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Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll That Will Leave You Breathless

Sex dolls have risen in popularity over the past few years. There are brothels made for guests to enjoy sexual relations with dolls that appear and feel as real. With the rise of orders placed by people who stay at home there has been an increase in sex doll sales for all types of individuals, including singles as well as couples and individuals who have disabilities. Certain companies have witnessed the growth of 51.6 percentage increase sales from men who are single and a 33.2 percent increase in orders made by couples.

Sex dolls are robots that look real and come with sophisticated movements, sexual organs and “areas” that can are very similar to a human. They could have built-in heaters that give a sensation of body warmth. Simply by downloading an app on your tablet or smartphone and you can set up your sex doll to perform whatever you want.

They are available in a range of sizes, genders looks and even personalities. Sex with dolls can be a wonderful choice for couples who wish to have fun and have no desire to be a cheater. It’s also something cute that can make your sex experience. If you own an sex doll and want something new to play with Here are some poses to play with that are certain to make you gasp.

Bent Over

It is extremely simple and simple to perform and very sexually attractive. It lets you penetrate your doll’s vagina or the anus. Place your doll so that it is in the front of you. Be sure to hold your doll from behind. remain close to a surface such as a table, bed or chair. Lean your doll against the top of the chair or bed as you stand behind it. It is essential to make sure that your doll is in contact with the surface and is bent at the waist. Beware of abrasive objects that can make your doll bend over since they could cause injury to the skin of your doll.

Scissor Missionary

If you’re tired of the traditional missionary posture Try the scissor missionary style. This style puts a twist on a routine. Place one of the legs of your sexy doll on your shoulder , while holding your other leg to the ground or bed. This can provide a relaxing experience since it lets you to take in more which will give you a more intense orgasm.


If you’re looking to enter your doll’s body in a intimate way, then spooning is among the most comfortable positions. It is possible to achieve this position in several ways. Set your doll sideways on your floor or bed. Your doll’s arms should be bent towards the front. You can bend her legs at a 45 degree angle to ensure she’s in a position to be balanced, or raise her leg. This lets you penetrate into your child from behind when you lay down. Some TPE sex dolls are quite heavy, making this the best option if you are not interested in to deal with the stress of shifting them around.

Against The Wall

A sexy wall-to-wall encounter is a very sexually attractive option and isn’t nearly as hard to achieve as you believe. It can be done in awkward places such as the shower or even on balconies. Set your doll standing on the walls. It might be more convenient to do this in an area that is secluded so she isn’t slipping and slide all over the place. Once you’ve got her set according to your preference then place her arms straight against the wall to ensure she is stable. Then, you can raise her legs upwards to allow easy access through her anus or vagina. It may be a little difficult when there is a large height disparity.

Doggy Style

This tried-and-true posture will certainly provide a sensational gasp. All you need to do is to kneel your doll onto the floor or on the bed while making sure that she’s looking downwards. Lift her arms slightly over her head in order to keep her balance in this posture. Lift the doll’s legs from behind and go to town. It is crucial to be careful about hitting her with a hammer unless you have something to shield her knees. The friction could result in tears in her skin. After you’ve finished you must be aware that you must return her legs to an upright position. If not done, it could cause permanent injury for your child.


This is a sweet intimate, intimate posture which allows you to feel close to your doll’s face while you are facing her. As you sit down, face your realistic sex doll as you wrap your legs round the body of her as you tie your legs around the doll’s. Make sure that her legs are tucked into yours while you push her butt towards you until you’re able to get her to penetrate. This is great for a gradual build-up to a the climax.


This pose has stood all the tests of time, and it’s an old-fashioned. It’s easy to get your doll into the position. You just need to place her on the floor or on the bed lying down. Let your doll’s legs open and bend to a 45-degree angle or place their legs over your back. This allows for quick entry and also gives you the possibility of doing any kind of kinky thing with your doll’s face and body.


It’s a lot of fun and allows you to lie on your back for all the time. You can lie in a reclined position on bed or floor. Place your doll so that she can squat over you or, alternatively, you can place her to rest on you with her back in a reverse posture. This allows you to either get her to penetrate you or you can let her ride on you. It’s difficult to get the doll into this posture but the reward is worth it.

These roles are usually perfect to work with a female doll, and they’re super simple to master. If you own an sex doll that is male We didn’t let you down. Here are some possible positions to test on your male doll that ensure maximum satisfaction.


