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Sex Doll Torso – How to Use

Heads Up

preparation-before you use a sex doll torso

1.1 The things you will need: Stain Removers, Lubricant, Vaginal Irrigator, Anti-Bacterial Soap, Renewal Powder

unpack your sex doll torso-enjoy your doll


2.2dress up

clean up and store your sex doll torso

3.1how to clean up your torso

3.2how to store your sex torso


1.1Before you buy a half sex doll and start using it in the way described above, there are a few things you will want to have on hand. Here are some of the things you should buy before you start using your sex doll.

 ?‍♂️Stain remover: Stains can appear on many things, including your baby’s clothes and bedding. So it’s important to have a stain remover available so that you can easily remove these stains.
 ?‍♂️Lubricants: It is best to choose a water-based lubricant, as it is easy to clean and will not cause allergic reactions.
Every time you use your sex doll torso, it should be cleaned properly for hygiene reasons. A vaginal cleanser will surely help you to clean your baby’s orifices. So the next time you use it, you can do so without any health risks.
 ?‍♂️Antibacterial soap: Another important thing is the antibacterial soap you use to clean your baby. You want to eliminate bacteria from your baby’s body, so it is very important to have antibacterial soap.
 ?‍♂️Regenerating powder: For this, you need a supply of powder. This will help to make your baby’s skin as beautiful and glowing as it was in the beginning.

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unpack your sex doll torso-enjoy your doll, it suits male torso sex doll, female sex doll torso, TPE half body sex dolls, silicone sex doll torso and torso dildo


Step 1: Bring the package to an area of your home with a large floor.
Step 2: Make an incision along the edge of the box with a sharp knife or cutter.
Step 3: Wash your hands to avoid soiling the skin on the love doll’s torso.
Step Four. Start unwrapping the head (if your torso sex doll has a head).
Step 5. Remove the accessories from the box, one by one.
Step 6: Remove the Styrofoam from the doll’s body with scissors.
Step 7. Use a blanket to safely remove the doll from the box.
Step 8. Attach the head to the sex doll’s body and attach accessories such as wigs and clothing.

2.2Dressing Up

To make sure that your sex doll’s torso is hot and sexy, you need to prepare it properly. Here are some of the things you will need to dress your precious love doll torso.

Wig: You need to choose a wig that matches the hairstyle and color you want your doll to have. For example, if you like a blonde girl, choose a blonde wig for your doll.
Clothing. Make sure that the clothes do not stain the doll. Choose naughty clothes or sexy lingerie and enjoy an exciting time with your doll.
Jewelry: To make your doll more beautiful, you can also add jewelry to it. However, avoid jewelry with sharp corners to protect your doll.
Perfume: You want your doll to have a nice scent. To do so, buy cologne or perfume and spray it on the doll’s clothes. That way, the alcohol in the perfume won’t damage the doll.

clean up and store your sex doll torso

3.1Cleaning the torso of a sex doll after use
You should clean your torso after each use. To do this, you should carry out the following process

❤️‍?Remove the doll’s wig and other accessories.
❤️‍?Prepare a mixture of antibacterial soap and lukewarm water.
❤️‍?Spray it on the doll’s body.
❤️‍?Use a scrubber to clean the opening with the mixture.
❤️‍?Spray with fresh water to remove the mixture.
❤️‍?Use a soft towel to wipe off the water from the doll.
❤️‍?Leave to dry naturally
❤️‍?Apply Vaseline to restore the doll’s charm.
❤️‍?Finally, apply talcum powder to give it a nice scent.

3.2Ways to store your torso sex doll

Tips for laying them down: Don’t put them directly on a hard floor. Don’t lay him directly on the floor or on a hard surface. Put something soft on him first, such as a pillow, and then lay him on it. Of course, if you have a crate or bed, that would be ideal. Make sure his back is not flattened or deformed. If not, it will not be able to bounce back.

Hanging tips If there is enough space to hang it. Hang the body by the neck hook. Then you need a holder to put his head-on. Here we sell hooks and head holders to help you store your doll well.

storage tips for different occasions

In the box
If you are a little embarrassed at the idea of someone falling on your sex doll, you can store it in a box. This can be any large enough toy box, but you can also get an opaque Tupperware box that can easily be stored on top of a cupboard or even under the bed.

Laundry room or boiler room
If you are very worried about your sex doll being found, you can use a small space in the house, such as the laundry room or boiler room. These spaces are the most uninteresting places, so no one will even dare to open them.

A room or closet that’s usually locked.
If your friends and family know that you have a place in your home that is locked for some reason and they don’t ask you about it, take this opportunity to hide your sex doll. It’s the perfect place to make sure no one sees what’s inside the locked box or room, and even if they’re eager to know what’s inside… they’ll never know.

In a travel bag
If you have a nice travel bag that you use on vacation, you can easily put your sex doll in it and place it in the closet. What are the odds of someone opening the travel bag in the closet? Very slim! Unless you decide to lend them the suitcase, in which case: don’t forget what’s inside!