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The Newest High Tech AI/Robot Sex Doll Pros & Cons

AI develops rapidly. Everything involves with AI has a big difference. Like the sex doll industry, a normal sex doll has its own limitation in that they don’t have emotions. So with AI, a sex doll can have their feelings and react more. Even mimic the human voice, Mini Sex Doll will sound younger; while BBW Sex Doll sound is more mature.

The pros of sexbots

 People may have different ideas about sexbots, but they can solve many problems related to sex. Not like unchangeable sex dolls, for example, if it is a 100cm sex doll, you can’t change the height. But if it is a sexbot, it may changeable. Or it can empower the frail, elderly, and disabled and relieve them of their sexual problems. It could be a cure for sexual dysfunction and lead to safer intercourse. It may also help people who are still unsure of their sexual orientation to feel more secure in their sexual practices.

 According to a recent study, sexologists in the medical field found that the patients who would benefit most from using Sexabot for treatment were those with social anxiety (50%), those without a partner but who did not want to resort to sex (50%) and those with premature ejaculation (47%).

Disadvantages of Sexbot
 On the other hand, some critics say that if people get too used to sexbots being obedient and unobtrusive to their owners, they may mistake them for flesh and blood. If you only use a silicone sex doll, which includes Mini Sex Doll, Flat Chested Sex Doll, Big Booty Sex Doll and etc, you can never mix them up with a real human.
 This, they say, could lead to an increase in sexual violence and abuse if humans are seen as objects.

 Some have suggested that robots could be programmed to reject violent intercourse or sexual advances. In Australia, the presence or absence of consent is a key factor in determining sexual assault.

 Some argue that even if you sexually assaulted a robot, it would not be sexual assault, because robots do not have feelings.

 Incidentally, a similar argument can be made for existing love dolls. In Australia, for example, love dolls in the form of children are banned (like a Teen Sex Doll), and violations can result in up to 10-15 years in prison.