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Safe Sex: The Six Basic Rules for Making Love and Preventing Covid-19

There is still a lot of talk about it and attention is rightly focused on it, but how should we behave sexually in order not to risk infection with Covid-19?

There is no doubt that the fear of being infected has changed our habits, including our sexual habits. The threatening ghost of Covid-19 is now part of our lives and therefore endemic.

What about in bed? What precautions should be taken?

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It is clear that, now more than ever, we need to protect ourselves and our partner not only from HIV, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases, but also from the coronavirus. The current health emergency confronts us with the importance of preventing the risk of Covid-19 infection, including in the sexual sphere.

This is why it is now essential to pay even more attention to infections transmitted by contact, starting with kissing. In fact, this simple gesture is one of the main sources of contagion, as saliva represents the potential transmission of the virus.

Unfortunately, anal and oral sex are also risky, since the virus has been isolated not only in saliva, but also in the faeces of positive persons.

The good news is that masturbation poses no risk, although care should be taken to wash hands often and properly.

After the lockdown, the resumption of sexual relations should be done in a spirit of mutual prevention.

In this regard, here are the suggestions of a medical team from the infectious diseases department of Milan’s Sacco Hospital.

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Main responsible behaviours to be followed in the sexual sphere to avoid infections:

1) Have safe experiences focused on prevention, beyond gender identity or sexual orientation.

2) Be aware of sexual practices that carry a risk of transmissible infections, including unprotected intercourse, whether anal, vaginal or oral.

3) Always have sex protected by condoms, which guarantee safety and protection against all sexually transmitted diseases.

4) Wear a condom correctly and handle it carefully so as not to damage it from the beginning to the end of intercourse.

5) Maintain constant and thorough personal and intimate hygiene before and after sexual intercourse;

6) Ask your doctor if you have any doubts.

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