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(Popularity Rate: 39 ) Jelena(28years)

s a sweet little secret.", 'I am a PR manager and it is my job to make new contacts and I am really good at that as an opensex doll. The best place to meet people is in the chic and exclusive clubs and bars of the city. You can be sure that wherever there is a good party, I will be the star there.', "My sex doll Fat Sex Dollgirlfriends and I love to go out to dinner and discuss in detail where and how we will spend the nights on the weekend. But of course, the question of what to wear must be dealt with first. wm 156cm h cup As a love doll with a body like this, I really don't have to hide myself and that's why my dresses and skirts are especially tight.
", 'I could introduce you to my sweet group of sex doll friends, every single one is areal dollwho would love to f**k a man like you. We don’t like boys, we want mature guys who know what they want in life and, above all, know how to use their c**k to please a sex doll. Iam totally open about sex and love threesomes with myadult dollfriends.Are you looking forward to f*****g another real doll whilst I suck your ba

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) Is it okay for a 12-year-old to use sex toys?

neither from their parents. Those youngsters use sometimes dangerous toys to mastrubate such as an electric toothbrush, pencils, hair or even toilet brushes. In those cases I would recommend to buy a real love toy.
Children who had sex-education know that some homemade toys can be dangerous and they will be smart enough to not use them. It has not to be promoted for a 12 year old to buy love toy. When they need one they will wm 156cm h cup ask for it or buy it themselves in the local store or internet.
We noti

(Popularity Rate: 19 ) How can I buy sex toys in Bangkok?

came to me , picked one of the toys and told me, if I am thinking of buying I should take this particular one. It was the most expensive one .I thought she only want to make a good sale. But she convinced me . She really insisted I should buy it. I hesitated but I was curious as well. I thought what the hell and I bought it.
That evening I tried the toy for the first time.I basically only tried the butterfly effect on my ....
That evening I had my first orgasm. It was so strong I cried.
I always thought I had one, but only then I realised what I was mistaking for orgasm was only good feeling before the actual orgasm.
I become pretty much addicted to my new 'friend'.
There is no way any man could possibly provide the same stimulation.
The electricity was deep penetrating and the 7 levels of speed unreal.
I convinced my good friend buying it as well.
It took me about month of convincing her.
I had not seen her for a week after she bought it.
She said she as well h

(Popularity Rate: 21 ) Where can I get sex toys for singles in Varanasi?

ed correctly, it was amazing. When used incorrectly, I had scraped off a piece of skin at the tip of my forehead and that was incredibly painful. Yes, it was bleeding slightly too.
Get water based lube. A good one I used was System Jo H2O Lubricant. Run hot water through the opening of the FL for a few seconds, then apply the lube inside the hole. Afterward, sit comfortable somewhere with your favorite naughty pic and/or video and gently lower the FL onto your penis. If you wish to prolong the session, add a few drops of water to the ‘end-hole’ on the other side.
Never ever use baby oil or Vaseline. I did that a few times with my first FL and it eventually ruined it. That’s also when I scraped myself in one of those sessions.
Is it worth the price? Yes because compared with all of the other similar sex toys on the market, FL is the only manual toy that was built very well. The SuperSkin material is nothing Teen Sex Dolllike the typical silicone you get with other sex toys. It feels very very nice. Also, with the twist-end, you can adjust the ‘suction’ of the FL chamber which adds another tier of pleasure.
However, as you already know, it is a manual sex toy. The thing weighs enough to make it tiring for some after 5–10 minutes of use. Unlike many other sex toys that use cheap plastic, the FL’s case is quality hard plastic. Good thing about this, is if your FL needs replacing, you can just get a FL sleeve and use your old FL case to save yourself a little bit of money.
It can also get pretty messy during the pull-out process after you finish. I alternate between using my hand for the days I want a quickie and the FL for the days I want a different sensation.
Note that I said it is worth it, but that’s my opinion after two FL’s. At the moment, I am using a $15 FL-clone from China and it’s mediocre. One day, I will again buy another FL. My friend had a FL, but he was ‘meh’ about it. Then again, he’s pretty ‘meh’ when it comes to sex. To hi

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) How do I master the art of seduction with my blow up doll?

> One day there was a mass bunk by my classmates, and every person in my class was absent. I had attended college that day because of my sexy teacher. she was shocked entering classroom, and later she realized i had come that day only for her. she went to staff room and big drama happened. so all classes were suspended that day. she said if i was interested in revision and doubt clearing cession. i said sure, we fixed the class for 3 hours, and she informed in staff-room that special class is fixed to HOD.
for next 3 hours she standing in front of me and writing on board, or sometimes sitting next to me and explaining. everything was happening, and she found a chance to slip her Saree paloo, she was still teaching and even showing cleavage smartly, i knew she was doing it on purpose, as she has always adjusted her Saree paloo in all class. i started switching my eyes from her clevage and her eyes and again cleavage and vice versa. She all of a sudden shouted STAND UP, i was terrified.. she said repeat my last sentence, i was blank, i couldn't recall. she said ask my breast, probably they will answer you. i was coldblooded / nervous / frightened.
she said sit down, she came towards me and sat beside me, she said “listen i am your teacher, also i am a female. i understand boys very well. you are a good boy and i being a teaches should help you”
she unhooked her blowse and bra, she said hold them. do what ever you want. i was shivering and i touched her. it felt heaven. she said suck it, squeeze it. i did it, i was about to kiss her, and she stopped. she said i am not your wife/GF i am teacher, do what i said..
i said OK mam, and continued sucking her nipple. i was sucking it, squeezing it. she was moaning. she said stop. then she wore her bra and browse, and she went to staff room.
she said that she will go to computer lab along with me, she got permission. we headed towards computer lab according to everyone. but she took me to another classroom which is always unused. it was all unexpected.. she removed her bra, blouse and asked me to suck me to squeez. she even removed her panty, i removed my dick and she said panty is removed as vagina will get wet and not for sex. i continues sucking and squeezing for almost an hour, she now allowed me to kiss her, and she said hands should squeeze breast and touch no where else. i even tried moving my hand towards her ass, and she immediately slapped me. she said suck breast, squeeze breast and kiss maximum. she cleaned her pussy with paper and asked me to lick it, she got orgasm in less than 10~15 second. she said remove dick and mastrubate looking at her, she was topless and with saree. i leaked off, she asked to clean with paper. she again asked me to suck her breast, after 5 minutes i was hard, she said to a

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) What was your first ever sex toy, and how old were you?

10. Oh yes.
Something a little like this, but without the bristles:
When I was 14, my boyfriend treated me in Anne Summers. My first vibrator was a standard bullet vibe and also a little tiny one that looked like a lipstick (I used this at school). A few months later, wm 156cm h cup I got a curved vibe. Perfect for the g spot! Here's a similar photo of the 3:
Obviously there were slight differences, but this photo sums up my first 3 vibrators perfectly which I got at 14.
Lovely memories. ;)
My mum caught me with the massager in the kitchen once. I was in there because everyone had gone to bed and the washing machine was on. So I didn't think anyone would hear the noise (it was a very LOUD massager!). My defence, when caught, was ‘my tummy hurts’ which didn't really seem to cut the mustard. Ha!
When I got my first vibrators at 14, I was forever sneaking batteries out of random electricals round the house. You can't be using a vibe with dead batteries. It's actually Anime Sex Dollone of the worst things ever!
When my mum would be going mental about how the TV remote wasn't working AGAIN, I would be concentrating on looking as innocent as possible. When she found ou