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(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Where do I begin if I wanted to make sex toys?

you want to make smart sex toys—sex toys with sensors and motors and such—i would recommend you begin by learning basic electronics and embedded system programming.
A very good way to start is to get an Arduino experimenter’s kit that includes things like relays or motor controllers, and a handful of cheap egg vibrators. You'll find everything you need at places like Amazon or Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
and the Arduino Uno is quick and easy enough you can start building smart sex toys almost immediately.
If you want to make sex toys out of silicone from scratch, learn silicone casting.
You can get silicone from a number of places. I use Dragon Skin Platinum, because it's non-toxic and readily available. You Black Sex Dollcan make molds from clay, dental algenate, or a material called Ultracal 30, which is what I use.
Basically, you make a positive, something in the shape of the toy you want to make. You can make the positive out of clay, carve it from wood, print it on a 3D printer, copy an existing sex toy, whatever.
Then you make a two-part mold out of clay or algenate or Ultracal. (I use Ultracal, which is a dry powder you mix with water that sets as hard as stone in about half an hour. I use Lego to make a box to pour the Ultracal in.)
When the mol

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) How many sex toys is it normal to have?

ld be) and then a few more. It gets added to pretty regularly.
How many is normal for you is entirely up to you. Could be five, could be 35 or 235 or any other number you feel like having. It could also be none and that’s a perfectly fine number too.
What’s normal for anyone else? Doesn’t matter, not one woman has sex with a sex doll bit. Shoo that thought right out of your head and don’t let it in again. Because other people are exactly that: OTHER people. They aren’t you and you aren’t them. However many sex toys they - or you - have is no one else’s business. The only time it will matter to anyone else if if you and they are about to “get jiggy” and someone wants to bring some toys into the scene. That person might have reasonable interest in your toy collection, although I’d expect more on the “So what sort do you have?” side of things than with the specific number.
So gather you

(Popularity Rate: 97 ) How should I legally dispose a sex doll?

You tie her up lovingly in your closet and hang her fr the ceiling where she can be well hidden from the world. Don't just throw her away. She's special.

(Popularity Rate: 34 ) What kind of doll do Americans like, dashing, fresh and lovely?

they’re really sense, pretty young. I just lost interest around age 10. However, I braided my doll’s hair and posed then decoratively in different outfits, because I liked hair and fashion, until I was about 11 or 12. Even then, I kept them on my shelf and arranged them in ways that I thought looked best, until I had a garage sale in high school. If she’s pretending she’s ‘mommy’ and/or giving Barbie a flying car, she isn’t hurting anyone, but it might hurt her socially. Times are different now, and I know parents love having late bloomers who believe in Santa until middle school and watch the Disney channel and nothing but G/PG rated movies through high school. U know I’ve met a lot of teens that think hanging out with mom is ‘cool’ and DON’T want to turn 18 and live on campus, but I don’t know how kids feel about that. I don’t know how much is an act for mom and dad’s sake. About half way through middle school, I noticed that adults treated the late bloomers a lot better. ‘Isn’t it great that junior still believes in the tooth fairy at 12? Oh, little sally isn’t into boys yet. She’s only 16 and she’s still playing with her doll house. I’m so happy for this,’ where as I was rewarded at home for being mature, but outside of my home, I was seen as ‘too young to be this stressed/serious,’ because I wanted to study over play pretend, and I was genuinely excited to gain new responsibilities like later curfew, getting a job, starting to drive, and getting closer to college and living with my peers. I hear stories of ‘im so lucky… my 15 year old still cuddles in the family bed and plays with his toys every day,’ and wonder if that kid is really happy, or just si afraid of hurting mommy’s feelings that he lives this double life, and hides this from his friends. I don’t think the developmental milestones changed drastically in just a few years. ‘Don’t be in a hurry to grow up’ isn’t good advice, because for most kids, at least those who are neurotypical, being anxious to grow up is part of childhood. It’s their only real job… growing up. Also, adulthood isn’t that hard. Instead of 8 hours at high school, which sucked, tit spend 8 hrs a day at wirk, which can suck, but you can change jobs, or even career paths, without permission. You probably already had chores as kids and teens, so that’s not new, but it’s not a big deal anymore to have to fold laundry. Trauma and tragedy are more likely to be in your past as an adult, but that’s not age-exclusive, and plenty of people go through their worst years in childhood. Bills? They aren’t fun, but I’d take paying bills over middle school bullying and peer abuse, any day. Plus, you don’t have to follow a curfew, and you make your decisions about what you’re having for dinner. You don’t have to ask if you can buy something, or get permission to use the restroom. Instead of asking ‘is she normal,’ we should be asking ‘is she really playing or is she doing it to save face,’ and ‘how do her peers react to it?’ Instead of labeling kids as ‘abnormal,’ find the root of this. Are they Huge Tits Sex Dollafraid to grow up, because overly-dramatic adults have made adulthood look scary and unpleasant? Are they just lost as to what to do with their free time, and not sure what they’d rather do? Is it just an act because mom would be crushed if she asked for a phone and a make up pallet? If she’s really a late bloomer, that might just be her baseline, but it might also be a reaction to an internal struggle that goes along with growing up, or a reaction to her environment, which isn’t fostering the right atmosphere for someone that will be out in a dorm room in just a few years. Reward progress. Even if it’s late, and even if it’s ea

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) Reagan(35years)

r me? As a sex doll, I'm not just in the garage for decoration: I'm the best mechanic here.", "Of course, when you look at me, you’ll see that I don’t look like the kind of sex doll who has no issue with getting dirty. I just think that I can look good in the workshop even with motor oil on my face. I'm a love doll who speaks her mind, but that doesn't mean I can't be cute and cuddly. But that's a side of me as a real doll, that only my partner will get to know.", '
', "Pretty much everyone in the garage has f****d me and I don't see any problem with that either. When the working day is over and we want to relax together, we drink a few beers and get closer. There are some advantages to being the only", 'real doll: all the attention is on me.
', "The customers also love me as a sex doll- both the women and the men. That's why I have a lot of regular customers who only ask for me as their real doll mechanic. Then when I fix their cars, I put on figure-hugging clothes and

(Popularity Rate: 58 ) Do you use sex toys in your marriage?

f a year, I bought my wife a fat large dildo, a 7 inch rabbit woman has sex with a sex doll ear, a 6 inch anal plug, a cock extension for myself to be used in her, a Magic Wand - oh this does wonders and some smaller vibrators. The Magic Wand she uses on herself, s