Realistic Sex Dolls, giving you a better experience than beautiful women

Realistic Sex Dolls have a real appearance, a hotter figure, and are more attractive than real girls. Build and customize your realistic Sex Doll with various sexy body and various beautiful faces.

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Realistic Sex Doll your best choice

Realistic sex doll is super high quality, super beautiful, and super sexy sex dolls, they are very popular. They look the same as real people but are more perfect than real people, have a more perfect body, and have a customizable appearance.
Various races and various styles allow you to experience feelings that cannot be achieved in reality.

Development History

Modern realistic Sex dolls first appeared in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s. At first, they were mainly used for military purposes. Japan was used in naval submarines. The realistic sex dolls at that time appeared in an environment where only men were able to liberate people sexually. In the 1950s, realistic Sex dolls were sold on the German market as sex toys, and their design even inspired Ruth Handler to create girls’ childhood playmates-Barbie dolls. In the 1970s, typical realistic Sex dolls first appeared in Japan; in the 1990s, the texture of realistic Sex dolls was closer to real human skin, but they were still tied up to the touch. During the same period, some manufacturers tried to make dolls with bones, but the effect of the products was not satisfactory. In the 2000s, the dolls produced in Japan were fake and real, and the touch was close to real human skin.
As a revolution in the history of sex products, the invention of Realistic Sex Doll brought new life to sex products. Realistic Sex dolls were invented during the war. During the Second World War, to prevent German soldiers from having fun with women of “non-Aryan descent” in the occupation zone 5, and to prevent the spread of venereal diseases in the Nazi army, the Nazi head of state Hitler personally appointed the commander of the SS Himmler to secretly develop a kind of Realistic Sex doll with similar female physiological structure, to relieve the urgent needs of the German army. Hitler also put forward very specific requirements for this realistic Sex doll at the time, “She must have all the sexy looks that a young girl has, specifically, fair skin, golden hair, blue eyes, and a height of 1.76 meters. , Plump lips and plump breasts.”
However, due to the Allied bombing of Dresden, where the Realistic Sex doll processing factory is located, the plan, which is regarded as the top-secret, died. After that, the United States copied this plan during the Vietnam War and provided a large number of realistic Sex dolls for front-line American soldiers, which won praise from the soldiers.

Why our doll is so realistic?

At this stage, there are two materials used to make Realistic Sex Doll, TPE material and silicone material. Realistic Sex Doll made of TPE material has a great advantage in price and has a great advantage in the degree of mobility of the limbs, so people Have a high sense of realism. Another sex doll made of silicone material has more details than TPE dolls. You can even see the pores of the doll, which is very real.
Each doll is handmade, and the artist will draw details for the doll to make the doll look more real.
Some dolls are copied one-to-one using beautiful and sexy real Web Sensation models. After fine-tuning, the blemishes disappear from the dolls, making the dolls more perfect than real people and beyond reality.
There is a huge collection of the Realistic Sex Doll over the internet store with multiple features to make and get high temptation over the sensitive organs in the body. Though there are many online shops available to deliver sex dolls for a different user, most of the customers like to go with the adult shop Ireland due to the presence of different sex dolls t in various colors and styles. Most of the sex dolls are made up of soft rubber, which gives temptation to use it.
Over this website, you can find more Realistic Sex Doll for men, women, couples, and much more therefore you can simply select the best dolls in a short time from this website. Having masturbation is the right choice to meet your sexual desire so you need to find out the best store to order sexual dolls to enjoy fun and entertainment with real pleasure for a night. Using the doll delivers real and amazing pleasure to the client.

Make Realistic Sex Dolls

Let me introduce to you the production of realistic sex dolls.

1: Bones.

This is the first and very important stage of making sex dolls. Mobility is an important requirement for evaluating whether this doll is a real doll. The bones affect the mobility of the sex doll and whether it can support the weight of the entire sex doll. Generally, a metal structure that simulates human bones is used, which is realistic enough. , But the price is that the weight will be heavy

2: Forming.

After having a skeleton, the body and skin of the sex doll are the body shaping process. To meet the needs of different customers, we have produced a variety of realistic sex dolls of different heights and different busts. We have made various models. After pouring, special skin-like materials can be used. After pouring, you can quietly wait for the sex doll to take shape. Then, to satisfy the realism of the sex doll, I began to adjust the details to make the sex doll more realistic. Then there is the color of the skin. We will map the doll’s skin color to the color that the customer likes according to the needs of the customer, which is very close to the skin color of the real person.

3: Head.

The last part of the body to be incorporated in the entire production process of the realistic sex dolls is the head, which is attached to the already formed body. But this only happens when the person in charge of painting the face finishes the work. The artist in charge of the face must be able to fully reproduce all the features requested by the client, such as eye color, lip shape, makeup, etc. Then bring the wig that the customer likes to the doll. If the customer wants more realistic, the hair, eyebrows, and various hairs on the body can be implanted instead of using a wig. The implanted hair is more realistic than a wig.

There are generally several reasons to buy realistic sex dolls

1.Make your sex life harmonious

Sexual life requires the cooperation of two people, but many things happen in life. You are willing every time, maybe because of ordinary, maybe because the work is not satisfactory, maybe because there is a dispute between men and women. It may also be that the couple did not want to have sex today. There are various situations that make normal sex life impossible. However, when this happens, both men and women want to try it alone. I think you need a realistic sex doll that allows you to experience a real experience and satisfy the sex you want. This way you can do it alone without worrying about half rejection, this is definitely the best solution

2.Very economical

One payment, enjoy life. Sex dolls are generally made of TPE and steel and are very durable. The stretching effect of TPE material is very good, and it can stretch for a long time. Not to mention the steel frame, it is very durable, coupled with your careful care, I believe that a Realistic Sex Doll will be more durable, we will give the sex doll sexy underwear. If you want her to dress more beautifully, you can buy her some better-looking clothes.

3.Make you no longer alone

4.Practice sex skills