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(Popularity Rate: 57 ) Ines(44years)

noticed that my husband neglects me more and more. He doesn't feel like sleeping with me anymore, and he's also no longer attentive. He works many overtime hours until late in the evening and thus, lonely nights for me have become normal.", '
We have not had sex for several months, but even my p***y as an olderadult doll', "has needs that want to be fulfilled. As if all of this wasn't enough, I also found out that my husband has been having an affair with a colleague for months. Of course, I would have taken part in a hot threesome. I've had enough of all this so I'm looking for a new passionate partner.", '
I am areal dollwho values romantic gestures and a glass of wine. Play a beautiful record with atmospheric music for a nice evening and you may get a blowjob at the end of the night. I want to find a man wicked stormy daniels I can pamper and take care of all the time. I love to stand in the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal for you. While I cook, I wear nylon stockings and of course, with no panties.
I bend over and you see my clean-shavensex doll', "p***y. If you touch it, I'll get really horny and get so wet. I can't wait to put your c**k in my mouth and let my wildest fantasies as your love doll play out. When you climax, I will ask you to c*m o

(Popularity Rate: 37 ) Where can I buy a toy chest for my sex toys?

material, high-quality silicone is ideal for sex toys. It can also attract a lot of dust and, like any other material, be subject to bacterial growth. We recommend toy chests from Plume —these are some of the best selling storage accessories that we carry. Y

(Popularity Rate: 74 ) Which series have you binge watched and loved this year (2020)? Why did you love it?

The Netflix sci-fi drama, Dark was excellent! We started watching thinking it was a stereotypical missing children type drama, but after 2 or 3 confusing episodes, we were hooked. What was great about it, was that every time we thought we had it figured out, another “person” would show up to totally blow our minds. We were still guessing right up until the last episode.

(Popularity Rate: 40 ) My husband accidentally sharted in front of me, and I am no longer attracted to him. Is there anything I can do to make myself attracted to him again?

I'm not married, but I’ve been in a domestic partnership since about a year, so I've seen it all except for the marriage licenses. My boyfriend and I were dating for a year before we moved in together and we were practically living together already, and he was pestering me to look for an apartment together, it made all the sense in the world, economically and emotionally, both of us loved each other dearly, and shared all possible intimate secrets.
However, I used to keep my apartment primarily for my number twos, menstrual cycles, farts, and other so-called embarrassing but perfectly natural bodily functions. Later on, thankfully before it was too late, my boyfriend made me see sense. I realized how immature I was being. How could a fart, poop or period bloodstain screw up the healthiest relationship of my life, which was built on huge stacks of love, respect, and amazing mutual understanding?
How he made me see sense, you ask? He coaxed me for a test run. We went away together for about three days, and the sly fox had timed it in such a way that it happened to coincide with my “time of the month”. I don't normally PMS much, and I'm careful about not staining my stuff or cleaning up as soon as I notice a stain. However, since we were away from home, I was having trouble adjusting. I was extremely gassy, and the embarrassment of passing gas in front of someone who would possibly no longer find me sexy was too overwhelming. My stomach started rumbling a lot and I tried to be more comfortable and settle down in my bed for the night. And in my agony, what do I hear, but a nice, loud, satisfactory sounding fart, Aibei Dollfrom my boyfriend!
He shed his inhibitions to be with me, and guess what? I liked it. Both of us laughed, I teased him a little, and followed him up with a nicer, louder, and gassier fart that I'd been long trying to suppress. Not only did I feel that we had made great strides in our relationship, but also the newfound comfort somehow brought us closer. Seeing him that comfortable in front of me made me even more comfortable in front of him. It's safe to say that we farted out all our inhibitions during that trip and within a week after it, we had happily moved in together.
So, if this is not a troll, I'd like to put my two cents worth in the following few wicked stormy daniels pieces of advice:
Know that these processes are perfectly human and natural.
I've not personally experienced this, but if you leave this shart-bag and find a Greek god of digestive systems who never passes bodily emissions unexpectedly, what'll you do when you decide to have kids and he's around when you poop and pee and fart and pass placenta, amniotic fluid, and goodness knows what else along with your kid from down there? How'd you feel if he turns out to be so shallow as to no longer be attracted to you after seeing that?
Maybe reduce watching TV, at least the single and sexy 30 something year old series. I feel, at least where I come from, the older generations are super chilled out about farting, so much so that they just lift up one of their buttocks to free the crack and let it rip even in public. (not an exaggeration) Maybe that's too extreme, but I think these flawless goddesses on TV are doing more than promoting unhealthy eating habits and cosmetic surgeries, they're also promoting the totally false theory that farting, body hair, stretch marks etc. are signs of lost sexiness. That might or might not be true, but refer point 1. It's natural. These goddesses fart, poop, sometimes have diarrhea, other times have constipation too.
Communicate with hubby. Don't be blunt and say you're no longer attracted to him, that's just ridiculous and hurtful. Say it was a bit uncomfortable for you, you can work out a solution together. Get a separate bathroom or something.
Know that these little quirks are just a part of an intimate relationship. And if a single shart is enough to scare you off, then maybe you have some deeper intimacy issues. You may probably need individual or couple's therapy to sort through those feelings.
Improvise in your personal life. What did you originally find sexy about him? What are/were your fantasies involving him when you first got together or got married? Fulfilling fantasies definitely wouldn't hurt in getting back that lost spark. Sometimes, I get my significant other a rose, or dress up and wear make-up just to go to a coffee shop date, he in turn surprises me in little ways to show he cares enough to look good for me. It doesn't need to be a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day. It can be a routine Tuesday evening and you can be celebrating nothing but the fact that you're together and that maybe you successfully met a deadline or did laundry or assembled that carpentry project after months of putting it off.
Enroll for local courses together. Get a pet. Learn a neat new skill. Just working on something together can help bring back the intimacy and you have a little baby of a new assignment to take care of together. That leads to feelings of companionship and togetherness.
If that's his biggest problem, please, please, please think twice or ten times before calling it quits. Life is short, superficial beaut

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) Is Annabelle the doll actually real and can it kill you?

Yes there actually is a Raggedy Ann doll given to a nurse in 1968 purported to be haunted by Male Sex Dollsthe spirit of someone named “Annabelle” but as for actual haunting and death - what a bunch of superstitious drivel designed to prey on weak minds.

(Popularity Rate: 87 ) Why are some people obsessed with silicon dolls and pretend like they are real babies?

y do you collect hats from your favorite sports teams?” Also, some people can’t or are not in the position to adopt or have kids of their own and therefore the dolls have a comforting, lifelike weight and feel to them, just as if you were holding a real baby. These dolls are also somewhat of a craft project or whatnot to certain designers or collectors. You can buy a lot online for “reborns” and customize the doll to your liking. I don’t understand