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(Popularity Rate: 44 ) Do you use sex toys with a remote controller? If so, what kind of them?

me, and it is amazing. Once I have it in me the flap like part all the little nubs is for stimulating my clit. The angled bulbous head at the end of the dildo like part does a wonderful job against my G-spot. I’ve found that a light control panty does a nice job of holding it snugly in place when I wear it. Each part has its own vibrating motor for stimulating my clit and G-spot. It has 10 different vibrating patterns and intensities. When it’s on one of the strongest vibrating modes one might be able to hear it if they’re sitting right next to me. It’s rechargeable using a USB connection, so I can charge it hooked directly to my PC. We don’t use it much at home, but it is so much fun to wear it sometimes when we go out. And guess who has control of the remote? Well, he certainly doesn’t let me have it. He constantly watches for an inopportune chance to give me a ‘buzz.’ Like when I may be trying to order from a menu or have a conversation with someone. It can be hard to focus having a gadget up inside me buzzing away against my clit and G-spot. It’s so hot being out in public, cumming

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) I caught my boyfriend using a 300$ sex doll. What should I do?

to you.
When that session is done, you can ask about the doll. Where is she from? How did they meet? What does she do? (Any non-obvious features?) Where is she staying? (Where should she be stored when not in use, and what maintenance and cleaning might she need?) What are her plans for the future? (Does he own her, or was she a temporary rental that will need to be returned?)
It’s a doll. It’s washable and unlikely to host germs that can be passed to you. It can’t get pregnant and can’t sue your boyfriend for child support. It can’t pressure your boyfriend to leave you. It can’t compete with you. A doll is an inanimate object, another toy, like a video game. The doll can also potentially be a tool that helps you to keep your boyfriend happy.
If you feel jealous of or threatened by the doll, maybe you should work on improving yourself and your connection with your boyfriend so that an inanimate object doesn’t make you feel insecure.
That said, if you two have rules about money, like you’re supposed to consult each other before buying anything that costs over $100, and he didn’t consult you before spending the money, it migh

(Popularity Rate: 48 ) Is it ever a good idea to buy a sex toy as a gift for your wife?

ther women, it's a bad choice. If you aren't sure, I suggest talking about the possibility of toys before giving her one. Perhaps talking about how you two can incorporate the toy into playing together. Or perhaps as Small Breast Sex Dollsomething to make time apart a little sexier.
It also depends on what toy you are getting. Does it stimulate in a ways she likes? Does it have something diffe

(Popularity Rate: 44 ) Can I order Sex toys on Amazon, if I am in India?

Yeah why not its ur money. But dont blame amazon if the sex toy was stolen by the Indian Postal Department or the Love Dollcustoms.

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) What sex toy is the best for my wife?

A very popular sex toy for women is the massager wand or g-spot types, allso very popular is the bullet vibrators, we at adultshopit ultimate sex doll find many women buy this type of sex toy, but there are allso many more types to choose from but the most popular types are as stated above, a great tip is to only buy from reputable sex toy shops as there are many fakes cheaply made on ebay etc.

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Are there still folks on eBay trying to scam with selling pics of something instead of the real thing, or tiny doll furniture as the real deal?

id for. A few years back someone I know had been scammed just coming up to Christmas time and didn't then have time or the money to purchase the same present in time for Christmas Day. So it can be very frustrating if it does happen. Lucky for buyers, there are several ways you can go about getting your money back (or the item sent). This all depends on how and when you realised you were being scammed. Lets say you had purchase an item and it had been marked as shipped 12 days ago. The shipping and handling ultimate sex doll time was only supposed to be 4–7 days (remember business days) and you have sent the the seller a few messages asking when it should be delivered with no reply.
Your next step is to go into your orders section on ‘My Ebay’ and within the ‘more actions’ drop down select ‘I did not receive my item’. At this you aren’t for sure that you are being scammed and there could be some sort of issue/Emergency with the seller that has pulled them away from there Ebay business (they are people as well). By doing this it will begin a dispute with Ebay and Ebay will then begin to investigate this for you. Ebay take this very seriously and they will be required to show proof of shipping, tracking etc. To continue business they will be required to either refund you or send the item.
Alternatively you can do what is called a ‘ChargeBack’/Dispute. I would suggest using the Ebay dispute system initially however, If you have realised that you've got yourself into something that doesn't look right, using a charge back can be the quick, way to get out of it. You can perform a Dispute through you Paypal account or a ChargeBack by contacting your bank(Depending on how you paid). Please be aware however, using charge backs falsely to get out of buying something you do not want is classified as fraud in some countries and is certainly theft if you do in fact receive the item.
I know several people who do not use Ebay much and have been scammed. I personally have purchased over 1000 items from Ebay and have never had an issue. It is all about knowing what to look for and what not to bid for.
Always get postage with tracking and never get leave at the door shipping
Always go with a trusted seller, although the item may be $20 cheaper with Jhonny0874 with a feedback of 26 and 86% . Its always best to pay that little bit extra to go with a trusted seller! I suggest Feedback of at least 80 and 97%. If the item is a second hand one off then obviously you can expect lower feedbacks (Still check for percentage)
Make sure the seller has SELLER feedback, and has not just purchased a bunch of random stuff in order to SCAM people.
If its too good to be true maybe it is (But not always) If it is he