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(Popularity Rate: 42 ) Is it safe to buy sex dolls on Amazon, and does it matter if it ships from Amazon Prime Warehouse or not? If it ships from the Amazon Warehouse, could it still be a rip-off?

Do not buy from worlds most realistic doll Amazon , people do not understand that Amazon is like ebay now with sellers that can be here one moment and gone the next with no recourse since your deal is with an unknown supplier in china. So buy from trusted vendors …the price from vendors being higher reflects taxes and shipping and a genuine product rather than some suppliers selling dolls which have been made from copy moulds and have poor skeletons.

(Popularity Rate: 77 ) Eloise(28years)

y as a lonely", 'sex dollanymore; I want a partner by my side who loves me as his sex doll. This is a rather unusual wish for a vampire, and I have to put up with my other love doll friends laughing at me.
', "But at some point, you just don't want to be alone anymore, especially if you're a vampire sex doll like me. Eternity can be a very long time if you don't have anyone to share it with. Maybe you can understand that and want to share your alone time with a lovely", 'real dolllike me.
', "Of course, I don't expect you to become a vampire yourself, unless you want me to bite you. Because with transformation comes a huge burden. I would love to tell you about my life and hear your perspective on it. We could go for a walk together in the moonlight or have a picnic in a secluded meadow at night. I would prepare a large basket of your favorite treats and we would eat them together and feed each other.", 'Then, my hand would slip into your trousers, where I would find that you already have a growing desire to penetrate my real doll p***y. Then I would undress, and you could do everything to me that you have long dreamed of. I will be your own sex doll.
', "Doesn't that sound wonderful, both of us together? If you are interested, please feel free to

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) Why TPE dolls are the best?

some of the first cheap sex dolls made available to the public. It is basically a plastic balloon that has vaginal and oral openings (sometimes anal openings too) that you blow up into the vague shape of a woman before you have sex with it. Inflatable dolls are notoriously cheap and unrealistic looking (so much so that popular culture considers them a sight gag. The major problem with inflatable dolls is that, 100cm Sex Dollwhile they are roughly the size and shape of a woman, they do not have realistic weight and they are of poor quality and finish overall. Even with generous lubricant, the sex openings often have rough edges, which leads to a very poor experience. Inflatable sex dolls are also very easily damaged. They do not provide a fulfilling sexual experience and should not be used by anyone who is serious about what they are after when it comes to a sex doll. Let's talk about the TPE doll. The TPE dolls always come with a metal skeleton with various joints. Most of the joints are flexible allowing you to change the position of your doll based on your desire. There are screw fixing holes within the joints and legs. Carrying the doll around is a good idea but she may get heavy along the way due to the metals. You also need to take care of your dolls skeletal when engaging i

(Popularity Rate: 12 ) Do you like using sex toys on your partner?

> I have no idea how many sex toys I own specifically. I bought my first sex toys way back in 2009, right after my first BDSM party. I bought a ball gag, a paddle, some nipples clamps with a clit clamp attachment, some leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and some rope. I was more going on what I thought was checklist of things I should get rather than what I like.
Over the years, I’ve collected and got rid of numerous sex toys. I still have all of that original collection, but I don’t really use some of them. Ball gags I realized I don’t really like except for special occasions and I’m not into clit torture at all, so I tend to just use the nipple parts.
In late 2017, right before a move, my partner and I collected all of our toys and laid them out and took a picture. Here’s the picture:
As you can see, my collection is dominated (pun intended) by knives and rope. The glass butt plug collection was hers. You can see the green ball gag there, along with the nipple claims and the big wooden paddle with the stripes in it that was part of my original collection. A lot of my collection are “kinkables”: regular items that have been turned into sex toys. One of the paddles is broken and it keeps breaking no matter how many times I glue it back together. I guess thin cherry wood just doesn’t make for a worlds most realistic doll great paddle, especially on heavy bottoms.
When it comes to vibrators, they come and go quickly and I’ve owned dozens over the years. I used to buy cheap bullet vibes in sets of 5–10 and give them to my friends who expressed an interest in trying them. I have owned 3 hitachi magic wands over the years along with some attachments (see below) but I had one burn out and the other two I gave away to ex-partners when we broke up. That’s another thing; if I buy a vibrator and use it almost exclusively on a single partner for a long period of time, I basically bond that vibrator to her and she gets to keep it if we break up. Of my last three partners, two of them didn’t like vibrators and the other one had her own Hitachi and so I just used hers, so I haven’t actually purchased one in awhile. If I get a partner who really likes the style of a Hitachi vibrator and doesn’t own one, I’ll probably get

