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(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Husbands, are you okay with your wife using sex toys when you are not around?

My traveling salesman boyfriend had no experience with sex toys prior to our relationship. I’m sure I shocked him the first time I used a vibrator in front of him at the beginning of the relationship so he knew I used them from the get go. We actually went shopping together several times at the adult store over the course of the relationship Chinese Sex Dolland explored all kinds of fun things.
I shared with him a memory of one of our sexual encounters that I regularly used when playing with my toys in his absence so he knew when I was doing this I was thinking of him. I always fantasized about him (we had a mind blowing sex small skinny sex life together so this was easy). By sharing what we both thought about there was no threat to the relationship and we both definitely thought of each other as it was a highly fulfilling relationship on that score.
Because we were long distance and he traveled we FaceTimed regularly. Eventually I began using my toys while he pleasured himself too. We had small tripods to hold the iphones (don’t try this without one lol). Eventually he got his own toy (a sleeve) and brought it on his travels as well (boy could I tell you some funny TSA stories about that!).
Because we were long distance we both regularly pleasured ourselves together over FaceTime or alone but when I knew he would be coming to town I wouldn’t for days before as it’s easy to get less sensitive if you get used to the heavy vibration of a toy and coupling with him and the orgasms that followed were always preferable to something self manufactured even if you are doing it together via video.
This man is also the love of my life so that I am sure made a difference, we had a very open communication and deep emotional bond as well so

(Popularity Rate: 51 ) Imagine for a moment that voodoo dolls are temporarily real. You can have one of anybody and have one minute to make it do anything. Who and what to do are your choices?

Bezos Money Nuff said? make him sign it Mini Sex Dollover… or my first thought was a pretty woman but that doesn’t small skinny sex make sense.. If I had a Pretty woman in the room with a voodoo doll then it would be like having a remote controlled girl? That would be awesome but for a minute?

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Is it against army regulation to have a sex doll in my duffle bag in my wall locker in Korea?

f and when it comes, which will invariably be within this generation, will happen very quickly — or not at all.
Why do I believe this way? Here’s the reason why: If you’ve ever studied any part of Korean history or had any interest in Korean affairs, or even worked for a Korean Qita Dollemployer, you will notice that the underlying theme invariably is a period of ennui punctuated by a balls-to-the-wall, all-out-effort, crazy-assed, mad-dash, zero-to-sixty sprint to the finish line where ballsy and gutsy people pull off the unimaginable and the unexpected against-all-odds and against all prediction and prevailing wisdom.
FWIW, this has been the overarching theme throughout Korea’s modern history, especially in the wake of the rubble and aftermath of the Korean War, where not a few Korean experts said Korea didn’t have a rat’s chance in hell.
Despite all the naysayers, however, look at her now. Look what happened in less than one generation in an olympian do-or-die struggle and all-out effort that succeeded in pulling an entire nation out of a poverty -stricken quagmire. How did that happen? How did the Koreans pull an end run on everyone who was betting against her who were utterly convinced she’d never rise above subsistence level for decades to come? I really don’t have the answer, but there is something to be said for my grandparents and parents generation who brought to the table an iron will and a stubborness that is impossible to describe in words.
Assuming their descendants are made of the same stock and not totally morally bankrupted, which includes me, I guess, I believe that there is every reason to hope for Korea’s future, God willing. In the end, however, perhaps the arcane needs of a few million Koreans will never outweigh the more pressing needs of the many in the most powerful country on earth, the U.S.
However, the needs of the real many, i.e., the seven billion people on this planet and the quintessential need for peace by the billions of regional people in this corner of the world alone, will always outweigh the needs of the few, i.e., the U.S. defense establishment and its military industrial complex. And not surprisingly, the progeny of the original

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) What would happen if Chucky the Killer Doll got out of the screen into the real world? Will he be able to terrorize us or we'll end up killing him?

s that Chucky is possessed by a human. So being that Chucky(Charles Lee Ray’s nickname) possesses the doll, the doll gets all the benefits of a human. Strength, hunger,senses and in 1998’s Bride Of Chucky hormones LoL. Chucky would terrorize us simply small skinny sex because of one element: stealth. How would you find him if a loved one was attacked? He’s

(Popularity Rate: 23 ) Why are women usually treated like objects/sex dolls in music videos?

the guys has done some pretty deep self development and had some practice small skinny sex things change. You would just assume that the girl he’s talking to has known him for many years.
On objectification of women:
I would argue that non-pickup artists objectify women. Why? because they have a mindset of sacristy. On average they think that cute/hot/good looking women are rare and interactions with them are even more rare.
I would say that medium to high level pickup artists dont objectify women(or do it much less than normal guys). Because they have had much more experience in the real world and realise that amazing women are everywhere. When this happens they become more interested in personality traits of women.
On Manipulation of Women:
If you look deeper than the surface of pickup you will find a community of men who are trying to use self development to transform themselves into the kind of men that are more attractive to women.
Women use fake breasts, lipstick, makeup, push-up bras, plastic surgery, fashion, tattoos or dam near anything to be perceived as more attractive.
Pickup artists are using: self development, humour, charisma, charm… well mostly words to attract the opposite sex.
It just so happens that fake boobs work on men and words work on women. If fake boobs are a manipulation of our attraction systems then words are too. Both genders use all kinds of tools to try entice each other. This is not new, but It is new to call it manipulation.
Everything that “works” on women is built into them and has evolved over millions of Irontechdollyears. Same can be said for what “works” on men.
I don’t think pickup artists manipulate women. I think hundreds of failed interactions with

(Popularity Rate: 34 ) Makayla(18years)

can't even tell you where my desire to be a TPE doll comes from. My family is quite prudish, just like the rest of the people in my circle of friends and acquaintances. Unlike them, I love talking about sex and taking d**k like a true", 'sex doll.
I am clearly a sex addict, but I see absolutely no problem with that! For me, it is rather a gain because now it is also supposed to become my profession. My goal is to be a well-known sex doll porn actress and to make many fans really horny. I have already shot some amateur films and put my real doll p***y to good use. I sent in these films and they have now been discovered by some recruiters.
My first shoot is coming up soon and, even though I see myself as a professional real doll at my young age, I am still excited. I already practice hard and f**k a lot to be able to deliver a perfect performance in f

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