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(Popularity Rate: 68 ) Do you enjoy watching your male SO use sex toys?

terdam and London. Amsterdam being what it is, we bought a sex toy in a sex shop in the Red Light district (a trip in itself!). It was supposed to be a sort of motorized sleeve for a man’s penis to simulate a blow job.

(Popularity Rate: 70 ) How can I find good quality sex toys in Kuwait?

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(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Do you prefer metal, plastic, or rubber sex toys?

Solid glass is my preferred material. It's sturdy, warms quickly to body temperature, requires less lube due to the very smooth surfaces, lasts a lifetime if taken care of, and it's very easy to Huge Tits Sex Dollkeep clean.

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Can introducing sex dolls reduce the number of rape in a country?

It’s like your soul leaving your body, and you’re too numb to feel anything anymore.
I was 12 years old, barely in the 7th grade. I had a huge crush on this boy, whom we will rename “J”. I looked up to him, and I used to fantasize about us getting married; although we had maybe spoken twice at this point. I would get so excited when he would wave at me in the hallways, my heart would beat 100 miles per hour when I saw him.
J was in the 8th grade, and was 14 when this occurred. He was twice my size, scaring everyone in my grade. Not me, of course. I would follow him around like a puppy, trying to get his attention. This was pretty common for most 12 year olds at the time. It was a very healthy school crush.
We rode the same school bus, and got off at the same stop. I would walk to my grandparents house, which was the street before his. Sometimes, I would walk to the park, which was across the street from his house.
At 12 years old, I had endured quite a bit. My mother was an abusive alcoholic, and I barely got to see my dad. So yeah, I was pretty battered up. But I still had my innocence.
One day, I was swinging on a swing after school. I didn’t have homework, and my grandparents didn’t really care where I was. I was minding my own business, pretending to be an airplane or something. I guess J sees me from across the street, comes out of his house and walks over to the swings.
“Are you thirsty?” He says. “You’ve been out here for a while. Why don’t you come inside and I’ll get you some Gatorade?” I was absolutely amazed. My crush, talking to me?!
but wait…inside…his house? I never had parents to educate me on “stranger danger”, or what red flags were. I was so conflicted, but I wanted to seem cool in front of J.
So, I followed him back to his house. As soon as I stepped inside, I realized that something was off. He locked the front door behind me, and I felt like I was frozen. J took off my clothes, and it felt like peeling clothes from a statue. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t scream. All I could whisper was, “Please, stop.”
It went from slow and careful to violent within seconds. He had grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved me face first into his couch. I started crying, because I was scared. I didn’t understand what this was. This was never explained to me. J raped me anally first. Like I said earlier, J was a big guy for his age. This unfortunately resulted in a much bigger penis. I knew I was bleeding, and I finally got my lungs to scream. It hurt so goddamn bad. He pulled out eventually, and I thought it was over. I started praying over and over again, hoping someone would drive by and hear my screams. Since I didn’t move, I guess J thought that I wanted more. He then raped me vaginally. I felt pain, and then I didn’t feel anything. I felt numbness, like I wasn’t a person anymore. My body felt empty, I felt like I was drifting into space. I started counting the seconds as they passed. I counted 1862 seconds.
i can barely remember what happens from here. I can’t remember if he came in me, or came at all. I was too numb to tell. I remember him putting back on my clothes, patting my head, and shoving me out his front door. I remember the pain of walking home. I’ll say this; I’ve felt pain. I’ve broken several bones, been through many heartaches. But what J did to me is truly the worst pain I’ve ever felt.
I was bleeding for several days after. I withdrew myself, and I became very depressed. The next day at school, everyone already knew. I was labeled as a “slut”, because J told everyone that I “begged him to fuck me”. I was manipulated into thinking that I wanted it, that it was consensual. I had never been taught what consent was, I didn’t know the difference. I tried telling my dad 2 weeks later. I wasn’t direct, but I said something along the lines of, “My friend told me this…what should she do?” I was met with, “What was she wearing? What was she doing?” And I knew I had to keep this to myself. I couldn’t trust anyone.
For my 18th birthday, I did report it to my local police station. J has reached out to me within the past 3 years, admitting what he’s done and apologizing. He’s made new accounts in an attempt to control me with what he’s done to me. Little does he know, I was just waiting for the right time to report him. And I have all of the screenshots.
I’ve been to therapy since my 18th birthday to help with this trauma, and everyday gets a little better.
J, if you’re reading this, burn in hell. You’re sick, disgusting, and deserve to rot in prison. You didn’t take my fire, and your “apology” texts will only put you behind bars for a longer sentence. Fuck you.
Edit: Thank you for all the support, I totally didn’t think I’d get any responses. <3 A year later I checked this, and holy crap!

(Popularity Rate: 51 ) How do you know Candace Owens is an AI silicon doll/robot?

n AI goes. Like many systems, it’s composed of a few different, mostly independent components, some more developed than others.
The most advanced part of her is probably the speech recognition — a branch of technology that has also seen widespread use in navigational devices, web searches on smartphones, aid for blind people…
It usually works by first digitizing the sound, then dividing it into smaller chunks based on pauses in, and change and duration of the now digital input that roughly correspond to the phonemes and “words” in the original speech - and then trying to match text to the phonemes and apparent words, sometimes using context clues to differentiate between similar-sounding words with different meanings (homophones). For instance, “it’s a _” is much more common pattern than “its a _”, therefore the former is much more probable interpretation.
From there on, the text is handed over to probably one of Sophia’s weakest parts - the part of her that comes up with the reactions and replies. Following some of the videos of her, it would appear that those derive from a database of pre-formulated constructs and sentences, and she doesn’t do any kind of advanced analysis herself. There is no cognition taking place, and no thought, just simple pattern-matching (“Would you like to _?” -> “Oh, I’d love to _”). I’d say that that part of her is little — if any — more advanced than ELIZA — a program from the last century that predates MS Windows. It seems some of the interviewers have also been given instructions to ask specific questions in a very specific manner.
Now we have a reply - cue test-to-speech.
She also has some slight control in mimics, possibly tied to text mood analysis. Many electronic storefronts use similar mechanisms to assess the tendencies in comments on products.
Indeed, the most notable aspect of Sofia is the fact that “she” resides in an android (or gynoid if you want to be nitpicky, though that female variant of the word is rare, and sounds odd to most ears) body. In all other aspects, your average off-the-shelf smartphone is easily her match, if not superior. You can install more advanced AI software in your common household PC, at no cost.
With my limited, but somewhat

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) If you pick two random video games and make a crossover, how does it go?

or two fresh ideas thrown into the mix. So combining features from different games is not unusual, but it needs to happen in an educated way.
If you take two games, any two games, you’ll Irontechdollprobably end up with games that are meant to be played differently, and satisfy the player in a different way. What would a combination of age of empires and angry birds be like you think? I’m pretty sure it would where to buy doll wigs be horrendous.
The ingredients in a mixture should be differ