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The Best Way to Choose a 100cm Sex Doll

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Many first-time sex doll buyers are overwhelmed by the huge variety of styles available at doll stores, and often wonder which type they should buy, or are at a loss to choose because they are all their own type. In fact, buying a love doll is not as difficult as you might think, and if you keep the following points in mind, you will be able to quickly purchase the best sex doll for you.

  1. 100cm sex doll store selection
    First, you need to find a professional and reliable online store that offers high-quality love dolls with industry-leading materials, safety, and service. You don’t need to worry about the possibility of being scammed.
  2. Choose the right material for your sex doll
    Currently, dolls on the market are mainly made of silicone or TPE material, with some of the latest silicone head and TPE body sex dolls. Because silicone is a more advanced material, dolls made of silicone material are relatively more expensive. For more information on silicone and TPE materials, see the articles on silicone Dutch wives and TPE love dolls. You can choose the appropriate material for your needs, but we recommend silicone dolls.
  3. Style options for sex dolls
    As you can see, every love doll store sells different styles of sex dolls, cute Lolita dolls, dolls with anime faces, uniform dolls for role-playing, dolls with mature faces, dolls with big butts, and so on. There are so many different styles of dolls that it’s hard to choose. All you need to know is the style of doll you like best, such as a Lolita Dutchwife if you like cute girls, or a big ass real doll if you like voluptuous dolls. Do you like different uniforms and roleplays? Any style of doll is possible, just buy the uniform you like. This allows you to find the style of sex doll you like best, according to your own preferences.
  4. Choosing the bust size of your love doll
    Boobs are an important part of a realistic sex doll. Try to find the size you like at sex doll stores. You can choose from sex dolls with large breasts, flat breasts, oversized breasts, etc.
  5. Budget when buying a real doll
    Find a love doll store of your choice according to your financial situation. Most stores are divided by price, so you can quickly find the sex doll you need.
  6. The problem of storing love dolls
    One thing to consider about this is the height of the sex doll; if you have enough storage space, you can buy a taller doll. Also, taller real dolls are generally heavier, so you need to consider the physical strength to move them.

By sifting through a combination of the above steps, the list of a realistic sex doll that will satisfy you at the same time is greatly reduced, and from the only list that remains, you can choose the true love doll that will strike your heart the most.