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(Popularity Rate: 69 ) What drives a person to choose to marry an inanimate object (sex doll) over a real human being?

er brunch, or do any of those things traditionally associated with easter. However, in 2010, seeing as my friends celebrated Easter, I wanted to participate in some way. I wanted to dye eggs. Grudgingly, my dad took me to Safeway to pick up some eggs and an easter dying kit.
Just as we were about to leave the store, I saw an enormous stuffed animal. It was a stuffed bunny, about two feet tall, with long, floppy ears and a little pink snout. I immediately fell in love with it and I knew that I had to have it. Begging for over 20 minutes, I pleaded and pleaded, and even through a tantrum until my dad bought the bunny. In the car, I grasped the bunny so tight that she had started to flatten a little bit. She sat next to me while I dyed eggs. Almost all of the eggs I dyed that year were purple, so I named my bunny wicked dollz Lavender. At night, I took her up to my room and slept holding her with my tiny arms.
I was bullied a lot as a child. Worse than that, I was bullied by a lot of the people that I considered my friends. I wouldn’t tell anyone about the teasing, I would just come home, lock myself in my room, and cry. I wasn’t sure if my parents would understand, and I obviously couldn’t tell my friends--they were the ones bullying me. In the middle of May, the bullying started to get really serious. My friends started making games of who could aim the worst insult after me. They were relentless-- they would make fun of my weight, my glasses, my clothes, my family, how I did in school, everything.
I got home from school one day and sprinted up to my room, holding back tears until I was in the safe comfort of my room to cry out and have a nervous breakdown. This time, I grabbed my bunny and cried into her shoulder for an hour. Holding something, hugging onto something was something I had never done before. But holding Lavender, an inanimate object, made me feel like someone was with me, like someone was consoling me. As cliche as it is, she made me feel like I wasn’t alone. For the next few years to come, I would always hold Lavender whenever I was sad, nervous, scared, etc.
Eventually, high school came and I no longer had to go to the same school as my so called friends. Thinking that I wouldn’t need her anymore, I put Lavender in my closet, shoved away.
2018, November 6th:
It has been over eight years since I first saw Lavender at Safeway. I have two tests tomorrow, an AP English and an AP Physics Test. I still need to prepare for these two tests, but lo and behold I felt like I needed to write this. While preparing for these tests, I realized that I’m not going to get an A in AP Physics no matter how good my test scores are. As stupid as this may sound, realizing this, I just had a panic attack. One of my greatest flaws is that I greatly associate my self worth with my grades. I had one B last year, so having a B this year as well was a huge blow in the face. I started panicking that my parents would never forgive me, that I would never get into the colleges I wanted to get into, etc.
Soon enough, I just started to cry. Fast and short breaths kept on coming up. I needed to grab onto something, but there was nothing around me. Then, I looked through the little gap my closet had made with my wall, and there she was: Lavender. I grabbed her by her arm and wrapped my arms tightly around her. Just like I had 10 years ago, I started crying into her shoulder again, and I felt okay again.
Unlike people, inanimate objects never leave. I used to cry about bullying, friend problems, etc, but now I cry about grades, school, college, and perpetual fear. However, regardless of the topic, I can always tell Lavender what I’m feeling, and I can always cry into her shoulder, and she’ll always be there. My friends have changed, where I live has changed, and time has passed, but nevertheless,

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) Why do sex toys need to come with instructions?

Why do sex toys need to come with instructions? So people know how to clean/store them So people know what kind of batteries they use (if it needs any) So people know how to turn it on and off (always test an electronic to make sure you know how to turn it off before actually using it) Even if you think this is basic everyone knows how to use x, there’s always someone who is using x for the very first time and might have no idea what they’re doing

(Popularity Rate: 66 ) What is the best type of sex doll?

If you mainly use it for taking pictures, Black Sex Dollit is recommended to choose a sex doll made of silicone. If it is used to solve sexual needs, then choose TPE material. If the above two requirements are met, it is recommended to choose a doll with silicone head + TPE body.😊 Hope my answer can help you.

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) Can introducing sex dolls reduce the number of rape in a country?

