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(Popularity Rate: 44 ) Does masturbating with a sex toy make the vagina looser?

nis engorges, so the walls are soft and squishy. When something is inserted the engorged vagina conforms around it - as if you put your finger into a bowl of bread wilma sex dough - the dough yields easily and then when you remove your finger, the hole fills in. Of course a vagina is a great deal more wonderful than bread dough.
When a vagina is fully engorged

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Why is Amazon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex doll”?

Why is Amazon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex doll”? Because that’s how search and keywords work. There’s nothing to indicate that the doll was intended as a sex doll but when you have words like “lifelike” or “realistic” and “silicon” your going to get some crossover

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) If I were to buy a younger looking sex doll that some could call a child sex doll which is legal but then post a video of me performing a sexual act with the doll on Pornhub, would that be legal?

at has characteristics of a minor is illegal, but that wouldn’t necessarily prevent some one from complaining or having some kind of investigation open by a Law Enforcement Agency. It’s not even clear to me that being in possession of a sex doll that was made to look young wouldn’t necessarily get you into some legal issues.
Laws regarding CP and sex are often vaguely written and left up to cops and prosecutors to use their desecration wilma sex as to who and what they can charge. Depending on where you live, its very plausible you could be charged and then

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) Can I order Sex toys on Amazon, if I am in India?

Yeah 100cm Sex Dollwhy not its ur money. But dont blame amazon if the sex toy was stolen by the Indian Postal Department or the customs.

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) How do you feel about doll collectors?

strictly for kids and people relate collectors only to coins or postal stamps.
When I started collecting 4–5 years ago, my family just flipped. “You are spending money on junk?” was my mother’s reaction when she came across my then very small collection in my cupboard. “You collect toys? Oh you are such a baby.” was some of friends reaction. Some couldn’t believe I collect dolls for fun and thought I was stocking them up for my future kids to play with (can you believe them?). Although they have come around, I still have to witness shock (not sur

(Popularity Rate: 10 ) What are your favorite homemade sex toys? And how did you make them?

My favorite homemade sex toy is a brain-controlled vibrator that you can switch Pregnant Sex Dollon and off just by thinking about it. I made the first one with a Neurosky EEG chip, an Arduino microcontroller board, a field effect transistor, and a bullet vibrator. I connected the EEG to one of the Arduino's inputs, connected the FET to one of the outputs, and connected the vibrator to the FET. Then I wrote software for the Arduino to process the input from the EEG and switch the vibrator on and off.