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If you want a sex doll not too heavy, you can buy a Sex doll torso. Moreover, it is almost half the price of a full-sized sex doll. So why not? Get a half body sex doll or a sex toy ass, bring your sex life more fun.

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What is a Sex Doll Torso?

Sex Doll Torso is a sex toy that stimulates the female and male bodies, including simulated dildos, butts, breasts, vaginas, and half-body sex dolls. Torsos sex dolls are also known as sexual companion love dolls. They are synthetic human-like sex toys that have been created to provide sexual pleasure and companionship. In just about every way, they are made to look like a man or a woman. They are crafted to look incredibly amazing with the right junks put in the right places, from the curves of their bodies to their realistic-looking nipples and genitals. Nowadays, the most common torso is a big ass sex toy, anal doll, leg sex doll, and half body sex doll. As for gender, there are a female sex torso and a male sex torso. As for body parts, there are torso dildo, torso masturbator, anal doll, and pussy doll. As for material, there is medical-grade TPE/TPR/Silicone sex doll torso. As for weight, the popular ones are over 20 lbs of pussy and ass and 50 pounds of pussy and ass.

So many years after the appearance of silicone sex dolls, people urgently need a more favorable product, more convenient to carry, and easier to clean.

Half-length dolls, whether there are limbs with only head and body, arms, body and head, lower body and legs only, or butt only, they all have a common feature that they have incomplete limbs, so It’s called Sex Doll Torso. Because of the cheapness and lightness of this product, it is well known to the public.

Why Should I Choose a Sex Doll Torso?

Sex doll torso has many advantages, some of them are:

Cheaper Price

The biggest and most obvious advantage of a sex doll torso is price. Because what you buy is only a part of the sex doll, the production cost and transportation cost will be reduced, so the price will be very low. Although you only bought a part of the body, I believe that the part you bought is your favorite part, which is comparable The masturbation cup is so much better. Having a part of a real woman makes your interest better. It’s great to spend less on the best things!
The cheap price means that you can buy a disposable doll next to the torso, experience different feelings, and save a lot of money. This is really the best choice.

Extremely Convenient Size

With sex doll torso, you don’t need to think about finding too much larger space to store them because of their small size. You can easily find suitable spaces to store them, some of which can even be carried with you. If you buy a full-body sex doll, you will eventually need to buy some special boxes to hide them, such as a sofa with a lock and a bed with a storage function. These are not small expenses. The sex doll torso is made of the same high-quality TPE or silicone material and is easier to clean.

Lighter Weight

As mentioned above, the sex doll torso lacks a part of the body, so it is much smaller than a full-size sex doll, which means that the weight will be very light. Because it is light, you will be more relaxed during sex and you can do more postures. You don’t need to hold the doll hard when making love, and you won’t feel tired after making love, because it is really light and can be easily taken to the bathroom for cleaning, which is very convenient. Plus the two fascinating passages inside are very tempting

More Options

If one sex doll torso cannot meet your needs, you can choose to buy two sex doll torso, choose two different torsos, and their prices are also affordable. For example, you can choose sex doll legs, or only big butts, or only breasts and juicy vaginas and so on.

This is a great way to try and get rid of a boring bedroom. Different sex doll torso and different experiences are all worthwhile. Moreover, buying a few sex doll torsos is more practical than spending a few thousand dollars on a full-body doll.

Better handle

The torso of a sex doll must have a lifespan. Even if it doesn’t, one day you will want to replace it with a new one, and then throw away the old one. This is also a big advantage of the sex doll torso. When you want to clean it, because of its small size, it is easy to handle, unlike the sex doll, it is very laborious to handle.

How to Select Your Own Sex Doll Torso?

If you are new to this, we generally recommend that you first try a sex doll that is a little smaller in size, such as a Sex Doll Torso. This type of sex doll is not only suitable for newbies, but also very fun for experienced players.
The torso sex doll, compared to other types of sex dolls, has an affordable price, easy to operate, more lightweight features. Depending on the customer’s preference, we recommend the following options.
1. Start with different sizes of breasts and buttocks, generally large breasts correspond to a large ass, small breasts correspond to a small ass that looks more coordinated.
2. Start from the structure, if you do not like Torso Sex Toy only has torso, the market also has the arms or has the thighs of the torso. It can be seen that the torso is very changeable, basically can meet most of the customers who have different needs.
3. From the weight, in Torso Sex Doll product details page, will clearly show standard weight parameters, if you really can not find, you can contact online customer service. Let them do the rest for you.