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(Popularity Rate: 27 ) Missie(30years)

e, I've just turned 30 and I'm a singing", 'sex doll', ". I don't sing pop songs or children's songs; I'm a professional opera singer and TPE sex doll.
", "I've been fascinated by classical music ever since I was a young real doll and it touched me on a completely different level. I love the power that classical pieces exude and now I can see the sexuality that goes with them. My favorite opera, Carmen, has some pieces of music that make me horny as a sex doll and there's nothing better than touching myself to the mighty sounds. Of course, you can't beat a hot f**k with a", 'real dollwhen a famous piece of classical music is playing in the background.
As a teenage love doll, I started to work hard on my dream and took a lot of singing lessons. Now I have a more balanced regime as an adult doll. An hour of practice for an hour of sex. Practicing for an hour and then getting properly f****d as alove dollreally motivates me and has made me the great opera singer I am today.
', "You can't imagine how many fans you have as a sex doll if you have a voice as great as mine. I love the applause, but I love all the sexual offerings that I get from opera fans even more.
It wasn't unusual for a nice gentleman to Lifelike Sex Dollstake me out to eat and chat with me after

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) Do you enjoy watching your male SO use sex toys?

terdam and London. Amsterdam being what it is, we bought a sex toy in a sex shop in the Red Light district (a trip in itself!). It was supposed to be a sort of motorized sleeve for a man’s penis to simulate a blow job.

(Popularity Rate: 47 ) Do you love when someone plays with your body like you are a doll?

experience that most of us go through at some point of in our life. If unrequited love makes you a piece of shit then I must be an overflowing septic tank.
Are you stuck? Has this been going on for a long time? More than a year? Then you might need to jump start your life in some dramatic way, Move, develop a new interest, take a challenging class or see a shrink. It took me 4 years to get over my first love ( an abysmal amount of time ) and now that I am too old to care much about it I have pretty good sense of why.
First and foremost I'm an obsessive nut bag. I had a bad drug problem for a decade, chain smoked for twenty years, compulsive eater, compulsive everything. When I latch on to something I pretty much sink my teeth in and clamp down for years. This includes thoughts, dreams and ideas. My fantasy about, oh, lets call him, " Never gonna have em ' was scripted over many months American Sex Dollof sexually desperate nights until the idea of him and the great love we could share was as natural to my thought process as beer for breakfast. Loving 'Never gonna' was a habit.
I'm not shallow. At least I'm not one of those people who keeps falling in love every other month and is always moving in and out of peoples apartments leaving cardboard boxes filled with broken hearts, hobbled genitalia and C.D.'s that nobody in their right mind would want to listen to. Abba's Greatest Hits ? Really? Geez.
It took me a long time to wrap my head around objective thought. One day it occurred to me that "Never" really did want something other than what I wanted. This was a revelation, and an important one, because this is the thought that separates the love sick from the stalkers.
Please try to remember that if love is left unfed it dies. One day this pain will be over. I believe that my experience with unrequited love prepared me for the day when love was returned. It grounded me, perhaps it will do the same for you. And, like I did, you wi

(Popularity Rate: 31 ) When did you get your first sex toy?

that ran really badly.
For the first 14 yl sex dolls years of our lives we had been together in a 1984 Ford Escort that took a half hour to start, stalled at every red light and shook insanely bad until it would inevitably stall when our mom left us alone in it with it running, while she went into a store.
We had no idea that this car had decided our sexual interests for life, until we were finally told that sitting on each other's laps and laying in the back seat together was wrong. We didn't know it was wrong though, because our mom not only let us do this, but would purposely leave us in there together with the car shaking our bodies while on top of each other, in ways a boy and a girl should not feel while going through puberty.
So after finding out about sex and the way boys and girls react, thus determining we were mentally sick, we were sent to live with our aunt.
So a year later, we bought our first sex toy, to be enjoy

(Popularity Rate: 71 ) Why is Amazon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex doll”?

Why is Amazon selling “anatomically correct” childrens’ dolls under search term “full size sex doll”? Because that’s how search and keywords work. There’s nothing to indicate that the Robot Sex Dolldoll was intended as a sex doll but when you yl sex dolls have words like “lifelike” or “realistic” and “silicon” your going to get some crossover

(Popularity Rate: 35 ) How many sex toys do you have?

ow you define “sex toy.” Does a straitjacket yl sex dolls count? Is a coil of rope a “sex toy” if I bought it explicitly for bondage?
The number changes constantly. I frequently buy new sex toys, sometimes to use, sometimes to tear apart so I can learn how they work.
I also design sex toys in a 3D program, print molds on a 3D printer, and use the molds to cast silicone sex toys.
Here’s a collection of store bought and hand-made sex toys I’m actually testing and/or using. This box is sitting on my windowsill right at this moment; the toys in it change frequently.
Here’s a box full of prototypes in late stage design:
And a box full of early stage prototypes:
Do partially complete sex toys count? There are several on my workbench right now in various stages of assembly.
This chest is filled with store-bought toys:
As are all four of these cabinets:
And one of these four (where I keep my floggers, canes, crops, the straitjacket, and several violet wands).
At a rough guess, probably about 120 or so? Of those, there are maybe 6 or 7 I use regularly, and about a dozen in active development, like this one
And this one:
That doesn’t include accessories. This is a mount designed to attach a Hitachi Mag