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(Popularity Rate: 41 ) What do people in Western countries think of the increasingly bigger industry of life-sized woman sex dolls in Japan and China, where more men prefer dolls to a dating or marriage?

arried and in the common situation of having their lady lose her interest in sexuality either because they never had any (1/4 or more of women have little interest in sexuality but they do want marriage and children-and very few women who do have stronger sex drives will have such a drive for more than a few years while men have 50+ years of very high sex drives) or because of health problems. The male is left with a terrible emotional and physical void to fill regarding the most powerful urge beyond hunger and it is 100% his problem with society and his spouse likely being hostile to any solutions he might take other than abstinence.
The biggest advantage of the dolls is not the interaction that the media likes to overplay in a bid to turn the men into weirdos (treating the doll as a human for purposes other than sex, etc which I think is a bit odd since I just see them as tools). The advantage is that the male gets to have a more fulfilling sex life from the doll than from abstinence or masturbation. Yes, yes, you could do marriage counseling and health management to try to retrieve the sex life and you should, but 80-90% of the time any slowdown in sex is permanent in relationships and this is so common it is normal. Female sex drive issues are mostly complex and insoluble as the medical industry has unhappily learned. How is it more fulfilling? Surprisingly, it can be a really good workout and can inspire the man to work out more. It feels much better than you would expect, despite being obviously not as good as the real thing in ways. Afterwards, you have more of the feeling of satisfaction from having actually done something rather than sitting around waving your right hand and it is easier on the genital skin as the soft rubber or silicone is softer than hands. It is an excellent alternative to an affair, which wont help anybody anyway long-term. Women don't get involved with men for physical sex, they are always looking for something else and the sex is a means to an end. The doll has no such agenda other than the cost. Men see the loss of sexuality as death and cannot disclose this feeling

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) Paige(24years)

news isn’t all I’m looking for: I’m also on the lookout for a partner who has absolutely no taboos in the bedroom! I hope you’re into SM! It’s a special passion of mine. I love getting my ass spanked, but I also love to slip into the dominant role.", 'I especially love shameless role-playing games! My job keeps me up to date on the latest sex practices, so you’ll never get bored in bed or outside of bed with me. I enjoy sex in public places where we can get caught. The thought of being caught in the act gives me that extra kick!
', "As an editor, I'm also lucky enough to always used real doll get tickets for the best sex fairs. The things you see there really turn me on, from the latest sex trends to the latest sex toys; even sex performances. Would you like to come along sometime? Imagine how exciting it would be to f**k on stage. But I think that's reserved for professional porn starlets.
", "It’s sure to turn you on, watching a show like that. You could let off some steam with me afterwards. How about it? We’d find a quiet place at the sex fair and let it rip. The idea of getting f****d by you in public, feeling your hard c**k pounding my ass and then my p***y, really turns me on. I’m aching to feel your tongue inside my p***y! If you eat out my

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) Why didn't the creators of the Annabelle movie use a doll that looks exactly like the real one?

… I’m going to go out on a limb here - and suggest that they chose a alternate doll style because the movie makers were too scared to take a chance on something that wasn’t considered (by them/studio etc) to be a “sure thing.” It wasn’t obviously menacing enough so they just said - let’s just make it more like Chucky or something more “horror movie dollish.” They Japanese Sex Dollsused some conventionally ‘scary’ looking doll that’s all dirty and disproportioned and has a frozen creepy smile. Or - just took a action figure from the exorcist and used that.
Maybe it’s as simple as plush doll heads can’t ‘spin.’
If only we could see a shot-by-shot comparison of the whole movie… I’d bet that the original doll would have been much scarier.
BUT… then -
Ivy walks over and says - “No… it’s probably copyright issues… - it’s an original Raggedy Ann
“This 1970’s Knickerboc

(Popularity Rate: 64 ) Where can I buy TPE sex dolls?

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(Popularity Rate: 71 ) Is it okay for boys to play dress up dolls online?

Boys can play these. As a girl, when I was a kid, I often played not dolls but various building blocks and board games. I think there is nothing wrong with this. My parents will also play with me. Toys are just toys and cannot represent anything. Do what you like is the most important thing. If anyone thinks Big Booty Sex Dollthat's wrong, it's because they think differently from you, but don't think that there is anything wrong with playing girl-style games.

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Assuming that voodoo dolls actually worked, if you sat down on a voodoo doll of yourself - would you ever be able to stand up without help?

rson linked to the doll is many times larger. For example, moving the doll’s arm involves moving a very small weight around, but when that effect transitions over to the human, there is a much more massive object being moved.
Under that pretense, I think it is safe to assume that the weight of you sitting on your voodoo doll would apply a force to the doll. Let's say 5 newtons (obviously this isn't anywhere near correct). The scale factor would be based on mass, and by my research (my search history is going to be fucking weird - see below) the average doll weighs 0.3 pounds, based on the Monster High dolls, which were the first ones that seemed of a similar size to voodoo dolls that I could find stats for.
My search history - lmao
Don't judge my spelling, google ain't no spelling bee.
Ok, so a doll weighs .3 pounds, which is 1/400th ish of what I weigh, so the imaginary force pressing down on my body would used real doll therefore be 400 times my weight, which would not be easy to get off. Back to the 5 newtons from earlier, the force applied by you to the doll, there would now be 2000 newtons of force being applied