Professional Bodybuilder Has a Sex Doll Wife


The object of love varies from person to person. Some people fall in love with things, others with ghosts. In a way, this is part of the diversity.

A bodybuilder in Kazakhstan has been in love with an anime love doll for about a year and a half, and just recently had his wedding with her. The man, who describes himself as a lover of all things, is enjoying his honeymoon with his love doll, who has now become his “wife”. Lad Bible reports.

 In the last issue, it reported that a bodybuilder in Kazakhstan had married his love doll, Margot.

 By the way, Christmas in Russia and Kazakhstan is on the 7th of January.

 The man who is currently repairing his “wife” is said to be very worried that he may not be able to spend a romantic Christmas moment with her. The Daily Star reports.
The man who married a love doll is a bodybuilder.

 Kazakhstan’s Yuri Trochko is a bodybuilder who is in love with just about everything, and in November this year, he happily married his love doll Margot, who he had been engaged to for the last year.

 The couple had to postpone their wedding twice since their engagement last year, due to the new Corona and the assault on Yuri, but they finally managed to have their wedding on 28 November, with the blessing of their family and friends, which was reported in the media.