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) What does a narcissist do and how do they feel when you change your phone number and block them on Facebook? That's what I did to my narcissist.

eplace the narcissistic supply you have been providing (an overused term, but a good description). People are objects (toys, essentially blow up dolls) and so are easily replaced. That’s the hard part to swallow, I know. If your leaving and blocking them makes them “look bad” to others (for example, that they have “failed” at marriage or lost some sort of trophy), I imagine they will become indignant, offended, enraged, whatever. But they need people to survive, so most have a Plan B and C (as well as D-Z) waiting in the wings…….. and no, the new supply isn’t more attractive, smarter, more successful or better than you in any way. They are merely good supply due to their convenience, cluelessness, and possibly, codependence. The big issue here, I think, isn’t how *they* feel that you blocked them, but how YOU feel while in no contact with them. It isn’t easy. If you are waiting for a reaction, then you need to look at why you need the validation that they care. That is like expecting blood from a beet. They just don’t have the capacity for real connection, healthy attachment, empathy, remorse, all the things that make us fully human. If this is what you are struggling with right now, the wondering how they feel, then I suggest you get really, really busy. Like, fun-type busy, something completely different and new and challenging — so much so that you are forced to be completely absorbed. And stay off Facebook. Facebook is narc heaven, and narcissistic types thrive in these forums because it is all show and little substance. Be proud of yourself if you made the first

(Popularity Rate: 26 ) What’s the most unusual item landlords have found left behind after someone moved out?

r fourth-floor walk-up. The landlord, who lived in the building, asked me what I could rent it for if we did a renovation and got it off of rent control. I asked if it was a studio or a one bedroom, and the landlord said that she didn’t know as she had never been allowed inside. The tenant came with the building when she bought it in the 1980s. This was around 2012 so in 30 years the landlord had never been inside a unit in the building which she personally lived in.
When the tenant moved out, she took only a cardboard suitcase. She had moved in during the Kennedy administration and never left, so her rent was something like $104 per month. What we found inside was astounding. There was an entire wall made of meticulously emptied and stacked Hellman’s mayonnaise jars, several thousand Silicone Sex Dollof them. Also stack upon stack of periodicals including hundreds of Cat Fancy, though no evidence of a cat. All in all it took five dumpsters to empty and demo the apartment.
At a huge luxury building in Manhattan, we had an incident where a body was found shoved down the trash chute, and a large number of tenants wanted to move out before their leases were up. I was tasked to help process some of the check-outs. I entered an apartment with a tenant to find the kitchen to have obviously had a bad fire. The backsplash and upper cabinets were all destroyed. I asked the tenant what happened, and she explained something to the effect of, “Well, I’m an orthodox Jew and we believe that you have to cook off the remnants of whatever impure foods were left in a kitchen, so I poured oil on the countertops and set it on fire. The cabinets got a little burnt in the process.” Flabbergasted, I clarified that she had intentionally set a fire in a building where over 1,200 people lived, and she basically shrugged and said, “What else would you expect me to do?”
To my knowledge, and I’ve checked with a few rabbis, that is not a normal practice.
Edit- suggested I put this in the original answer
Just remembered another one… Thompson Street. One of those really awful old Manhattan apartments with a shower in the kitchen. The toilet was in a little room of its own, just a little cubicle. The tenant had replaced the standard light with a black light bulb and painted the walls and the door with that black chalkboard paint. Then they used a silver metallic paint pen and wrote a long and elaborate poem about drug use covering the walls from floor to ceiling.
This was very difficult to paint over, and while the super was attempting to do so, I was showing the apartment and someone wanted to rent it as is with the poem in place. So we wrote a rider to the lease disclosing that it was like that and that they requested it be like that (technically by law you are supposed to completely paint between ten