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(Popularity Rate: 53 ) If you had an opportunity to write a letter to your first love, what would it say?

rable... And I was very happy for a while, hearing for the first time "I love you" and repeating it back to you. I learned to have a partner, to share my life, to know new things daily just because, out of nowhere, you came out.
Why did this only last you three months?
I know you already had another boyfriend, but he was in the USA, he never called Black Sex Dollor sent letters... I was absolutely sure that, with everything we were living in, this guy was a card out of the deck for a long time! Why did you throw it all away when he decided to spend his vacations here?
And yet, after I suffered so much, lost ten pounds, cried day and night... You still wanted to come back with me when he came back to the USA. Even though you knew you would broke my heart again when he got back. Even though you knew I would suffer all over again.
I, young and inexperienced, thought I could win you back... And, once again, I won your presence by my side. And the pleasure of having you, and everything else that involved. You got sick why is blonde vinyl so expensive when we broke up just before he came back... And I gave in, I came back with you, I didn't want to see you suffer.
It didn't work the other way around, did it?
Because you took pleasure in seeing me suffer. You would like to see that someone suffer for loving you. I think you didn't even liked the American that much... You just liked to be with someone and see someone else suffer for losing you.
For years I considered you a very special person. After all the roller coaster that we were dating, we are still friends, in fact, friends with a lot of benefits. If we counted the years we went to bed, we would hit a decade, even though the courtship only lasted a year and a half. This only happened because I still liked - in the sense of having affinity, not love - you. I still admired you in some way.
But suddenly, in our last conversation... I finally understood. I finally realized that you REALLY enjoyed seeing me suffer. It's your nature! At no time did you worry about what I felt... All the time, what was worth was what you felt.
I am not like that.
I have ended dating still liking my girlfriend for realizing that she was suffering. I already ended relationships that shouldn't involve feelings when I realized that the girl was getting involved - and suffering.
You need to know how to put yourself in the shoes of others.
This is an enigma to you.
You haven

(Popularity Rate: 93 ) Can sex toys make your sex life better?

Yes. They can also not help. What makes sex life better is people making their sex life interesting. Sometimes that can involve toys, but if your sex life is boring, toys probably won’t make a difference. If your sex life is interesting, toys can add variety and make it even better. It’s like adding a Anime Sex Dolldifferent spice to really good food. It’s different, but if the food was already burned, adding a different spice isn’t going to suddenly make it taste good.

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) What are the best online stores to buy sex toys?

e finest in their class as they fuel the limits of your erotic imagination. We only possess the best and finest quality. We guarantee products that are 100% vegan PETA approved, others made with medical silicone and 100% FDA-approved, body-safe silicone.
We take great pride that your purchase arrives on time in a quickly and safely Robot Sex Dollmatter. Your privacy is the paramount of our services and with our discreet packaging, you can shop in confidence.
Each product is wrapped before shipping and put together into a discreet packing. Without opening the package it’s impossible to know what’s inside the box, g

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) Yarvala(22years)

elf. A pregnant elf, to be more precise. My father, the king over our countries, had warned me about the man who gave me this baby. My father told me that this man was no good for me. I did not want to believe him and was simply blinded by love. After I told my husband I was pregnant, he left me. So, my father was right that he only wanted the one thing from me as a", 'real doll.

', "Now I am looking for a new partner. A man who will not only take care of me, but also of my baby as soon as it is born. Haven't you always wanted to f**k a sex doll elf? Maybe you have a thing for pregnant elf sex dolls why is blonde vinyl so expensive with big baby bumps. I'm sure it would be nice if you stroked and kissed my little tummy. I'm just imagining you doing it and then slowly moving further down and stroking my", 'love dollc**t. I have to admit that I like this fantasy and I’m already turned on just by thinking about it. My sex doll p***y has actually gotten a little wet while I thought about it. If you will be a faithful husband to me, I will certainly make you happy!

', "Imagine how cool it would be if you took me from behind in the p***y or if we tried it in the spoon position. Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since I've taken it like that. By the way, my sex doll ass has become a bit thicker due to the pregnancy. I hope you don't think it's too bad and that you like big asses. I like the fact that it’s nice and fat now. Somehow, I find that sexy. That's why I also like to wear fishnet tights, because they show off my thick elf ass so beautifully. Do you like i

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Is selling online sex toys legal in India?

or has in his proprietorship any pornographic book, leaflet, paper, drawing, image, or body or any other pornographic device whatsoever, or advertises, or makes known by any means whatsoever that any such pornographic gadget can be acquired from or through any person, is actionable with imprisonment and fine.
So, in view of above everything related to adult toys openly display for sale or buy is totally banned by our government. But citizens of India can freely buy adult toys from online stores like www. bedroomcandy.in, www.passionvibes.in, www.knightqueen.in and many more if you

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) Who produces "the womanizer" sex toy?

“The Womanizer hails from a why is blonde vinyl so expensive newcomer to the industry, German company epi24 GmbH.” (source ) Here’s the Womanizer - Site