NSFW Why Sexdoll is the future of sex

Sex dolls are often seen as indifferent female mockery, and the men who use them are considered solitary perverts, slamming into plastic holes. Opinion is wrong. But that doesn’t matter today, as more and more people begin to understand, accept and change their perceptions of sex dolls. Dr Helen Driscoll, Senior Psychology Lecturer and Research […]

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The difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls

The rise of the industry, combined with the introduction of dual materials, more durable biomimetic doll industry is no longer simply difficult to let people speak of the industry, but the pursuit of more experience and focus on the culture of a progressive industry. As the fastest-growing manufacturer in the industry, Beziliang is constantly exploring […]


What are the benefits of physical dolls? The declining marriage rate and the rising number of people living alone are both products of the increasing social progress, the rising cost of living for young people, and marriage and romance have become high-cost items of expenditure, are no longer on the list of future plans. The value choice changes again and again, […]

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Shared “sex dolls” explode

Recently, more and more big cities have quietly opened “adult experience halls” for silicone dolls. Silicone dolls are a kind of simulated adult sex products. physiological needs. In the beginning, most of these experience halls were set up near factories, and most of them were migrant workers and older men consuming. And now, these user […]

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Lars and the Real Girl

But making realistic sex dolls more and more like people can give people the feeling of companionship?In the final analysis, people can only tell their own stories. Even in the face of silicone dolls, it is themselves who are finally replaced. As Hellinger said, “you have to find the right person” is a paradox in […]

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The benefits of silicone dolls

“People are imperfect.” Everyone’s imaginary partner can easily be higher than life. Silicone dolls are to some extent a symbol of the perfect “flesh”. There are no pores and no scars, so-called flaws that are deliberately groomed from most human bodies. But with silicone dolls, people don’t want to see these problems appear. In another […]


The origin of sex torso dolls

In the mid-20th century, Japan sent personnel to Antarctica for the first time. The long-term abstinence of the expedition team members will affect their health, so the Japanese used public funds to develop a high-quality sex blow-up doll, named “Antarctic No. 1”, to meet the physiological needs of the Antarctic expedition team. Therefore, in the […]


The benefits of inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls are mainly used to solve the physiological problems of sexual depression and asexual partners, and the benefits of using inflatable dolls. Owning inflatable dolls can effectively reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Relieve work pressure. Single men have a lot of work pressure. In particular, they lack the attention of […]

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Girlfriend and sexdoll

What is the definition of girlfriend? There is a very special existence in the circle of physical dolls, which has been pressed by doll friends. The real-life inverted model physical dolls are so realistic, do you still need a girlfriend? In fact, it has nothing to do with the doll whether to fall in love, […]

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Sexy doll

Whether and how governments regulate robotic sex dolls will depend on our understanding or assumptions about the impact of sex robots on individuals and society. But dire predictions like this are pure speculation. Currently, there is no evidence that the introduction of sex robots will have an impact on individuals or society. Not long ago, […]


Marriage And Happiness

Sex dolls can save your marriage. Do you even know reality? Yes, love dolls can save your wedding life. This sentence is true. Well, most couples usually cheat on their sexuality. Couples experience periods of no sex due to age, job, sexual desire, or other stressors. In this situation, couples often look for another person […]

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Correct use of sex dolls

There are six main steps to use 1. Most of the sex dolls are made of non-toxic silicone used in medicine. The height and body shape are exactly the same as those of adults. Of course, they also have firm tits and lower parts. 2. Unpack the box and clean it with clean water and […]

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Why You Need Proper Storage Space for Your Sex Dolls

How to properly store your sex doll You probably already know about the risks of storing sex dolls in the wrong environment. There are many benefits of storing your dolls correctly, but we will focus on four points here. Promote privacy protection Practical sex doll storage gadgets preserve privacy and confidentiality. The best sex doll […]

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Maintaining Sex Doll and Sexuality

Don’t let obstacles prevent you from being active in your sexual behavior. Even if you are an elderly person or a disabled person, you only need to use a sex doll. A husband who is willing to honor the wife he loves must satisfy your sexual desires without fooling her. There’s a girl to help […]

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Sex Doll to Help Relieve Stress

You’ve taken the first step in being able to control your sexual desires. If you haven’t purchased one yet, you can check out the thousands of sex dolls that are offered online and enjoy the fun in your own way. Can you really think differently about buying sex toys before you buy them? For example, […]

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Love Your Sex Doll after Use

A sex doll not only look good, but they also resemble the body shape of a real person. But how should you use your love doll? How do you clean them after use? Generally speaking, you can use hydrogen peroxide as well as wash it with daily bath water temperature However, when washing, you need […]

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Enjoy the Charm of the 100cm Sex Doll

The 100cm sex doll offers a unique and captivating experience for those seeking intimate companionship.The compact size of the 100cm sex doll makes it easily portable and convenient to store. Its smaller stature allows for effortless maneuverability, making it suitable for individuals with limited space or those who prefer a more discreet companion.Despite its smaller […]

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Daily Use of a Expensive Loli Sex Doll

Daily use of a Loli Love DollLove dolls are always consumed at a medium to a high level of luxury, which means that when they are broken, anyone can take care of them. Everyone should take care of their love dolls, both in terms of feelings and value. When used properly and cared for properly, […]

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Loli Sex Doll Vaginal Structure

The Delicate Anatomy of Loli Sex Dolls The topic of loli sex dolls raises important questions about their design and construction, particularly concerning their vaginal structure. Understanding the intricacies of these TPE sex doll is crucial for engaging in informed discussions surrounding their existence and implications. While this subject may be controversial and ethically sensitive, […]


How to clean for Your Sex Doll After Use

How to take care of your love doll after use Dutch women are not only beautiful, but they also look like real people. But how to use your love doll? How to clean it after use? Generally speaking, you can use hydrogen peroxide as well as a wash at the temperature of your daily bathwater. […]

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The Sex Doll for Stress Relief

You’ve taken the first step towards controlling your sexual desires. If you haven’t bought one yet, you can check out the thousands of life-size dolls available online and have fun your way. Can you really think differently about buying a sex toy before you buy it? For example, you are really paying for something else, […]