It’s like your soul leaving your body, and you’re too numb to feel anything anymore.
I was 12 years old, barely in the 7th grade. I had a huge crush on this boy, whom we will rename “J”. I looked up to him, and I used to fantasize about us getting married; although we had maybe spoken twice at this point. I would get so excited when he would wave at me in the hallways, my heart would beat 100 miles per hour when I saw him.
J was in the 8th grade, and was 14 when this occurred. He was twice my size, scaring everyone in my grade. Not me, of course. I would follow him around like a puppy, trying to get his attention. This was pretty common for most 12 year olds at the time. It was a very healthy school crush.
We rode the same school bus, and got off at the same stop. I would walk to my grandparents house, which was the street before his. Sometimes, I would walk to the park, which was across the street from his house.
At 12 years old, I had endured quite a bit. My mother was an abusive alcoholic, and I barely got to see my dad. So yeah, I was pretty battered up. But I still had my innocence.
One day, I was swinging on a swing after school. I didn’t have homework, and my grandparents didn’t really care where I was. I was minding my own business, pretending to be an airplane or something. I guess J sees me from across the street, comes out of his house and walks over to the swings.
“Are you thirsty?” He says. “You’ve been out here for a while. Why don’t you come inside and I’ll get you some Gatorade?” I was absolutely amazed. My crush, talking to me?!
but wait…inside…his house? I never had parents to educate me on “stranger danger”, or what red flags were. I was so conflicted, but I wanted to seem cool in front of J.
So, I followed him back to his house. As soon as I stepped inside, I realized that something was off. He locked the front door behind me, and I felt like I was frozen. J took off my clothes, and it felt like peeling clothes from a statue. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t scream. All I could whisper was, “Please, stop.”
It went from slow and careful to violent within seconds. He had grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved me face first into his couch. I started crying, because I was scared. I didn’t understand what this was. This was never explained to me. J raped me anally first. Like I said earlier, J was a big guy for his age. This unfortunately resulted in a much bigger penis. I knew I was bleeding, and I finally got my lungs to scream. It hurt so goddamn bad. He pulled out eventually, and I thought it was over. I started praying over and over again, hoping someone would drive by and hear my screams. Since I didn’t move, I guess J thought that I wanted more. He then raped me vaginally. I felt pain, and then I didn’t feel anything. I felt numbness, like I wasn’t a person anymore. My body felt empty, I felt like I was drifting into space. I started counting the seconds as they passed. I counted 1862 seconds.
i can barely remember what happens from here. I can’t remember if he came in me, or came at all. I was too numb to tell. I remember him putting back on my clothes, patting my head, and shoving me out his front door. I remember the pain of walking home. I’ll say this; I’ve felt pain. I’ve broken several bones, been through many heartaches. But what J did to me is truly the worst pain I’ve ever felt.
I was bleeding for several days after. I withdrew myself, and I became very depressed. The next day at school, everyone already knew. I was labeled as a “slut”, because J told everyone that I “begged him to fuck me”. I was manipulated into thinking that I wanted it, that it was consensual. I had never been taught what consent was, I didn’t know the difference. I tried telling my dad 2 weeks later. I wasn’t direct, but I said something along the lines of, “My friend told me this…what should she do?” I was met with, “What was she wearing? What was she doing?” And I knew I had to keep this to myself. I couldn’t trust anyone.
For my 18th birthday, I did report it to my local police station. J has reached out to me within the past 3 years, admitting what he’s done and apologizing. He’s made new accounts in an attempt to control me with what he’s done to me. Little does he know, I was just waiting for the right time to report him. And I have all of the screenshots.
I’ve been to therapy since my 18th birthday to help with this trauma, and everyday gets a little better.
J, if you’re reading this, burn in hell. You’re sick, disgusting, and deserve to rot in prison. You didn’t take my fire, and your “apology” texts will only put you behind bars for a longer sentence. Fuck you.
Edit: Thank you for all the support, I totally didn’t think I’d get any responses. <3 A year later I checked this, and holy crap!

(Popularity Rate: 82 ) What can't you use petroleum with sex toy?

I don’t know much about toys but I wouldn’t use petroleum with an toy that isn’t glass. Otherwise it will destroy the toy making it porous an a breeding ground Love Dollfor germs and all sort of gross stuff. Also I don’t really think that a person’s body would be too pleased with with internal use of petroleum and could cause yeast infections or other complications.

(Popularity Rate: 34 ) How does someone find a partner who doesn't like arguing and fighting?

hey avoid drama with others. In new relationships, people will often try to fake you out but later their true colors wicked dollz show through. See how they act with their family, how they act at a restaurant if someone gets their order wrong, how they act online when people disagree with them. Do they seek peace and agreement, or do they want to cause drama, dominate the other person an