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(Popularity Rate: 53 ) Lola(25years)

on of the 20s. I like to visit events and dress accordingly; I love to look like the fine ladies of that time and to spice up my outfits erotically.

I often visit my favorite country, and I sleep in hostels as often as possible. I feel especially comfortable in these kinds of lodgings, because this way I get to know different people from all over the Piper Dollworld. I get to know so many different people and have already had the pleasure of having a few tourists inside of my sex doll p***y.
In the evenings, I like to go out for dinner and then have a few teacher sex doll drinks at the bar and look for potential lovers. Older men are especially appealing to me because they have no childish quirks and are far more cultured. After all, what kind of man in his twenties likes to go to the opera? As a big fan of France, blowjobs are a must for me, and I have already swallowed the odd shot or two in a chic opera lounge.
As aTPE sex doll, I like to play the dominant part and address men I like specifically and directly. I often introduce myself under a false name and never exchange numbers with a sex partner. The unknown and anonymity appeals to me, especially when I am a love doll for many married men. I love the thought that mature gentlemen belong only to me for one night and they would do anything to be allowed to f**k me.
As an experiencedadult doll, I just know exactly what I want, and I hope you can give it to me. If you are a little inexperienced yourself, I can also

(Popularity Rate: 30 ) Abigail(23years)

ever suspect that I am a pretty wild sex doll, because I have been working in a bank for years and am forced to hide my hot\xa0real doll\xa0body in stuffy suits.\xa0', "But when I come home after a hard day's work, that's the first thing I take off. I then dim the lights, have a glass of wine and turn on my favorite porn. To get rid of everyday stress, I play with myself daily for hours and work my sex doll p***y hard until everything is completely wet from my juices.
", 'On the weekend, I finally have the time to be a sex doll and to really get going. I usually meet up with my\xa0love doll', "\xa0girlfriends in my apartment and we get started together. While we are deciding which short dress to wear and whether we really need panties, things are already getting pretty hot. That's why it may well be that we are so horny that we make out and finger each other’s real doll p*****s.
", "Then, when we are all ready, it's off to the trendiest clubs and bars in town. Quite frequently, I meet the teacher sex doll same businessmen there who I have advised only hours before about their next investments. With pleasure, I disappear with them in the club toilets and have them give it to me as their\xa0", 'sex doll. If my lust as a permanently horny sex doll is still not satisfied, we go back to my apartm

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) Madina(18years)

a high-end sex doll and serve nice customers. I admire my silicone doll friends and their cute costumes. But I don't have to admire them anymore because when I turned 18, my dream was able to be fulfilled.", 'To fit into this uniform, I started jogging and now the café and sports are my life. I think that a high-end sex doll has to keep fit to look perfect for theirlove dollowner. The response in the café also shows me that I do everything right and that the men are very satisfied with me.
Last weekend, I was booked as apremium sex dollfor an event for the first time Robot Sex Dolland I was so excited. Because I don’t have much experience as a premium doll and wanted to do absolutely everything right.It was the client’s 60th birthday, and his friends had given him my presence as a gift. I dressed up and put on my most beautiful uniform, which emphasized my silicone doll body really well.At first, I just served drinks and food to the older men. It was not so easy because every man wanted to reach under my skirt. Then, I was finally allowed to serve the birthday boy. He pulled me into his bedroom and undressed me bit by bit and f****d me for a whole hour

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) How would you rank the visuals of Jisoo (Blackpink), Irene (Red Velvet), Tzuyu (Twice), and Karina (Aespa)?

and my opinion isn’t going to take away from that.
4.) Karina from Aespa: I think that mostly we haven’t seen as many looks from her (recently debuted) but her face doesn’t really stand out much to me. She has a very ideal face, but I think that is also a reason why her visuals sometimes go un-noticed or lost in the crowd.
3.) Irene from Red Velvet: we see many idols look starstruck when she walks past them. Many people call her the most beautiful idol and envy her looks. She can look both soft and ethereal as well as fierce. She fits the Korean ideal perfectly. But that can also be a problem as some people might see her as “plain”. I put her as third as her visuals don’t particularly appeal to me. Personally I prefer seulgi or joy’s visuals.
2.) Tzuyu from Twice: we have obviously seen many people being breathtaking by her visuals. She has a unique charm to her that makes her very eye catching. I just feel like many people do not guess that she is the visual of twice right away. I put her in 2nd as I feel like her visuals are so soft that she sometimes gets overshadowed
and in First place…
1.) Jisoo from BlackPink: I find her so stunning and breathtaking. Although some people do not like her look, and say she is not pretty enough to be Visual, I think that there is a perfect balance of fitting the Korean beauty standard and having unique visuals that are eye catching. I th

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Do you know which sex toys are among the list of 5 top selling sex toys amongst Indian men?

umber of sex products sold were intimate massagers for women while lubricants were favored by men. Here is a list of the 5 sex products Indians buy the most. ThatsPersonal, a sexual wellness products online retailer, conducted a survey, which analyzed data from more than 80,000 orders and made some interesting revelations. Although it has become easier to purchase sexual wellness products, thanks to online retailers, only 38 percent of the teacher sex doll customers 65cm Sex Dollwere women, while 62 percent were males. India is a conservative country and sex is still a taboo topic. So, buying sex toys is not an easy task. The survey showed that even with online shopping portals offering sexual wellness products, there is a huge difference in the number of men and women purchasing sex products. More interestingly, it revealed that women in Punjab buy the most number of sexual toys in India . Also, the most number of penis enlargement products were purchased by Uttar Pradesh, while West Bengal purchased the most number of candy panties. Made of candies, these panties are underwear that you can eat. Although the survey was a small one (considering India s population), it revealed some interesting facts about the country s sexual habits and general preference. The survey also revealed the sex products Indians buy the most and you will be surprised by some times on the list. Also Read - Sex on Their Minds! Online Sale of Sex Toys Rises to 65% Post COVID-19 Lockdown in India, Mumbai Tops the List Lubricants - 18% It seems most Indians understand the importance of lubrication in sex. Therefore, lubriants featured right on top of the list. Also Read - Sex Dolls to Fill Empty Stands? FC Seoul Football Club Apologises Intimate massagers - 16% Massagers can increase sexual pleasure by several degrees and so, it comes as no surprise that they are second on the list of most purchased sex products. Delay sprays - 14% For the uninitiated, delay sprays are used to prolong sex. It has been found that some delay sprays can increase intercourse time from seconds to several minutes. They are third on the list for Indians. Romantic and fun items - 13% This is poerhaps the least kinky but the most adorable. People are not willing to forget being romantic even during sex and that's a good thing. Sexy lingerie - 13% Now this one is interesting. Tied with romantic stuff at no. 4 is 'sexy lingerie'. While it is common for women to opt for sexy lingerie, the survey revealed that men from Telangana bought the most number of men's thongs. Unbelievable, right? Way to go Telangana! Pleasure rings and devices - 12% And at no. 5, we have pleasure rings and devices. Pleasure rings are silicone rings that are used to maintain firm erections for a longer duration. So there you have it. These are the sex products Indians are buying online. Some other

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) How can I choose a high quality sex doll?

i just got my first doll from LSDS few days ago if you don’t demand fast delivery, choose it coz it took almost three weeks arrive amsterdam