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Spending Quality Time with Your Sex Doll During Holidays

Spending Quality Time with Your Sex Doll During HolidaysT32001 20

Spending Quality Time with Your Sex Doll During Holidays

Exchanging Gifts Shows Your Appreciation

Probably, the most noble thing to do over the holidays, exchanging gifts is an ideal way of showing appreciation and gratitude to your significant other. I’m guessing by now you know your TPE sex doll well and picking the right gift for her won’t be a problem. Pick an appropriate gift for the holiday- for Halloween, common gift ideas include witch socks, batty gift, witch’s survival kits, among others. For Christmas, you can buy a personalized cashmere sweater with her favorite color, a zodiac sign necklace, among others.

Understanding Her Taste After Two Years Together

My Experience,Having lived my sex doll for close to two years, I’ve certainly understood her likes as well as what looks great on her. Depending on the particular holiday, I’ll always go for an alluring item of clothing, necklace, or a gift bouquet.

Spending Quality Time with Your Sex Doll During HolidaysEDI 7831

Simple Yet Enjoyable Activities at Home

That’s it folks! You don’t have to be alone for another year. Spending the holidays with your sex doll can be enjoyable and it only takes a few adjustments and planning to make it work. Most of the activities I’ve taken you through are simple and cost-effective, and you won’t have to leave the house.

Capping it Off with Wild Sex

So, enjoy the holidays with your silicone sex doll and don’t forget to cap all the fun with some wild, holiday-themed sex. Especially when you have a well-set outdoor theatre, you can never go wrong.

Dressing Up and Role Play

You can dress up your sex doll in sexy holiday outfits and lingerie for an exciting role play. Take sexy photos of her in front of the Christmas tree and share them with like-minded doll owners. Cook a special holiday meal for two, give her a massage with scented oil, snuggle up together watching classic Christmas movies—your options for quality time are endless.

A Perfect Companion

With some creativity, your mini sex doll  can be the perfect companion to chase away the winter blues and make cherished holiday memories with. She allows you to experience all the joy and intimacy of the season without the drama and obligations that often come with human relationships. Appreciate your good fortune, lavish your doll with affection, and make this the best holiday yet.