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(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Does masturbating with a sex toy make the vagina looser?

nis engorges, so the walls are soft and squishy. When something is inserted the engorged vagina conforms around it - as if you put your finger into a bowl of bread dough - the dough yields easily and then when you remove your finger, the hole fills in. Of course a vagina is a great deal more wonderful than bread dough.
When a vagina is fully engorged

(Popularity Rate: 81 ) If you pick two random video games and make a crossover, how does it go?

or two fresh ideas thrown into the mix. So combining features from different games is not unusual, but it needs to happen in an educated way.
If you take two games, any two games, you’ll probably end up with games that are meant to Robot wm 166cm Sex Dollbe played differently, and satisfy the player in a different way. What would a combination of age of empires and angry birds be like you think? I’m pretty sure it would be horrendous.
The ingredients in a mixture should be differ

(Popularity Rate: 62 ) Which kind of clothes are suitable for mini sex dolls?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it. Some Manufacturing company with delivery the clothing on or with the sex doll. If you don’t have clothes for the sex doll then try to dress the sex doll sexy or your style or dress it on how you feel the doll look like. Try to do clothes that come off easy so when you have sex with the doll again it is easy for you to take it Silicone Sex Dolloff and do your pleasure with it.

(Popularity Rate: 68 ) Is it safe to use tampons as a butt plug or just for vaginal stimulation? Also I'm too young to buy sex toys, so if anyone has any DIY sex toys, that would be great.

elp I’ll answer this question for you.
I wouldn’t recommend using a tampon as a sex toy at all. The plastic applicator is non-toxic, but is sharp enough to hurt you and it’s pretty weak and small. Using cotton inside your body wm 166cm can be toxic and bad for your health.
Throw a condom on any phalic shaped object that you desire and you have yourself a sex toy. Try a a cucumber or carrot. If food isn’t your thing, use a shampoo bottle or hairbrush.
Just remember to use condoms, you never know how dirty something is or if someone used it before you. I

(Popularity Rate: 78 ) What do I do with sex toys I no longer need or want?

Throw them away or recycle them, unless you want to have a wm 166cm little fun. When you go to someone's house, hide them in Mese Dolltotally out of the way places that they are unlikely to look anytime soon. When they find them they'll have quite a time figuring it out. Either way, wash and sterilize them first.

(Popularity Rate: 14 ) Is there any company providing sex toys in India?

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