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Physical Dolls Companionship Transcends Reality

apanese manga artists openly express their personal preferences, as they develop real emotional connections with their physical dolls. Many people feel that social interactions are becoming increasingly insincere and dominated by selfish interests, and they would rather spend a large sum of money to purchase TPE sex doll to fill the role of a close friend or intimate partner. They are willing to invest more emotional energy into treating these dolls than they would a real person.

Many well-known individuals from around the world have admitted to owning their own physical dolls, and they often display them prominently in their homes. They do not keep them hidden away in dark, cold storage spaces. In their eyes, these dolls are “real” and hold a significant place in their hearts.

Renowned Japanese manga artist Jun Miura and the author of “Tokyo Tower,” Masaya Nakagawa, have both publicly revealed the appearance of their beloved physical dolls. They have also expressed their love for these dolls on various occasions and in their works, claiming to be very devoted and not having any interest in another “person” ever again.

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They sometimes act like parents to their dolls, taking meticulous care of them by cleaning, powdering, changing their clothes, and other tasks. When guests come over, they will take pictures of them with their dolls, hoping to hear compliments about their “adorable daughter.” At times, they also treat their dolls like their girlfriends, introducing them to various friends with great care, as they are afraid their silicon sex doll will get “jealous” if they play with their friends too much.

For both Nakagawa and Miura, they are happy to publicly display their dolls, but they are heartbroken when their dolls are frequently handled or touched by others, especially considering the amount of care they give to these dolls. Their dolls weigh over 30 kg, and it is not easy to move their limbs, so they are not like the cheap inflatable dolls that many people associate with the concept. These dolls are primarily meant for display purposes.

Physical dolls are their dearest and most trusted companions, as they will never betray them. This is why many people can confide in their dolls without hesitation. Nakagawa even wants to take Eriko out in a wheelchair to show her who he is meeting with that day. When they are tired from work, they lay their heads on their dolls’ thighs and receive healing, and sometimes they wonder why they bother with human relationships since people can be so complicated. However, loneliness is still a human emotion, and even with a sex doll torso, it is not enough.