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(Popularity Rate: 20 ) Is there a way to quiet down my sex toys?

Not existing ones safely unless you’re a very talented engineer American Sex Dollthat understands how they work and that the kit to do so. You're asking this so probably not. This might help you: 18 super quiet sex toys so you can orgasm in peace

(Popularity Rate: 63 ) My 5-year-old son plays with his sister’s dolls. She is 7. What should I do?

’s not okay and maybe get him the same dolls so he stops taking hers. I wouldn’t do that right after you lecture him for taking hers cause that’d encourage the bad behavior, but later, maybe you can bring him to go get toys and let him pick out some dolls(If you can afford to. If not, maybe have them pick out some toys they will share with each other. I wouldn’t only make her share her dolls cause I’m sure that would be perceived as favoritism. Also I wouldn’t make them share all their toys. It’s good for a kid to feel like they own some what is a sex doll things).
If he’s playing with them with her permission, they could just share them or you could get him some dolls. Maybe it could be good for them to bond too cause they could play together.
My brother and I never really had boy/ girl toys. Our parents just asked us which toys we wanted. My brother and I have the same age difference. We both really liked Pokémon, bayblades, bakugon (which are seen as boy toys usually), but we also both liked stuffed animals, we played with dolls when we were really young(the age your kids are at), And we liked playing house (stuff usually seem as girl stuff).
Our parents never worried about if we were acting like boys or girls or not and we grew up happier for it. He is Big Tits Sex Dollcis and straight and never feels the need to prove how masculine he is. He’s tried on high heels before to see what they felt like, he cries when he gets upset, he plays girls in video games a lot because they have better fashion choices, and he’s does not have that weird sexism that 15 year old boys usually have. He is also fairly “masculine” though. He doesn’t wear anything except t shirts and basket ball shorts, he behaves like a fairly normal 15 year old boy(just talks about memes and video games all the time), and all kinds of other stuff. He’s not worried about whether he’s being masculine enough, which has probably saved him from a lot of self consciousness that most men feel.
I turned out to be non-binary(not because of the way my parents raised me. Just letting you know Incase you think that could be a possibility. Being trans is determined by physical brain structure, so you’re not going to be trans because of your up bringing. There appears to be an influx of trans kids, but that’s because we grew up in a more accepting environment and have a better vocabulary for gender and sexuality, so we feel more safe to come out. There’s actually a lot more adults coming out too. There are people who either didn’t feel safe or didn’t know they were lgbtq).
I’m so happy my parents raised me in an accepting environment. They allowed me to freely explore who I was without worrying if I was being feminine enough. Of course, they put me in dresses and stuff, but once I was finally old enough to choose my own clothes, they let me do what I want(as long as it wasn’t inappropriate). They got me the toys I wanted instead of just giving me dolls and stuffed animals. They never told me that I was being unlady like. Because of them, I felt safe enough to tell them who I was. They are still adjusting, but they are kind and supportive and I love them so much.
Please just let your kid play with dolls if your concern is him being too feminine. Having parents who let you be yourself is the most wonderf

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) What's the best long distance sex toy? Which works well even when the guy is controlling it from another country.

home items to virtual reality products is really taking a strong hold which is why I’m excited to share with you the Nr. 1 sex toy that I recommend when it comes long distance relationships. It is a product that me and my hubby like to use whenever we are apart and sometimes even incorporate in our sessions at home for the extra fun of playing and controlling each other with tech toys :) It is a fully interactive toy (can be bought in a set for him and her) which is controlled via an app that you download on your phone. This toy senses and reacts to your partners movements, making the experience feel as real as virtual sex can feel. Controlled via Bluetooth, means that distance is of no concern, all you need is an internet connection. On the many plus sides of this product are features like recording your sessions, program the toy to sync to music and control it by local remote when going at it solo. The price of $190 is also really great when you consider all the amazing features both you and your partner get when you buy the h

(Popularity Rate: 23 ) My 18-year-old girlfriend still plays with dolls and she's a Sims series addict. Does it mean she loves controlling people?

. i don't play with dolls, but i do love the sims.
in the sims, i enjoy killing my and other sims, as well as actually building families and having them live long lives. for me, it's not really about the fact that i'm controlling them (but even so, that's what is a sex doll what the game is about) it's more so exploring ideas, experimenting with gameplay and living out a life i'll never have otherwise.
you're over thinking it. there are a lot of people who play sims, hell, one quick search and you've got multiple youtube channels dedicated to the sims specifically. they don't desire controlling people in real life, they're just playing the game which is about controlling life, that's what it's for, but it has to correlation to real world desires.
as for the dolls, i can't Huge Tits Sex Dollsay for that, but as someone who loved playing with them growing up, then i'd say she's just having fun. maybe she's hanging on to her childhood, maybe she just finds it to be fun. it's a niche interest for people her age for sure, but i don't believe it has anything to do with controlling people in real life.
if she starts co

(Popularity Rate: 51 ) Are there any stores in the US that sell blow-up dolls of Donald Trump?

Gag me with a spoon. He is already a blowhard. Any store that would sell that disgusting item, would be out of business before they open the door. I hope he starts an I Trump blow-up store to add to his failures.

(Popularity Rate: 18 ) How do I make a homemade/DIY sex toy?

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