This is similar to scissoring but slightly more. Place your doll on the side and lift his left or right arm straight up to the ceiling. Whichever side you would like your doll to turn will determine the right arm to lift. Bend the legs of your doll from the knees and hips to an angle of 45 degrees. Once your doll is put in the correct position, tilt his body to the opposite side, and stretch his legs out. You can then easily slide back into position.

Lotus Flower

Set your doll in an upright position. Make sure he’s standing at 90 degrees. Spread his legs and cross them across one another. Place your doll’s hands straight towards the sides and in front or put your doll against the wall or the side of the bed to make sure that she is stable and balanced with this posture. Then, you are able to slide into the position easily and then place your legs over your doll’s shoulders.


Your doll should begin with a standing posture to do this. Set him up on something similar to the chair, then move him forward , and lower his knees until his knees are level with the floor and his torso is straight. When you’ve got your model in this shape you can modify the form to your own needs. You could place him against an object, or along the sides of your bed, or make him lean forward resting on his hands. It is now time to get into the position. In order to do this, it’s recommended to begin with a doggy-like and then lower yourself onto your stomach. Once you’re there, tie your legs to the male doll and let him slide inside.


Keep your doll on the floor or bed with his legs spread out slightly apart , and in a bent knee. Place both arms in a backward direction to provide additional support. As you lie down, face your doll and imitate the position of your doll, putting your legs onto the hips of your doll. This is a fantastic posture that gives an entirely different angle for penetration and you will feel fantastic.


The concubine is like the concubine however, it is a bit less difficult. To make it simple for you, ensure that you have your child lying down instead of lifting off the shoulders of your doll, raise his legs one at a until they’re reaching upwards towards the ceiling. While he is pushing downwards on the legs of his doll, raise the doll off his back. For additional support, extend the arm forward to aid in balancing. If you’re a beginner, you can try reverse cowgirl and move your legs forward as you support yourself using your hands.


This is a fantastic location for anal sex as well as low penetration. Some women have claimed that they can feel their G-spot. After you’ve placed your doll in an upright place on the floor or in bed and spread his legs out and bend the knees slightly. This is all there is to it! Place yourself in a position where you have your legs bent. Then, your chest presses on the legs. If you need additional assistance, you can make use of your hands.

Vulgar Chair

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned cowgirl’s job, this is an ideal choice. Women claim that they achieve their p-spots when they are in this posture. Put your doll on your back, then bend his hips and legs to the extent that they can be. After you have done both of these things , bend your knees inwards. All that’s left to do is place him on top of him , and you’ll soon discover the reason why this posture is referred to as the snooty chair. It is essential to keep in mind that your doll’s legs have to be opened slightly so that his penis does not get trapped between his legs.

Bent Cowgirl

This is a simple and interesting option if you like cowgirls. The male doll should be placed on the floor or on the bed in a position that is upwards. You can also position him by lying in a reclined position. If you would prefer to sit up, you should have him standing up like he is sitting in a chair, but leaning to the side to allow you to lie on the top. For you, it is best to begin in a normal cowgirl posture. Hold your hands in the air and stretch your legs outward. Voila! Bent Cowgirl! The penis of your doll will shift towards a more natural position that allows you to rock around using your arms and knees. This will be a guaranteed gasp.

Nice Talk

Make sure your doll is sit in an armchair. Then shift him to be sitting in a side-ways position in the armchair. Place his legs on the armrest, and let him lean back within the seat. Place yourself on the top of your doll as you would do in his lap. You can then mount yourself onto him to allow for easy entry.


This posture requires an object to prop it up. Perhaps an ottoman or an exercise ball for that matter. The most convenient option is an ottoman. Your doll must be in a the upright position prior to starting. Set him up on the ottoman, then lay down straight. To provide additional support you can extend your arms. If you choose to use this on an exercise ball, simply put your doll in the correct position before placing the ball. This is a good option for those who lie down before starting. Then, lift his legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Transfer the doll to the side and then extend his arms straight to the back. Bend knees and walk to the front. Take the doll up and force him into the correct position. Then, he can place the ball on his back. It’s not too difficult, but it could be a fun and thrilling experience which can increase the sensation of your sexual pleasure.

Each of these positions is sure to leave you breathless. No matter if you’re relaxing at home with your loved ones or the mood strikes this way, these postures with your beloved doll will make you gasp for air.