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Shared “sex dolls” explode

Recently, more and more big cities have quietly opened “adult experience halls” for silicone dolls. Silicone dolls are a kind of simulated adult sex products. physiological needs. In the beginning, most of these experience halls were set up near factories, and most of them were migrant workers and older men consuming. And now, these user groups are getting younger and younger. There are white-collar workers, ordinary migrant workers, and even college students who patronize the Adult Experience Center. A silicone doll shop owner admitted that in the more than 5,000 services provided by his shop, 80% of the consumers are adult men between 20 and 35 years old. And this kind of “shared sex doll” experience hall, a search on a software in Beijing, you can find 242. Young men come here sneakily, and then leave sneakily after consuming. Some people think that this is against human relations, and they come and go with a sense of shame, and some people think that this is just a physiological need, and there is no need to be on the line.

In response to the phenomenon of silicone doll experience halls, a professor from the School of Life Sciences of Central China Normal University once told The Paper that although the experience of silicone dolls belongs to the category of personal private life, it does not harm anyone. But looking to the future, it still needs to be regulated from all aspects in a more macroscopic manner. It is also about how to meet people’s sexual needs in a reasonable, legal and humane way. The silicone doll experience store is a new attempt, and there are definitely deficiencies, but it does not violate legal principles and ethics. The management department should not rush to a conclusion, and should regulate and manage it on the basis of research. “For migrant workers who enter the city, have no spouse or are separated from their spouses for a long time, sexual needs are more of an economic issue.” Peng Xiaohui said, “These migrant workers neither have the ability to bring their spouses with them, nor can they satisfy their sexual desires through other means. At this time, the silicone doll experience hall is a short-term auxiliary means for their interpersonal relationship.” At the same time, he said that the premise of such experience halls is that the operation must be standardized, safe and hygienic, and guided by someone.