RIDMII doll-multifunctional doll

The HYDOLL store offers a variety of products, including the globally renowned adult toy brand RidMii.

RidMii doll specializes in crafting high-end, luxurious lifelike sex dolls.

Ridmii Doll May Promotion (5.1-5.31)
US warehouse products: Ordering a doll now will come with an additional TPE head and wig (random).
Customizable options include:
– Free choice of standing feet
– Gel breasts
– Finger bones
– EVO skeleton
– Butterfly tattoo

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About Ridmii Doll

Established in 2018, Ridmii Doll is a globally renowned brand of compassionate adult toys. Focused on crafting highly luxurious sex dolls, the brand is dedicated to providing intimate, immersive partner experiences for customers worldwide. As one of RIDMII’s authorized distributors, HYDOLL is committed to promptly updating the latest product information to ensure customers receive the most accurate and reliable information.

HYDOLL offers a wide variety of products, specializing in high-quality and affordable sex dolls. Our product line covers a range of types, from mature and sexy women to youthful and innocent girls, and even alluring busty figures, each capable of satisfying customers’ desires for their dream partners.

Our sex dolls are designed in life-size proportions, providing users with a more realistic and intense experience. Additionally, we offer a range of customization options to meet the personalized needs of our customers.

RIDMII Doll Functions:

Automatic Oral Sex: Fulfilling users’ needs comprehensively, offering a more authentic experience.
Realistic Oral Sex and Automatic Suction: Specifically designed for the doll’s head, simulating the sensation of real oral sex.
Simulated Breathing: Enhancing the overall experience, creating an illusion of intimate contact with a real person.
Simulated Breathing and Automatic Vaginal Suction: Combining breathing and vaginal stimulation functions, enhancing pleasure and enjoyment.
Electric Hip Joints: Providing more flexible postures, enhancing the interactive experience.
Soft Breasts and Buttocks: Crafted from high-quality materials, offering a soft and comfortable touch.
Real Oral Sex: Delivering a more stimulating oral sex experience for users, increasing enjoyment.