The origin of sex torso dolls

In the mid-20th century, Japan sent personnel to Antarctica for the first time. The long-term abstinence of the expedition team members will affect their health, so the Japanese used public funds to develop a high-quality sex blow-up doll, named “Antarctic No. 1”, to meet the physiological needs of the Antarctic expedition team. Therefore, in the […]

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What is a sex torso doll ?

What is a sex torso doll ? ・A love doll without a lower body or face or hands and feet is called a torso.・Easy to handle, easy to have sex・It is popular with people with special habits Did you know there is a torso love doll?Torso type means no lower body. Types without hands are […]


The benefits of torso sex dolls

Although the torso doll does not have a complete body, it has all the sexual functions of a full body doll, which can bring you the ultimate sexual experience. She is lighter, easy to place and move, and is very affordable. Torso dolls are also easy to clean and organize, unlike full dolls, which need […]