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(Popularity Rate: 63 ) Are the haunted dolls on Etsy real?

some dolls are probably not haunted, while others may be so. But I would err on the side of caution, and try to make sure I knew someone skilled in exorcisms of some sort, in case the doll was not only haunted, but what was in it was dangerous. I had never had a haunted doll experience personally, so when someone here at Quora asked about haunted dolls, I did some researching on the subject prior to writing on the topic at Quora. Some I learned were not haunted, just given that reputation by the owners, but there was one, whose eyes changed to a glowing green, that I beleive may be haunted. Since spirits can possess people, who already have their spirit in their bodies, it should be easier to possess houses and dolls, who have no spirit. Not all spirits Teen Sex Dollare nice, others have issues you may not be ready to help them wit

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) What are the sex toys in Phuket?

sex toy wicked creations llc industry has to offer. They are without a doubt one of the best sex toy sites we've shopped at, simply due to the number of quality toys they sell.
On top of it all, they have locations all around the world so they have very agreeable shipping prices no matter what continent you find yourself on and in need of some sexual tension relief. It's a good choice if you want to see a wide range of toys in a wide range of prices. Do note that some of their toys are made out of porous/potentially toxic materials, so always read the information on the toy before buying.
They also stock tons of BDSM gear and lingeri

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) What are some childlike things you do even as an adult, not childish or immature?

I mean the real stuff. Just pressurized cream in a refrigerated metal bottle.
As it happens, whipped cream is really not at all unhealthy. It’s got barely any added sugar, so it’s basically just milk turned into an awesome fluffy thing. I used to ask my mother if I could have a spoonful of it from time to time when I was a kid. For reasons I don’t know, whipped cream was considered a candy-type food and was therefore off-limits more often than not. But when my mother would say yes… Oh. Boy.
I would wait for her to leave the kitchen, take out the whipped cream, and get out the biggest ladle in the kitchen. By this point I was having to suppress my gleeful giggles for fear of getting caught :)
And then came that magical noise as I pressed down on the nozzle piece. Chhhhhhhh. AHHHHH :) I can almost taste it now just thinking about it… :)
Anyhow, it was technically only one spoon!! And my mother was always a great sport and enjoyed my attempts at humor, so she’d let me get away with it pretty consistently.
Now as an adult I am free of parental restrictions on my whipped cream intake (MWAHAHAHA). I don’t often buy it because I know I would end up finishing it within a day or two and end up with a stomach ache…. But sometimes… Just sometimes….
I’m usually civilized enough to at least use a spoon, but sometimes when I’m feeling especially goofy I’ll just throw my head back and take it straight… Usually only when there is someone around who I feel comfortable with and who I’m trying to cheer up or something. I usually have enough self-respect not to do that… And also there was this one time when I coughed it all out because I gagged… Apparently the bottle releases it’s delicious cloud of fluffy goodness faster than I can get it into my esophagus…. Whoops!! :)
Dear anyone who previously took me seriously on Quora,
It was nice knowing you… :*(
Hehehehehehe :)
EDIT: Yeah. So I just noticed the qualification on the question - “Childlike, not childish or immature.” Well… Not sure if my answ

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) In Florida, is it unlawful to pimp out a robot sex doll? I mean, can I be arrested for arranging sex with a sex doll?

A sex doll is an object. You cannot “pimp out” an object - you can rent it out. It’s no different to wicked creations llc renting out a washing machine or a vibrator or a toothbrush. Just because this particular object happens to look like a person doesn’t make it a person. You may struggle to find clients but the law will certainly not stop you from trying. (Unless you are trying to rent it out to minors).

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) What are some recommended sex toys for a married couple open to experimentation? Why?

Sex Toys 101: Rachel Venning: 9780743243513: Amazon.com: Books

There isn't going to be an answer here that will be equivalent to the knowledge that begins in this book. Ever.
You could start experimenting with-
anal play
cock Huge Tits Sex Dollrings
dual penetration toys
glass dildos
metal dildos

Not everything will ever work for each cou

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) Would you purchase the Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump Blow up Sex Doll?

uddenly, he saw a large carton with black hair on the edge of the carton. The man was frightened and thought he had met a ghost. Report to the police. The police came to open the box and looked at it. It turned out to be a sex doll. This joke is a false alarm in a conservative country. People really th