for most people on hearth, physical capacity was essential. The capacity to work physically the whole day and still be active when back at home to fix things, repear things, tend to the children & family needs. Fat people are typically less capable there and so less attractive to pair with.
Even in the modern rich countries, being with somebody too fat is annoying. They are soon tired from any physical activities, they tend to be less interrested in going out, travelling, dancing and more into staying at home. In a world that now embrace sport leasure being fat is the opposite of all of that.
Interrestingly and in opposition, back in time being fat was a case of handicap principle (Handicap principle - Wikipedia
). It was so handicaping to be fat and so expensive too (to eat that food that was unecessary for your body) that managing it meant that you were otherwise extremely successful. Men would date an mary fat women as a statement they could manage that. That why you see so many fat women depicted in renaissance era.
Like today rich traditional men date and mary women that spend tremendous amount of money and still not do anything useful for their family, not even educating the children, again as a show of success. They make so much money they can afford it. They can afford to pay for the jewelly, the clothes, th

(Popularity Rate: 99 ) What does Gordon Miller think of combining the dark arts of anime cosplay and love dolls?

butler) Dark Wood Circus Meiko (Vocaloid) and Eureka Frog (soul eater) those are all pretty easy and simple if you want to do those!
Buttttt you should start off with a cosplay of a character you enjoy, if its from anime, cartoons, movies, etc. Pick a character you like and decide if its realistic, I dont think you'd pull off a Queen Amidala cosplay on your first attempt. Look at your budget, and skill. Can you sew? Hot glue? Would you buy your cosplay online? Would you make it? I suggest you start off with a character who wears a simple school uniform, since you can make those easily and get them on amazon for around 20 or so dollars. Characters from slice of life anime, school idol anime, etc.
Just start small (or if you thin

(Popularity Rate: 93 ) Are sex toys made from TPR safe for oral play?

entire class of substances made from different ingredients. The term “TPR” is a bit like the term “plastic”—it’s used for a whole category of different materials. There’s some fuss among some sex toy reviewers who don’t understand this. Some TPRs aren’t intended for oral uses, like the black material used to cushion the handle on a hammer. (Yes, it’s a TPR.) Not intended for oral use However, this is also TPR: Intended for oral use The TPR used for sex toys is usually Evoprene, a TPR made for food and medical applications that is free of PCBs, phthalates, biphenol-A, and other questionable compounds. Food and medical grade TPR is also used to make the seals in jar lids, the soft insert in so

(Popularity Rate: 51 ) Can I sell sex dolls / toys on eBay without any problem?

. So, opening a store (online or brick and mortar) involves a ridiculous amount of work.
As for being generic, well … some are …some aren’t. Every person’s body is different, and while one toy might be god’s gift to your orgasm, another person might find it an evil stick of silicone that should be burned at the stake. Some are for power-queens who like a good rumble. Some are gentle for people who like the vibs of a sedated bee between their legs … or elsewhere.
Companies try to put their own twist on a toy to make it unique - we are one of the few companies who do proper long distance tech toys (app-controlled toys you can use even if you’re partner is in another Big Tits Sex Dollcountry). What you need to be careful with is WHERE the toys come small cheap sex dolls from and WHAT they are made from. The sex toy industry is riddled with cheap things that will rot off your genitals or leave them radio active.
Which brings me to Amazon. Many of the sex toys are nothing but piles of chemical- laced abominations sold under whatever company was happy to pay a penny for them then charge the customer triple or more.
However, I said MOST … not all. Part of my job is to test toys to review them, and I have found a handful of dildos that were decent and for a reasonable amount of money — but this is only because I’ve done my homework and know what materials are safe and the warning signs to look out for.
In short - Amazon is generally crap for insertable sex toys, with a few gems hidden in there somewhere.

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Why is it that when I ideate on the perfect mate I end up with a love doll?

sible to have little to no arguing.
No dragging around .. - Surely this is negotiable. small cheap sex dolls I had a friend once told me that after he was married, he was allowed to veto any social function he wanted to.
No Female Sex Dollssobbing or weeping - Don't make her cry? If not you, who else? Most people get along with their life without sobbing or crying.
No in-laws - How can you be born without parents? Even you have parents! Or I guess, find someone who no longer has parents if that's what you really want?
No materialism - I am sure even your doll would require maintenance at some point. Plus not all women are materialisti

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) What do you do if you find sex toys in your teen’s room?

at ‘evidence suggests’ he/she is old enough to do their own laundry, change their own bedding, and keep their own room clean, and you won’t be doing that for them anymore.
Then, you go make yourself a vodka-whatever, curl up with a book or Netflix, laugh it off and look forward to when your liberated teenager is a liberated adult and you can go into more graphic detail and laugh about the real reason you stopped going into their room.
Just a few weeks ago at a conference, my boss showed me (and her entire team) a photo her husband sent to her that morning. The first thing she saw in this photo was a dildo. A rather large dildo, complete with scrotum, firmly attached to the wall of a tub by an obviously strong suction cup. She thought her husband had found the photo on the internet and sent it to her as a joke, but then she saw that the bathroom wall was HER bathroom wall. It turns out that her son and his girlfriend forgot they left it t

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