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Sex Doll Accident

Cops are red-faced after receiving reports of a body lying on the highway – only to find a SEX DOLL that looks like it’s alive!
Police officers were called to a “dead body” dumped next to a highway.
They set up a crime scene and began to investigate the bushland for forensic evidence
After a few hours of investigation, they realized it was in fact a love doll that looked real
Officers have closed down the crime scene, but are still investigating the origin of the love doll.

Police officers investigating a possible “murder” were left red-faced after the “body” turned out to be a life-sized sex doll.

Queensland Police were alerted at 7 am on Friday to a “body” wrapped in a blanket that had been dumped on a road off the Bruce Highway in Mackay, 10 hours north of Brisbane.

As investigators and scientific officers scoured the surrounding bushland for evidence, they quickly created a crime scene.

But after hours of investigation on Friday afternoon, Queensland police revealed they had been duped and the body was in fact a “lifelike real Dutchwife”.

A police statement said, “The Forensic Science Unit has commenced an investigation and has concluded that the body is a lifelike human sex doll.

The crime scene has been disbanded. The police will continue to investigate the origin of the doll.

Real love dolls are used to stimulate sexual intercourse without a partner. They come in a variety of types, from cartoonish to realistic looking.

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This case shows that with the advancement of technology, sex dolls are becoming more and more similar to real people. Abandoning dolls at will can cause panic in society. To avoid these unnecessary panics, people who own sex dolls should treat them seriously if they don’t need a love doll. hydoll offers a homecoming service. If you need help with your doll, please contact us.