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Sexy doll

Whether and how governments regulate robotic sex dolls will depend on our understanding or assumptions about the impact of sex robots on individuals and society. But dire predictions like this are pure speculation. Currently, there is no evidence that the introduction of sex robots will have an impact on individuals or society.

Not long ago, I was attracted to the same sex for a while, embarrassing the public. Today, society has similar contradictions in the ethical concept of bisexuality. “Bisexual” is a phrase used to describe the intimacy of many human technologies. Will there come a time, in the not-so-distant future, when humans will happily announce their relationship with machines when they are drawn to robots?

For example, would a man who uses a sex robot like a prostitute more or less harm a real human child? Will robots replace relationships, or will they facilitate them like sex toys? Will sex robots fill the void for the lonely and helpless? Like pilots using virtual flight simulators before flying real planes, can virgins use sex robots to have sex safely before trying the real thing?

In other words, the problem with sex dolls goes way beyond actual sex dolls. Although empirical research will be difficult until silicone sex dolls become more popular, informed governance requires researchers to urgently explore these topics. Otherwise, we may see reactionary governance decisions based on assumptions and fears of doomsday scenarios.