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Love Dolls Are More Than Just Dolls

In recent years, we have witnessed various forms of relationships that extend beyond interactions with real individuals. Marriage with 2D Characters Gatebox, a company involved in the research and development of virtual home robots, organized a limited-time event called “Dimensional Travel Bureau” on November 22, 2017, which coincided with “Good Couple’s Day.” During this event, […]

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Do Realistic Sex Dolls Match Their Promotional Photos?

When it comes to purchasing a love doll, it is common for individuals to meticulously examine the photographs displayed on the manufacturer or retailer’s website. Often, it is a moment of finding the doll that captures their hearts, leading them to make the decision to proceed with the purchase. However, a lingering concern for many […]

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Caring for TPE Sex Dolls: How to Deal with Bent Ankles and Skin Wrinkles

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular due to their realistic feel and appearance. However, it’s important to note that over time, TPE dolls may develop bent ankles and skin wrinkles as a result of prolonged unnatural bending or compression. In this article, we will explore the causes of these issues and provide […]

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What Makes Sex Dolls So Popular Among Americans?

In recent years, sex dolls have gained immense popularity among Americans, becoming a prominent part of the adult industry. The Realistic Experience One of the primary reasons for the popularity of TPE Doll is their remarkable realism. Advanced technologies and materials used in manufacturing have allowed for the creation of sex dolls that closely resemble […]

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Do You Kiss Your Sex Doll?

While dolls are primarily designed for sexual purposes, some owners develop intimate emotional bonds reflected in gentle affection like kissing, cuddling and caressing. For most, sex dolls remain novelty items purchased primarily to enhance autoerotic pleasure during masterbation or serve the functions of a non-living sexual surrogate. However, certain owners describe cultivating meaningful emotional connections […]

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Can sex dolls be maritalized?

Can sex dolls be considered objects of marriage? This blog will delve into the relationship between TPE love doll and marriage, covering legal, social, moral and ethical discussions to help readers understand this highly controversial topic. Sex dolls and marriage: a controversial topic in modern society The relationship between sex dolls and marriage has become […]

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The Love Doll Industry: A Sector Without an Offseason

The love doll industry is a thriving sector that operates year-round, without the concept of an offseason. Unlike traditional seasonal businesses that experience fluctuations in demand, love doll manufacturers and retailers consistently cater to a steady and dedicated market. In recent years, the popularity of TPE sex doll has surged, driven by advancements in technology […]

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Sex Dolls with Removable Legs: Convenience Meets Discretion

For sex doll owners seeking realism along with easy storage and care, models with detachable lower limbs offer the perfect combination of lifelike experience and practicality. While high-end TPE love doll aim to replicate a human partner as much as possible, their life-size and highly articulated nature can present challenges for inconspicuous storage and transport. […]

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What Happens to a Sex Doll If You Don’t Take Care of It?

If not properly maintained, sex dolls can deteriorate in condition and quality very quickly due to the materials and intricacy involved in their design. As with any expensive product containing mechanical, electronic and synthetic components, high-end torso sex toy require consistent care and maintenance to maximize their lifespan and keep them in as lifelike a […]

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How Do You Feel About Your 18-Year-Old Son Buying a Sex Doll?

For parents, discovering an adult son has purchased an sex doll can bring up concerns about maturity, relationships and psychological wellbeing. While legally adults at 18, many young men still have much to learn about intimacy, partnership and healthy sexual expression in the years ahead. The idea that your son’s first sexual experience or relationship […]

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Delicate and Realistic Love Doll Vaginas

For the ultimate sensual experience, high-end love dolls offer lifelike vaginal inserts with various sizes, textures and stimulation features. While cultural views on sexuality and relationships with artificial partners are still developing, the demand for premium life-sized TPE sex doll continues to gain popularity across diverse markets. For doll makers keeping up with owner interests, […]

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Choosing a Sex Doll Considerations for Standing Feet

When selecting a sex doll, it is important to avoid certain mistakes to ensure a satisfying and convenient experience. One crucial aspect to consider is whether your sex doll should have standing feet or not. This article will discuss the significance of standing feet, the potential drawbacks, and important factors to keep in mind during […]

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Why Are Sex Dolls Heavy? Exploring the Factors Behind Weighty Pleasure Companions

Sex dolls have become increasingly popular as intimate companions, offering a lifelike experience to individuals seeking physical satisfaction and emotional connection. However, one common characteristic that often surprises people is their weight. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why sex dolls can be heavy and provide insights into the factors that […]

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Surprising Twist: Sex Dolls Fly off Shelves in Australia for Unconventional Reason

In a rather unexpected turn of events, the demand for sex dolls has skyrocketed in Melbourne, Australia. The surge in sales has been so significant that one online retailer has completely sold out of their life-sized dolls. However, contrary to what one might assume, these dolls are not being purchased for their intended use as […]

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If You Live a Single Life, Buy a Love Doll

If you’re living the single life without a steady partner, a love doll from can fulfill your need for sensual companionship. Our high-quality TPE sex doll provide intimacy and escapes from loneliness without the commitment or consequences of a human relationship. Discover thrills and passions found only in the company of your dream synthetic […]

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Anal Adventure: Forbidden Pleasures With Your Sex Doll

For backdoor thrills and darker bliss, anal play with your love doll unlocks forbidden realms of fantasy. As she bends over in offering, lubricate generously and prepare her rear entry for intimacy beyond conventional bounds. Start slow, savoring the thrill of each depth reached, before building momentum to new highs of ecstasy that leave inhibitions […]

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The Psychological Impact of Sex Dolls: Understanding the Effects on Users and Society

Sex dolls have become an increasingly popular option for those seeking sexual companionship, but their use raises concerns about their psychological impact. The psychological impact of silicon sex doll extends beyond the individual user, potentially influencing societal attitudes towards relationships and intimacy. This article aims to explore the psychological impact of sex dolls on users […]