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Types of Breasts in Love Dolls: Hollow and Gel-filled – Pros and Cons

If you are considering buying for the first time, , you may encounter an option to choose the type of breasts, including solid, hollow, or gel-filled. you may not fully understand the differences, so this time we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each. Solid Breasts Solid breasts are filled with silicone and TPE […]

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The Things You Need to Prepare Before and After Purchasing a Sex Doll

As a special product, sex dolls can be divided into practical and display/photography types according to different purposes for buyers. Different items need to be prepared before and after purchasing sex dolls according to different purposes. Here are the lists of items required for the two types: Essentials for Practical Sex Dolls Practical sex dolls […]

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Peeling Film on the Surface of a Love Doll: Possible Causes and Solutions

Understanding the Causes and Finding Solutions for Peeling Film on a Love Doll’s Surface After a certain period of time, some individuals may experience the peeling and flaking of the surface of their love doll’s skin. While it can be a concerning situation, there are surprising reasons behind this occurrence, and fortunately, it can be […]

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Important Considerations When Purchasing a Love Doll

Don’t Miss These Essential Points When Buying a Love Doll For many individuals, purchasing a love doll is a significant investment. It’s a decision that requires careful consideration to ensure a successful purchase. When it comes to avoiding any potential pitfalls and making an informed choice, it is crucial to thoroughly check the information provided […]

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Do Realistic Sex Dolls Match Their Promotional Photos?

When it comes to purchasing a love doll, it is common for individuals to meticulously examine the photographs displayed on the manufacturer or retailer’s website. Often, it is a moment of finding the doll that captures their hearts, leading them to make the decision to proceed with the purchase. However, a lingering concern for many […]

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The Best Way to Have Real Sexual Intercourse is With Sex Silicone Dolls

Sex Doll Material specialists. There are many specialists in sex doll material. This is something that most people like to consider when buying sex dolls. Real Doll is the perfect doll for beginners. You will feel it very real. This doll can be used to help with sexual relief or to prepare you for intimate encounters with another person. This […]

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Realistic TPE Sex Dolls Meet the Needs of People

The most intoxicating sensory delights typically occur during the most hazardous times. Field clouds and rains are the most heavenly realms of water and fish. Give your love a space to be inspired and evolve. Every now and then, changing the venue can be beneficial to pornographic material. A welcoming environment can break down boundaries […]

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Learn How to Care for Your Ideal Sexual Companion TPE Sex Doll

There are over 100 TPE or silicone dolls for sex to pick from! At the level of shadows of the mannequin will receive your sexually explicit doll with different costs. A completely hand-made, life-size mold. With this exquisite artwork, you’ll receive an individual and completely unique model made by artists. The most expensive real love […]


Daily Life with 165cm Sex Doll

The average weight of a standard full-size silicone or TPE sex doll is about 70 pounds. The weight of a sex doll depends on its height and proportions. For example, a tall real doll with a large bust and wide hips can weigh up to 100 pounds, while a short, slim love doll can weigh […]