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(Popularity Rate: 57 ) Where do these people who buy silicone sex dolls hide them from others?

lean in a private space so only the usser can use .Another reason is they are expensive silicone sex dolls are not cheap so why would you leave them lying around for other people to look at or even use. Another reason is silicone sex dolls are a very personal thing that you can own, you may allso be embarrssed to say you own one so hide it for this reason. Their is an old saying in the adult sex toy business that millions of sex toys are sold every year but no one amits to owning one. Their are the exceptions of course like the man or women who will leave them in display in their car etc for the whole world to see. But most people like to be discreet as most adults would be. wicked sex dolls One of the first things people always ask us

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) Where can I get sex toys in Kolkata?

You can get a wide range of sex toys in Bada Baza, Kolkata. To be more precise the exact location is Burra Bazar Thana(Police Station). walk straight for approx 10 min, after Ezra street, you are gonna notice those naughty things for sure. That area is pretty crowded. Make sure to keep your guts with yourself. Hope this answer will help you. Thanks, Quora for suggesting me these weird questions. Peace

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) What is the advantage of silicone dolls compared with the general TPE?

Sorry I couldn’t copy paste but there’s info here tat’s really good, helped Male Torso Sex Dollme decide when I was buying. Got to FAQ’s. Silicone Lovers | Realistic Sex Dolls

(Popularity Rate: 54 ) I saw my girlfriend's poop in the toilet and I started to find her disgusting. Should I dump her?

ature. Female statues, conversely, didn’t have something you do get in nature: pubic hair.
That's how statues were, all of them. And that’s what one young man expected on his wedding night: a woman who looked like a statue, because, well, statues.
He was so disgusted at pubic hair on a woman that he never went anywhere near her again.
Now, you and I might reasonably guess that there was something else going on here and this pubic hair thing was a desperate attempt to hide something else, but something in him, not on her. Be that as it may, the point of the story is this: everyone has pubic hair and everyone poops.
You do. Should she be disgusted at you, now you’ve fallen from a no-poop state of grace?
She eats. Maybe you’ve even taken her for a meal. What did you expect to happen to Irontechdolleverything that goes in her mouth? Did you seriously think it was different for girls?
I don't like looking at crap either. I know, I’m just funny like that. So tell her to flush. If you’re both English you could use some proper passive-aggression and ask her if she’d mind awfully using the flush on the toilet as they went to the trouble of installing one? But expect the rest of the day to be a trifle frosty.

(Popularity Rate: 34 ) All sex toys seem to be the same. What would your dream toy be?

hey can't give body-to-body warmth.
They imitate human movements, but their movements are mechanical, predictable and… boring.
They are at best fake organs, at worst silicons, yeah silly cons.
Then what's my dream sex toy?
It can be a naughty monster who surprises me from time to time by a witty flirtation, a dry joke, an odd pose, or just a scream ‘I’m horny! Save me!’
It can be a fuzzy wicked sex dolls fluffy alien who pillows me, cuddles me, comforts me and lets me do the same.
It can be a multimedia, 4D, 5D, nD, a world allowing me to explore and have thrills with my eyes, nose, lips, tongue, neck, ears, finger tips, palms, along my spine, from my toes to my heart.
It, oh, I mean, he, should have a character, a personality, or a monsterality, or an alienality. He should be unique.
A dream sex toy should not only be a tool to please a vagina or a pe

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) My 18-year-old girlfriend still plays with dolls and she's a Sims series addict. Does it mean she loves controlling people?

. i don't play with dolls, but i do love the sims.
in the sims, i enjoy killing my and other sims, as well as actually building families and having them live long lives. for me, it's not really about the fact that i'm controlling them (but even so, that's what the game is about) it's more so exploring ideas, experimenting with gameplay and living out a life i'll never have otherwise.
you're over thinking it. there are a lot of people who play sims, hell, one quick search and you've got multiple youtube channels dedicated to the sims specifically. they don't desire controlling people in real life, they're just playing the game which is about controlling life, that's what it's for, but it has to correlation to real world desires.
as for the dolls, i can't say for that, but as someone who loved playing with them growing up, then i'd say she's just having fun. maybe she's hanging on to her childhood, maybe she just finds it to be fun. it's a niche interest for people her age for sure, but i don't believe it has anything to do with controlling people in real life.
if she starts co