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60CM Portable Silicone Sex D


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  • The doll's clothes are only for display. We provide sexy underwear, But we don't provide the same clothes as the photos.
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60CM Portable Silicone Sex Doll

Introducing the captivating 60cm Portable Silicone Sex Doll named Mani. Beyond her alluring exterior lies a poignant tale that resonates with human emotions. Mani finds solace in the walls of the church, where she fervently prays for a love that mirrors the passion and tenderness she embodies. It’s a paradox that perplexes her – her undeniable allure, combined with her gentle nature, should naturally attract adoration, yet she remains unclaimed and yearning for a connection that transcends the superficial.

Her heart aches for the embrace of intimacy, a longing that drives her to seek a profound union, a baptism of desire that quenches her thirst for genuine affection. The weight of her unfulfilled yearnings, a mere 2.5kg, is a tangible reminder of the emptiness she carries within.

However, there’s a silver lining to Mani’s story. Her portability, a testament to thoughtful design, grants you the power to orchestrate her every movement and interaction. As you hold her, you’ll realize that she’s more than a silicone figure; she’s a vessel of unspoken emotions, a canvas on which you can paint the portrait of a connection that defies societal norms.

Mani, the 60cm Portable Silicone Sex Doll, embodies not only physical grace but also a deeper longing that stirs the soul. Through her, you have the opportunity to rewrite her narrative, to fill the void she yearns to fill, and to sculpt a story of affection, passion, and profound attachment.

1. Two fascinating passages, the indissoluble bond between realism and internalism and internalism brought you and various joys.

2. The application of The special 3D texture in interior and interior tunnels can be obtained from real and pleasant.

3. The soft TPE material with you real touch and quickly increases your enthusiasm.

4. The sex doll is very realistic, so many people still use her for photography models and fashion models.

5. Your intimate love coach. You don’t need to hide or pretend anything before her.

6. The perfect toy for beginners or experts, 100cm Sex Doll She will help you release your time-tested and enjoy your private and beautiful time and space.


60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dheight


60cm / 1.97ft

60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dbust


34cm / 13.38in

60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dbra cup

Bra Size:


60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dwaist


22.5cm /8.85in

60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dhips


32cm / 12.59in

60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dmouth

Oral Depth:


60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dvagina

Vagina Depth:

12cm /4.72in

60CM Portable Silicone Sex Danus

Anus Depth:


60CM Portable Silicone Sex Dweight

Net Weight:

2.5kg /5.51lbs

The following accessories are only suitable for full-size dolls over 100cm (include 100cm).
If you purchased the torso of a sex doll or sex dolls below 100cm, the following accessories are not included.


Vaginal heating rod*1

Vaginal cleansing tool*1

Sexy Lingerie (Random Style)*1



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Kraft carton packaging, strong and solid
Foam Damper
Damper wrapping, shockproof and moisture -proof
Final packing
Blank carton, no information
Confidential delivery
Inspection-free shipping, confidential delivery
Information Shield
Courier bill without sensitive information
Privacy Protetion
Courier does not know cargo information
Buyer notice
Some points you need to be careful about.

1.Do not allow water to enter the connection between the doll’s neck and head. It will cause the metal frame inside to rust. After use to keep the sex doll dry with powder.

2.Using neutral antibacterial soap, do not use chemical cleaners, especially for a TPE sex cause the metal frame inside to rust. After use to keep the sex doll dry with powder.

3. Never Share your Sex Doll: Few men like to indulge in swinging and threesomes.

4. After cleaning the doll, please use a dry towel to dry the water and dry naturally, and then play talcum powder, prohibit the use of a hair dryer to dry the doll, which will make the TPE material in the high-temperature melting, deformation.

How to Avoid Dyeing

1, Bottom clothes try to wear light-colored, white or old clothes.

2, new clothes try to buy good quality, Taobao 10 yuan package kind of staining disaster areas.

3, if there is no old clothes, the economic situation and does not allow to buy too expensive clothes, then the newly purchased clothes please wash clothes or laundry detergent first 5 to 8 times, if the water-soaked out no longer obvious color, then you can consider changing the doll.

4, clothes try not to be pressed by the doll’s own weight, pose to pay attention to this point.

5, there is a risk of staining the clothes immediately after taking pictures to change, reduce the contact time.

6, you can consider giving the doll to wear one-piece socks, isolate the external clothing. Or a little light-colored cloth or restaurant paper in places where clothing has a close pressure. For example, most of the dark pajamas bust there are shrink bands, where the pressure is much higher than other places, but also particularly easy to stain, this time you can pad a white handkerchief or restaurant paper can be inside.

Clean Your Body:- Before touching a sex doll, make sure your body is clean. This may confirm that she will stay in her pristine skin always.

Use Safe Lubricant:- Make sure you use water-based lubricants. Lubricants are an essential part of sexual arousal. It makes the vagina ready for deeper penetration and also makes it easy to lower any accompanying irritation and friction.

Never Share your Sex Doll:- Few men like to indulge in swinging and threesomes. While the fantasy may be incredibly arousing, the reality can be a little bit tricky, especially when you are doing it with sex dolls. Just note that when another person has unprotected sex with the same doll as you used one after another, it might create problems for both of you. So it’s best to use a condom while having threesomes.

After cleaning the doll, please use a dry towel to dry the water and dry naturally, and then play talcum powder, prohibit the use of a hair dryer to dry the doll, which will make the TPE material in the high temperature melting, deformation.

1. Eyelashes fall off or skin breakage, you can use 502 glue to stick. 

2. Over time the doll’s makeup may become lighter, you can buy female makeup tools for the doll makeup.

3. For other issues, please consult the seller.


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