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The Man Who Owned Over 100 Sex Dolls

Japanese Man Owns Over 100 Sex Dolls, Each With a Name Because His Love Runs Deep

In Search of Unconditional Love and Instant Gratification

“I just want people to know that ‘she’ will not talk back or throw a temper,” says Ta-Bo (a pseudonym), a Japanese mechanical engineer in his 50s. When Ta-Bo gets off work and returns home, it is not his wife or an affectionate Anastasia waiting for him on the sofa, but a row of neatly seated sex dolls.

From Lust to Love: A Journey into Doll Collecting

At first, Ta-Bo’s desire for the physical dolls was lustful, but after he truly owned his first TPE sex doll, his thinking changed. Sex dolls have given him an entirely new experience, a feeling of home and a kind of hazy love. He embarked on a doll collecting journey. For this purpose, he rented a three-bedroom apartment in Tokyo specifically to visit his collection of sex dolls, claiming to own more than 100 dolls, the largest such collection in the world.

Dolls as Life Partners: Naming, Bathing, Dressing and Sleeping Together

Ta-Bo gives each sex doll a name, accompanies him to read books and watch TV; after taking a shower himself, he also wipes the dolls’ bodies, applies talcum powder to make their skin feel more like real people, and then dresses them to sleep together in the bedroom.

The Appeal of Undemanding and Ever Faithful Dolls

Ta-Bo said, “Humans can deceive you or betray you at times, but these dolls never do such things, ‘they’ 100% belong to me.” In the past 10 years, he has spent over 30 million yen just on purchasing silicone sex doll and the costumes, jewelry and accessories.

The Man Who Owned Over 100 Sex DollsD10020 01
100CM Close-eyed Small-waisted Sex Doll

Doll Love as a Reflection of Alienation from Human Relationships

Ta-Bo has had 5 girlfriends, but he feels that building an intimate relationship with a human requires too much time and effort. These dolls, on the other hand, can be instantly obtained as long as he has enough money, so he prefers the company of dolls. Ta-Bo represents a growing but hidden group of Japanese men who are abandoning human relationships in favor of those with dolls.

Like many doll friends, Ta-Bo’s parents do not know about the existence of these “companions” and are not invited to view his works. While holding, dressing and cleaning dolls is almost like caring for bedridden people, for him and many like-minded friends, cheap sex doll are the only emotional outlet.