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(Popularity Rate: 66 ) What is a good name for a sex toy shop?

Wet Dreams Hardware Store Toyz R Us Hanky Spanky (like hanky panky) Secret Endings Facialbook Star 69 (Like the old phone return last call feature *69) Happy Secrets 69 leads to 44 (44 symbolizes entry from the back and 69 is well, 69) 1–2–3 some (solo, with partner, and three or more) Come On In (sp

(Popularity Rate: 57 ) What's your story of travelling internationally with a sex toy?

ly many whimsie dolls for sale times and had no problems or stories at all.” That all changed only a couple days ago, when I was flying back to Vancouver from the Quora TW meetup in Mountain View. So I’m at the TSA security checkpoint waiting to get on the plane to Vancouver. Normally I travel with a Nexus pass, which is a special pre-clearance passport that saves me a ton of times at customs and also gets me on the TSA precheck list. So normally at airport security I just get in the special pre-clearance lane, they X-ray my bag and I’m through. I don’t have to take off my shoes or take my laptop out or anything. Easy-peasy, right? It usually takes me about 10 minutes, max, to get through security. Not this time. The X-ray person ran the X-ray and pulled my bag out for a hand search. I had my laptop over cord and cables in there, so I figured they wanted to check that. Nope. The guy spends quite a lot of time poking through my bag. He keeps looking at the X-ray image, so I figure he’s looking for something specific. He can’t find it, so he runs my bag through the X-ray a second time. Then he digs through my toiletry case, and says “What’s this?” I had gotten it for one

(Popularity Rate: 73 ) Has your son ever asked for a sex toy?

Our son asked us one time for some money (banking card) for a love-toy he has seen in an internet shop. On that moment we were living in an area where are not a lot of shops selling love-toys, so he had no whimsie dolls for sale chance to buy some his self. Nowadays our teens buy their love-toys themselves in the shops in the town.

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Paris(23years)

I will be the sex doll of your dreams. By the way, my name is Paris and I am 23 years old. But what's your name? After all, I'll be moaning your name all night long! As a sex doll, I know exactly where my place is, namely in your bed or on the kitchen Aibei Dolltable or maybe in the shower? I am a submissive real doll and would like to follow your orders to the letter.", "Obviously, I am quite a piece of work and the type of sex doll that everyone would like to fill with their c**k. But I really don't go for dumb beauties and musclemen. I want a man who knows what he wants from a", 'love doll', "in bed. I don't care what you look like or how old you are.", 'Of course, I also have my own preferences which I want to live out with you as my owner with pleasure. I dream of a nice massage with baby oil until my skin is velvety-soft and we both get quite horny. Once we are at full speed, you are welcome to choose which of myreal doll', "holes you would like to fill. As a submissive love doll, I will do everything you ask of me. But blowjobs are my specialty, so you really shouldn't miss the ch

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Emma(18years)

l a high school student, but next year I'll graduate, and I can move out. I have a good relationship with my family, but they are not very open about the real doll thing, so I prefer to Mese Dollkeep that quiet.
", 'I have always admired the grown-upadult dolls. Of course, most of my love doll friends are not only mega good-looking but are also real experts when it comes to the subject of climax. I want to be a sex doll and please men too!
Nobody has really been interested in me so far, at least not that I know of. But I think once I really get out of my shell, the guys will come after me!
I was not able to gain any sexual experience as a sex doll; I was a little too shy for that. I started watching porn when I was a youngreal dolland practiced as much as I could. I love to masturbate and make my TPE doll p***y raw.
', "If I get too horny at school because I’m thinking about my future as a real doll, I usually go to the girls' room and watch a sexy movie. Of course, I have headphones on so I can hear the women’s hot moans.

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) Junka(18years)

serve you faithfully. After school, I work in a Maid Café, where many other sweet animesex dollsserve not only the finest delicacies, but also sexual favors if our male customers so desire.
', "Don't I look cute in my little uniform and short dress that fits my body so perfectly? I love this job! I am not only allowed to eat as many cupcakes as I like, no, I can also give additional pleasure to horny customers. If you come to our café and I catch your eye as a", 'real doll, you can book me for special services in a separate room.
', "I often serve tea and pastries and then a customer's hand slowly slips under my skirt. I am always immediately turned on and I promptly notice how my", 'love dollp***y begins to get really wet. The customers love to play around with my wet p***y, while I continue to serve their orders professionally as their anime sex doll.
', "The fun really starts in the other room. Because I am a good maid, I immediately fulfill all dirty wishes. My favorite customers are older gentlemen, because they are particularly sensitive and give me a generous tip. Most of the time, they pull me on their laps and start to take off my uniform piece by piece or f**k me directly in