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Specifications Regarding the Use And Care of Love Dolls

Specification concerning the use love dolls

  • Weight: It is important to consider the weight of your love doll before you make a decision.
  • Height: Before you decide on a love doll, consider their height.
  • Bust size. Another important thing to consider when shopping for your next sexy doll is how big you are.
  • Waist size is an option that’s very popular with people looking for their first sex doll. You have the choice of three sizes of waist, 18 in, 20 in, and 22 in.
  • Hip size. It has adjustable straps that can be adjusted according to your individual preferences.
  • Head circumference: (H): This measurement should match the rest of your body perfectly so there are no problems down the road. You may be able to have someone else measure your head. This will help you know exactly where everything should go.

Neck circumference, (N): Neck circumference only refers to those sections where neck meets shoulders. As most people have larger heads that other areas like shoulders, measuring the neck area alone will not reveal enough information about overall fitness.

Each person is unique but each person is an individual. You should use it gently.

Let’s get to the point about love doll specifications. The new features have many more functions than the previously mentioned specifications. You can choose the model that fits your budget and requirements. It can have a range of sensors and controllers which make it more human-like. Some even allow you to control the devices remotely via WiFi.

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sex doll

Use high-quality lubricants. Please be aware of whether you are allergic to silicone products.

We recommend using a high grade lubricant. TPE and Silicone sex dolls will be easy to clean. There are many options. Do your research to find one that is right for you. Make sure you check the label if there are any ingredients in lubricants that could cause irritation to your skin or trigger an allergic reaction.

You should also keep in mind that oil-based and latex-based skin lubricants such baby oil and Vaseline can cause allergic reactions. This could affect the doll’s material.

To prevent injury to your heating rod or to your love doll, you should not touch it with your hands.

  • Your doll should not be heated by a heating rod.
  • Heating rods are not recommended for warming your hands.
  • A heating rod is not the best way to warm your feet.
  • If you have delicate skin, don’t use a heater rod to warm up your neck and face.

Use it with care. Be mindful of how much pressure your doll’s skeleton joints can take. Protect the joint structure of the doll and extend its useful life.

If you are experiencing pain from an injury or any other reason for moving limbs, or twisting body parts while playing in bed with girls, it is important to not use excessive force. Doing so could cause skin and flesh damage. If you have any symptoms, such as swelling or pain after using a sex doll for a while, consult your doctor immediately.

Do not use glass eyes and fingernails to decorate the doll’s facial features. We can help you install them if you need.

  • Avoid using sharp objects to touch the doll’s hair and skin.
  • The doll is made with soft silicone material. It can be damaged if you use sharp objects to smash it.

These tips can help you get the most out of your sexy doll.

  • Use high-quality oils. This will ensure your doll feels soft, silky smooth and comfortable to touch. If your love doll doesn’t have a proper oil, it might feel rough and sticky.
  • Don’t push her too hard on the skeleton joints. It can cause them to become more damaged, making it harder for her move.
  • Don’t try to fix glass eyes or fingernails to a doll’s face yourself. If you don’t have enough knowledge regarding dolls, especially specialty items like this one, then it’s best to not do anything until someone who has the necessary skills takes care of everything before measuring.
  • You should not touch any heating rods while they’re plugged. If the heating rods get too hot, you’ll be burned. Always use gloves to handle them (especially with little children).

Love doll specifications are an essential part of any love doll. To make you feel comfortable and relaxed, the most important function of any doll is to make your time with her enjoyable. This is especially true of dolls made out silicone, which can be used in place of human skin and does NOT irritate like rubber. It’s also very soft and smooth so it creates a personal experience for the two of you.