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The Distinction Between TPE/Silicone Mini Sex Doll and Inflatable Doll

An introduction to inflatable dolls

Today, many people choose a real TPE/Silicone Mini Sex Doll. In fact, the development of realistic dolls has been going on for a long time. With the development of human thought, economic capability, and following, numerous people choose real dolls.

Earlier people did not know about real dolls and only knew that there are inflatable dolls that can release a person’s sexual desire, but the inflatable dolls need to be inflated. Inflatable dolls are also cheaper and the output is bigger and faster. Now, realistic dolls have conquered the hearts of many people because of their appearance and body. As the name implies, real dolls are firm and do not need to be inflated; real dolls made of TPE material have skin like real human beings, feel very good to the touch, have the same skeleton as the human body, and can be posed in various ways. The doll is made of TPE material and has real human-like skin. They can also shrug their shoulders, bend at the waist, and move backward. Realistic dolls have the perfect body shape that men like, so making a doll can take a long time to complete. Realistic dolls have a great look and Hydoll dolls love doll factories have to pay expensive costs and also make more sophisticated makeup.

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It is precise because of these advantages that real dolls are able to go far beyond inflatable dolls. To address this issue, the Hydoll doll love doll factory hopes to solve the cost problem as much as possible through better service models.

Precautions for buying realistic dolls

Realistic dolls are made to match the appearance of real people and their bodies one to one. A lot of people are fascinated by dolls. When buying a realistic doll, you need to know these things.

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1) The skin of realistic dolls is just like humans, it is also very fragile, so do not use sharp tools to scratch the doll’s appearance. Do not use sharp tools to scratch the doll’s appearance. Also, do not knead the doll vigorously to avoid damage to the doll’s skin.

  1. TPE dolls are easy to dye, so please do not wear faded clothes. If it is already dyed, you can use cosmetic oil, olive oil, bleaching cream, etc to remove the stain.

3) Avoid prolonged and difficult bending movements to prevent excessive skin pulling and deformation. Therefore, the doll should be stored in an upright position after use.

4) The entity mini sex doll should not be exposed to direct sunlight, this will age the skin of the entity doll and affect the lifespan and beauty of the entity doll.