Reveal The Truth Behind Cheap Sex Doll Industry

The debate surrounding a physical cheap sex doll is raging, with its deniers likening it to a bad product that objectifies humans and does nothing to help the development of interpersonal health in human society and is not conducive to the further development of intimate relationships, while those who hold them believe that physical dolls not only bring them emotional complements but also allow them to act more confidently in real-life intimate relationships.

  Of course, there are many more views, so is the physical doll a human companion? Does it allow the real emotions in the relationship to be sublimated? Does it help with real intimacy? Relevant media organizations interviewed sex education experts and the Secretary-General of the Chinese Society for Sexuality, Tong Li, and the interview shows us the intrinsic nature of the physical doll and gives more reference to the viewer.

  The following is the relevant interview content.

  How to define the BBW Sex Doll?

  Solid dolls, also called sex dolls, simulation doll is a kind of realistic adult toy, it was originally invented for physiological satisfaction. There were many movies and reports about inflatable dolls before, and with the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there is now a solid doll. People may need more visual, tactile stimulation, psychological satisfaction, there is a demand for simulation of human toys. Solid dolls have a human form, it is actually a derivative of adult toys.

  Is “sex doll” too one-sided?

  For the user, there is a stigma attached to the “sex doll”, as if he has a doll, he is a pervert. Sometimes users don’t have sex with it, they eat with it, they hug it, they call it “sex doll” as if it’s dirty, they need to be more euphemistic, more subtle. In fact, in my opinion, this view of the definition and understanding of sex is too narrow, we need to stretch the definition of sex.

What’s different about physical dolls?

And compared to the perception of owning other adult toys, the evil people who own physical dolls will have higher needs and demands on themselves, they know better what they want and take better care of themselves.

Are physical dolls, out of a need for companionship and human kindness?

  The physical doll is a substitute for real life, a satisfaction, in fact, quite similar to the psychology of love, but more inclined to possession and control of a person. He may be frustrated in real life, it is difficult to establish a better realistic relationship, or have part of the psychological needs can not be satisfied in reality, so in a virtual world, to meet this part of the fantasy.

  The physical doll has another feature, it is at the mercy of the owner, unable to resist, the owner has control over the doll, which is a bit like a sadomasochistic plot. Some people may not be able to express themselves with a real partner and get satisfaction from the 100cm sex doll. Of course, there are also users who have the mindset of “don’t talk to me about sex, I just simply appreciate it”. But in our opinion, that’s all a personal choice.

Is it possible for dolls to replace real people emotionally?

  Some of you will treat the doll as your girlfriend, wife, deceased wife, daughter. Materially speaking, it is impossible for a doll to replace a real person, but emotionally speaking, it is possible to achieve a part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the hurt, repair the loss, and meet part of the psychological desire.