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The Precautions And Use Of A 100cm Sex Doll?

The 100cm sex doll is a male erotic product, and this product is designed for adult use. Today, we will introduce you to the matters that need attention.

Erotic entity doll precautions.

1, first of all, the entity doll this product is for adult men, whether to buy or use, we must pay attention not to show in front of the minors.

2, there is also the issue of product hygiene. The regular brand of entity dolls are healthy and safe materials, in the process of use will not produce damage to the human body, but even so, also, pay attention to the maintenance of product hygiene.

Solid dolls are a simulation of adult sex toys, instead of real people to meet sexual needs, very popular with geeks. For first-time users of physical dolls, the understanding of their use is not deep. How do you use a physical doll? Here is a look at the detailed steps.
How to use the erotic entity doll?

1, unpack the box, the entity doll out, must find a 2x larger space to place, at least 100cm x 50cm. packaging cartons do not throw everywhere, keep well, because later if you want to send them back to the original factory to overhaul broken parts need to be used.

2, the packaging of the plastic paper was removed, check the mini sex doll handling process has not been broken.

3, the entity doll to the bathroom, the entity doll for oil removal. In order to make the body of the entity doll soft, the entity doll silicone is injected with an oil component, which also allows the entity doll to give off an attractive aroma. In this way, with the growth of time, the surface of the entity doll will have the phenomenon of oil, therefore, the entity doll should be given a bath once a week to remove the oil.

4, after the bath, to the entity doll full body powder. Use ordinary baby powder can be. The purpose is to remove oil at the same time, take away the entity doll grease, and take away the body of the dirty piece. After that, rinse, oil, powder, and then use a wet towel to wipe the body of the powder and dirt. Then wait for the entity doll after drying, and then puff the powder again, keep the body dry and clean can be.

5、When the hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place the sex doll torso, in order to prevent wear and tear on the fingertips and other places, put stockings on the arms.

6、After the entity doll is ready, put a condom on the DD, apply the right amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite way.